Big Group Happy Dance!


See how the water is nearly clear?

That means the dye is properly used up, or exhausted.




Dumping the water out.


Cutting the ties from all but one of the pieces.


The beginning of the Big Reveal . . .


. . . ooooh . . . looks like it may have worked!


The big mystery . . . and if I told you now, what would you have to Anticipate?

Anticipation 101, remember??  🙂


Rinsing the other pieces in tepid water in the sink before . . .


. . . adding the Orvus Paste (special detergent to remove any excess dye)


Very viscous . . .

By removing excess dye you prevent the unfortunate accident of the item accidently dyeing something else in the wash somewhere down the line . . . a good thing!


Where we’re at now . . . I ;have ‘Foyle’s War’ to watch (right now!) and then I’ll rinse this out again, then hang everything up to dry. More tomorrow . . . are you excited yet? I am!

I did have a sneak peek while unwrapping the first items and I have to honestly say I really love how they turned out.

Freestylin’ just seems to work for me for some reason . . .

except when it doesn’t, of course . . . 😉

What I’m listening to as I type this:

Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg

Bridal Jig / Lannigan’s Ball by Prairie Ceilidh

End of the Line by The Travelling Wilburys

General Taylor by Great Big Sea (that Sèan can sure sing!)

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Handle With Care by The Travelling Wilburys

Henry Martin by Figgy Duff

All thanks to my iPhone’s iPod app . . . some days are just good ones!

Hope yours was as much fun and I’ll see you tomorrow . . .  😉

Remember, Anticipation is more than half the fun!

Big hugs to you all. ~ Linne


46 thoughts on “Big Group Happy Dance!

    • 🙂 I do that, too, Sue! But at least you were warned . . . I should have said ‘spoiler alert’, eh? 😉
      It’s been fun to show my process (and it helps explain part of why it takes a while for me to get things done). I always like seeing how other people do what they do; garden, sew, cook; whatever . . . I figure if people aren’t interested, they will quickly scan by . . . 😉

    • That is so cool, Jenn! I’m looking forward to the end result, too . . . but after a half hour of


      teensy threads (several long threads, actually), I had to give my fingers and eyes a break, so decided to get on with the peanut gallery here. 😉 Mum has a floor stand fluorescent lamp where the bulb is built into a large magnifying glass and the top part of the stand is a folding arm, so that has helped quite a bit. But my fingers are a bit sore, nonetheless.

      I love that your teens want purple! Do you do a lot of crafts with them? I know in Calgary (a couple of years ago, anyway) someone had a crochet class for a bunch of boys in chronic trouble with the law and who all had anger management issues. They interviewed a couple of the boys for a news special and one of them said that it had really helped him; whenever he began to feel rage building, he took his handwork and sat in a corner and worked on it. He said that calmed him right down. I could see it working that way; it’s very calming for me, too.

  1. “OOO you dobber Pauline!” Please miss Linnie, Pauline dobbed! 😉 alas she might be right on the waiting stakes…I SUCK at waiting but those colours ARE lovely and its not like you are going to tell us any day soon so I guess we are just going to have to cultivate an air of nonchalance and pretend we could care less about what you are doing to entice you out into the open (bugger…I was supposed to “think” that rather than “say” that…sigh…back to the drawing board narf!) by the way…”it was all Paulines idea…she started it!” 😉

    • Narfie7, see my long reply to Pauline . . . much applies to you, too. I have photos ready for tomorrow, but I want to do some ironing, then a bit better photography, plus that mystery piece (and it’s a mystery to me, too, honest!) needs to have the threads removed and I have no idea if that’s quick or not. Honestly, I’m so excited that if I were more of a ‘girly girl’, I’d be Squeeing and dancing around with the best of them. Instead, I’m dancy on the inside . . . if we were all having tea together just now, I suspect no-one would get a word in edgewise; I tend to talk a lot when excited. Hence these abnormally long comments . . . 😉
      Big hugs to you, too. Even if you’re mean and ganging up on me. ;-). I’ll drop by TRTS in a bit to see exactly how bad it is . . . no worries, I won’t unfriend you; or how would I get revenge?? 😉

      • “PAULINE STARTED IT!” 😉 Just don’t bring your meat cleaver ok?! Just this once and ONLY for you I will attempt to extend my negative patience to run to waiting…but only this once! 😉

