I’ve created a Petition to prevent Mining the Moon


After reading Lois’ post on Living Simply Free, I was moved to go to Change.org and start a petition. If it gets over 100,000 signatures, Congress must take it into consideration. Not much, I know, but if enough people sign, there’s a chance of stopping this madness.

(Lois, if you read this, I ‘borrowed’ the photo of the moon from your post. Hope you don’t mind. I have one taken with my iPhone, but it’s not very impressive; the moon came out way too small.)

If you think that Mining the Moon is Madness, please consider signing. The link below will take you to the petition. Thanks in advance.Ā  ~ Linne

(Note: You will see that my given name is on the petition, not my preferred Villager nickname of Linne. Just in case that confuses anyone)

The President of the United States: Don’t allow mining on the Moon!


34 thoughts on “I’ve created a Petition to prevent Mining the Moon

    • Not sure if I answered you already, sorry. But yes, I agree. More like immature, maybe, but it’s dangerous to have little kids running around with ‘cool’ things like loaded guns, without their having developed judgement and all that. One day, I hope . . .

    • Yes, isn’t it? That’s why I started the petition. I hate to think of violence, but there are a few instances where I would not be too unhappy if someone blew up something (without hurting anyone, of course), just to get people to pay attention and think about the issues.

    • Oh, thanks to you, too, Jess! I hope this is re-blogged all over the world. I would never have even known about this except for Lois posting about it. I am so thankful for this Virtual Village of ours.

      I like your comment, too! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much! I did post the direct link to change.org on Lois’ blog (in comments) and in reply to Jessie on my blog. I will have to post again on FB and Twitter. I have a number of followers on Twitter, most are political and a couple are in politics. So that may work to bring this forward.

      • True! And you are doing something already; just your lifestyle choices, standing up against slave labour where you live, growing your own . . . it all counts. And every signature on this petition counts. You know, Wendy, I think that even if we don’t lose the wars, we can die content that at least we fought the battles . . . sometimes that’s all we get . . . but it doesn’t leave me feeling down; just more determined. šŸ™‚

      • Totally agree, better to say just what we think sometimes rather than sit, stew, say nothing. We are entitled to our opinion and to put them out there… even if it gets us nowhere. Good on ya šŸ™‚

      • Amen to that, Wendy!! And thanks. I just saw the 25th Anniversary Concert of Peter, Paul & Mary on PBS out of Seattle. It was so moving and I have begun a post for the Thought and Memory blog, which I have been neglecting. It will be a couple of days, I think, but is more of an essay than anything. I’m putting it over there as it may not interest many people. They sure put their thoughts and opinions out there and effected a lot of change by doing so. Paul (Noah) and Peter are still active in music and social/political change, for which I am very grateful.

      • Guess I don’t have a link on the main blog. I must have just added a link when I posted to it. Anyway, it’s here: http://lifeoflinne.wordpress.com/
        but it will be a bit before I finish the PP&M post. It’s more of an essay, really. Mary died a few years ago of cancer, but Peter and Paul (Noah) are still performing, mostly individually, but occasionally together. Thought and Memory was because I write parts of my family stories when so moved, but also my philosophical musings. Thought and Memory (Huginn and Muninn were Odin’s two ravens (my personal bird), who sat on his shoulders after flying all over Midgard to gather information for him. Odin was called the ‘raven-god’ because of them. My Mum’s parents were from Norway, so I like the connection.

      • Well, that’s really strange, I have experience of Odin’s ravens šŸ™‚

        Cool, ta, I will look it up Linne, it does sound a little familiar now so maybe I do have it but if you haven’t posted I have lost touch with it. Ta for that.

      • I have had plenty of experience with them, too, and with their cousins. In fact, a pair of crows were ‘dancing’ in the air outside the balcony for much of yesterday, calling quite loudly to get my attention. šŸ™‚ Ravens guided my sons’ dad to deer back that winter when we had no money ($5 in 8 months was all the cash we had). Those two deer made a big difference! I’ve had them cross my path many times since then, too, always in a good way . . .

        You’re welcome for the linkie, too, Wendy. I haven’t finished the post yet; another day like yesterday; the phone calls are well over an hour each. But it’s good to be back in touch with her again. We used to talk nearly every day, but living so far away does take a toll eventually.

      • Way to go, Wendy! That was an awesome idea!!
        I haven’t looked at the comments yet; think I’ll pop right over . . . šŸ˜‰ I see what you mean . . . no worries; Mum has a keyboard with a slightly different configuration and I often find myself backspacing or correcting. Thanks for the comment and the signature. We’re up to 10 already!

    • Thanks, Wendy, for re-posting. I’m hoping it goes viral. I’ve never created a petition before, but this seemed to warrant it. This is beyond insane, isn’t it? As if nothing has value beyond the $$$ value for a select few . . . made me want to cry.

      • It did me too Linne, The Moon up for tender??!! Grrr. People seem very slow on the uptake with these things but they do grow in time and when things are made more public. Proud of you doing it, I wouldn’t have a clue how to!

    • You are welcome, Wendy! I’ve just given Jessie the link to the actual petition, not the Facebook page with it on. Am now going to Lois’ page to add it there, too.

  1. I’d sign the petition but I’m not a Facebook user and your link takes me there. Is there another link perchance?
    And just cos the moon circles the planet on which we live doesn’t mean we own it! Seriously, you’d think that people believed they owned the planet! Oh, wait we DO think we own it. šŸ˜¦

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