The MADs (blog awards)


I thought some of you might not know about the MAD Blog Awards and perhaps would like to nominate some blogs. Note that the logo says “for Mums and Dads”. A few categories are family-related. However, the others are up for grabs. Go for it!

I have learned a lot from Frugal Queen (aka Froogs), even though I was raised to be thrifty and continue to live as thriftily as possible. So I have nominated her for two of the categories in the MADs. Because she won last year, she has had a radio show in Cornwall where she teaches people about the importance of thrifty living and shares tips, etc. with her listeners. She is making a great contribution to sustainable living, in my opinion, and is well worth supporting, if you are so inclined. Check out her blog here:

There are other categories, too. If you want to go directly to the nomination page, go here: and click on the long green ‘nominate now’ button. Do note: you cannot back up from page two to page one, so go slowly and make sure you have nominated everyone you wish to name before you proceed to page two. As in life, there is no dress rehearsal . . .  😉

I have nominated some of the bloggers I follow; unfortunately, there are only so many awards, so even though all of you deserve an award, I had to pick and choose . . .

Nope, I’m not telling (partly because now I can’t remember all the categories). 🙂


6 thoughts on “The MADs (blog awards)

  1. Debt free too here and love frugal living. It pays you back time and time and time again :). I don’t participate in “awards” but do completely get the kind thoughts and kudos that go with being nominated 🙂

    • I think most of us here are on the same page. My thought was to help Froogs stay on the air, etc., teaching and sharing, etc. No worries, though. She has loads of followers . . .

      • I think if you love to blog you really don’t care if you don’t even have followers. Its the “act” of putting your ideas and thoughts down into “print” and seeing that your words do have meaning and if someone out there responds it is magic 🙂

  2. oh I clicked on the frugalqueen blog + it is really good! Thank you for sharing a new blog that speaks to a subject that I support! We are debt free + sometimes it is nice to find a place where people feel the same way! I will start reading it:-)

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