      • Ooooh, I like that title! Yes, she can use it to keep time for the marching band, keep various commenters in line, light the way for the wanderers . . . or just stick to ‘stirring things up’! 🙂

      • I am currently negotiating (wheedling) with Steve to get him to make me another gorgeous wooden spoon as a giveaway on the blog. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

      • Oh, I will! That’s one giveaway I will definitely put my name in for. But whoever gets it, they will deserve it; I remember the photos of his earlier ones. Just lovely! So fingers are firmly crossed . . . 🙂

      • By “tea” time what do you mean? It’s just gone 7pm here and I am doing double time on my RSS Feed Reader due to having a most gorgeous and delightful sleep in this morning in a tangle of humans and fuggish dogs (upside down and gassy 😉 ) so I have 200 blogs to read and was busy all day…

      • I must be getting old . . . I have no idea what time I wrote that . . . but anyway, isn’t it always ‘tea time’ in the outposts of the former Empire? Nice to have a sleep in, isn’t it? Dogs and all . . . I can’t keep up with my FeedReader; I do what I can and don’t think about it . . . I must have a touch of Scarlett O’Hara in me somewhere . . . maybe more than a touch 😉

      • I am too OCD (and the German need for organised simplicity is TOO strong in me Young Padawan…) to be able to leave it. I have the option to “Purge” all of the posts and just have a lovely tidy clean empty space but I must have been Catholic in a past life and that would make my guilt senses tingle more than Spiderman in a bind so its slogging slowly through them and commenting as I go 😉

      • I’m not helping, then, am I? commenting on your replies to my responses to your comments . . . sorry 🙂 I have a lot of that Catholic thing going on, too, and I wasn’t raised Catholic . . . so maybe we did that in a past life, sounds right to me. But I feel more obligation to my readers first. I do just pop in to various blogs if I feel I’ve neglected them for too long. Then I catch up on several posts at once. Mum and I have agreed we need to start a garden on the balcony this spring. We will have lots of pots and in every one will be thyme . . . ’cause we both need more! 😉

      • 😉 lots of lovely herbs and some strawberries and some cherry tomatoes and a bit of English spinach and rocket and you will have a forest of delicious easy to grow food 🙂

      • We could, but with Mum’s age to consider, I could have to move at very short notice and would have no way to take that sort of thing with me. The lady I became friends with a couple of years ago here, and who died two years ago in July, had an amazing garden on her balcony. Even 3 stalks of corn! Lots of salad stuff, of course. I never saw it; by the time we became friends it was her last winter here and the garden had been dismantled. Maybe wherever I end up . . . 🙂

      • I have large pots in the storage, but it will have to wait. I have no idea where I will go, or when, or how. So it’s a bit hard to plan. Best case, back to BC, get my stuff out of the storage there and start dealing with it all. 😦 Needs doing, but likely will be quite sad; I hope the books have survived, is all. And the antiques and memorabilia. Oh, well; we makes our choices and we takes our chances . . .
        Thanks for the link, though. I’ll file that info for future use.

      • You are a stoic creature like me…comes from our Baltic heritage and when the time comes you will work through it and come out the other side ready to do battle with come what may and besides, we will all be here to spur you on, you won’t get rid of us THAT easily ma’am! 😉

      • You know, I think you’re right. It helps that Dad came from German Mennonite stock (although born in Russia and emigrating to Canada at a year old) and Mum’s people would have been Lutheran. Both strict, no-nonsense approaches to life. There’s a lot of good character-building that comes from those traditions, but not so much in the way of artistic achievement, creativity and fun. Please feel free to apply the spurs 🙂
        I do find that putting things out there on the blog is a good way to make myself accountable; otherwise, I will have to either ‘disappear’ or make a public admission of guilt. “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” sort of thing . . . 🙂
        Glad I won’t be getting rid of you lot anytime soon.
        Guess what? I’m just listening to “Boys From the County Hell” on the iPhone while I type. hahaha Made me think of quite a few of you . . . 🙂
        (for loving the Pogues, not for being quite that Bolshie)

      • Me and Shane have similar bolshie attitudes and similar taste in booze. I tend to limit myself as a toothless drunken bolshie narf7 laying upside down in the gutter isn’t how I want to end up but the tendencies are there thanks to alcoholic genes running strong on both sides of the family. I can’t remember my entire 17th year! Must have been a good one because I arrived at the end of it with the son-and-heir as a permanent reminder of all of that fun 😉 He just got back from the U.S. that very second and phoned me (did you notice I was gone? 😉 ) and is totally and utterly exhausted to the core. Back to work tomorrow to have a rest! 😉

      • OK, had to stop and LOL!! I can see the resemblance. 🙂 I assume you know ‘Streams of Whiskey’? I kinda like ‘Nancy Whiskey’, too. Don’t remember if they covered that, or not. I’ve led a very sheltered life compared to some (naming no names here); have been drunk maybe four or five times in my life (five if you count when I was 16 mo old; got up early after my parents had a few friends over for New Years Eve, escaped from my crib and emptied the beer bottles so thoughfully left handy on the floor. Mum says I was unable to stand up for a couple of days . . . 😉 She was horrified, of course (don’t think they knew I’d learned to get out of the crib) and from then on alcohol was rarely seen at home. Dad did make something when I was twoish; I answered the door and it was one of his friends or else his brother (can’t remember). When asked what my Daddy was doing, I replied, “Daddy’s making hooch!” I never had another drink until I was in my 20s and it’s apparently harder to become addicted to alcohol or ciggies if you start late. Good thing, I think, as I have a habit-forming personality in some ways. Your 17th year sounds like the 60s; you know they say if you can remember them, you weren’t there . . . Funny the Prince called you at that exact moment; he must have heard you typing . . . and I DID wonder where you went . . . 😉
        I’ve had ‘holidays’ like that; fun, but nice to get back to whatever passes for ‘normal’. I can’t say ‘poor kids’, though; I bet they had a blast.

      • 😉 You sound like me. When I was 2 I found one of mums ciggies in an ashtray and she came back from the phone to find me smoking it like a trouper! I was inhaling and everything…luckily I didn’t decide to take it up as a hobby after that 😉 Once was enough for narf7 😉

      • LOL!! I’ve probably bought four packs total in my life (for myself) and even then shared some, so didn’t smoke them all myself. I don’t really like the ‘buzz’ (although I found that inhaling three in a row has a considerable effect!). Good thing, really . . . I can just see you inhaling at age 2. Always that Bolshie streak, eh?

      • Yup…but having 2 smoking parents insisting on having the windows wound up in the car when you had to go on long trips put all of us off smoking for life! 😦

      • Did they get to go ice skating? Stacy said they had enough ice in Louisiana to shut down the roads and schools. I was wondering if it reached all the way to Tejas.

      • That sounds like fun! I do like a lot of things about winter, whinging aside; it’s the length of it here, the extreme cold at times and mostly the ICE!! These past few days, it’s been almost springlike. Not a good thing, in terms of nature, but lovely nonetheless. Snowballs are fun!

    • Not familiar with ‘dobber’, but have added it to my vocabulary in case of future need. 😉 I’m not holding off to tease you all now, though. I got back from the library after 9 last night, put water on to boil and my Aunty came for a visit. She left after 10, I made a sandwich, got on the computer briefly, then off to bed. Am now working on the next stage, but going to pick up meds in a few minutes, so if lucky there will be a post tonight; otherwise tomorrow. Honest! That lovely colour has dried to a rather wine-ish shade; lovely, but not royal purple or its relatives. Well, faintly, maybe. Still, I like it. Next time, less fuchsia and a tad more navy or cobalt, methinks.

      I have noticed the lack of comments today; good thing, too; I might get caught up on replies and get back to work (hahaha).

      Blaming your friends is not always in your best interests; however, in this case, I have to agree with you. Even without a custom spoon, our friend the Pulchritudinous Pauline is definitely a ‘stirrer’. 😉 Just wait ’til that spoon arrives . . .

      • Oh my LORD she will stir for the queen! 😉 It’s a nice big one to and the very first in Steve’s new prototype run with a lovely big rounded shape for a bowl. I hope she shares a picture of it because I was in such a hurry to post it I forgot to photograph it! 😉 I think I can stretch to waiting a little bit longer. I am being forced into indentured slavetude every few minutes in having to tell Steve what to do (from a walkthrough) in the game that he is playing…sigh… See you when you nail that colourful sucker 🙂

      • She will, won’t she? A frustrated cook, our friend . . . I’m excited about seeing the spoon, too, so she had best post before she masters Anticipation 101 and posts about it, then makes us wait for the pictures . . . we only need one of those clowns in the Village, I think. I’m about half-way into removing the teensy ties from the large piece, so hope to have something to share this evening. I had to rest my hands and eyes after a half hour under the magnifying glass with light.

        Funny you are doing that; when I worked in offices a couple of years ago, every time there was new software, I was the one people asked to show them how to work it; there was an IT guy, and he was good, but not so patient and understanding. That was a lot of fun. I can usually do it from a walk-through, too, I suppose from teaching myself back in the Dark Ages when we booted up with floppies and there were no manuals worth a hoot available. I even had a job for a while writing manuals for custom software . . . fun, that was! Yeah, see you in a while. The news should be on any second.

      • “News?” (note Narf will now retreat, eyes scrunched up and fingers in her ears as “The News” makes narfs twitch as a general rule 😉 )

      • Me, too, but I hate living in the dark (so to speak) even more. But there are a lot of things (like the moon mining idiocy and also what I just found out; that we had a huge oil spill here a while back and it never made it to the news; wonder why??) that don’t see the light of day via the news. 😦

  2. That colour looks spectacular! Also your taste in music is improving – Asimbonanga is one of my favourites from the early 90’s, or the late 80’s I forget….. and of course the travelling Wilburys and Leonard have been companions just as long! Did you ever see ‘The Concert for George’? it’s available on DVD, came out 2002 I think, a year after his death – has the most beautiful and long lasting of his music performed by the greats of the music world….

    Narf and I have been saying mean things about you over at Serendipity Farm – I think our anticipation practise is wearing out ….. but this post almost makes up for this loooooong wait …. looking good honey girl, looking good!!

    • Oh, thank you, Pauline!! Glad you saw it already! That lovely royal purple is drying to a much redder shade. Not sure what to call it yet.

      I just photographed the first three pieces for tomorrow’s post and have to say I’m very pleased with the patterns. In spite of being a dyed in the wool (so to speak) old hippie, I’ve never done tie dye before, so it’s been a bit trepidatious, as I’m sure you could tell. What if it didn’t work? What if it’s ugly? What if I’m deluded and wasting money (and time)? Etc. Etc. Etc.

      Still not sure if they will sell, but if not, that’s Christmas sorted . . . 😉

      I’m so excited about the big mystery piece, too; no idea how that will look. I have a second one and will try painting on the dye for that one, then steaming to fix the colours. Yep, colours plural!!

      Now I need to find my silk yardage I bought last summer . . . I’m pretty sure it’s not in the storage. And I have another idea, sparked by today’s success; so already planning more of this.

      Thanks for all those gentle nudges; otherwise I’d likely be sitting here wondering if I should jump off this particular cliff! Big hugs to you.

      Glad we share some musical tastes, but no, I’m not improving; the curse of the chronically eclectic (or weird) 😉

      I only heard of Johnny Clegg recently thanks to Mr. 23 Thorns, who I ‘met’ through our friend Narfie7. And I’m grateful to both of them for new loves in my life.

      I saw the Concert for George on public tv out of Seattle a few years ago (a re-run and I just happened onto it, so missed some. Awesome!! Eric Clapton!!
      And Monty Python (I love some, but not all, of their work). It was all fantastic. One concert I wish I’d been at, for sure. The DVD is on my list . . .

      As to you two ‘being mean’ about me; go ahead; always happy to amuse the peasants . . . 😉

      Glad you think it was worth the wait (almost, anyhow). More to come. I have three words for you . . . Savour, Savour, Savour!!! 😉 😉 😉

      • Narfies hiding under the sink, go on over and tell her you do know where the meat cleaver is ….. Oh, I have just discovered the heinous joy of being a stirrer!! I shall be damned forever 🙂

        You should have said you’d never done tie-dying before – heavens I dyed EVERYTHING and the dog back in the 70’s – it is almost impossible to muck up!!
        It generally never comes out as you think it might – and is always a delightful surprise. I’m sure with the whole retro thing and bohemian chic thing you will sell your wares no problems!

      • I went and left a note. 😉 I just mentioned to Narfie that we will see what you do once you have that spoon . . .

        I hereby officially pronounce that you will not be ‘damned forever’; you shall, instead by ‘blessed forever’ . . . so there!

        Nice to know you’ve done this before. I should have asked . . . do you have pictures of the dog? I’d love to see those 😉

        A couple of the comments have given me further ideas; stay tuned. Remember, Anticipation is almost everything!
        And thanks a bunch for the encouragement. I’m off to the store in minutes, but will be working away once I’m back. And there is no lollygagging planned today, either. 😉

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