Silken . . . part 3 ~ Blues in the Night

It’s 2:00 am, so I will NOT use my words (much) . . .

Earlier, the twilight seen through the icy doors set the mood:

The plum scarves and shawl ate all the dye and were quick to wash out. The Blues, on the other hand, took nearly two hours, including carefully cutting off all the ties. And there were a lot of ties this time!

20140303-021038.jpg Looks good, so even though the witching hour is upon us . . .

20140303-021132.jpg Hmmmm . . . a fair bit of dye still in there . . . blue goes farther, I guess.

20140303-021236.jpg The first bit untied . . .

20140303-021329.jpg The lovely strings after being removed.

20140303-021432.jpg After washing with Orvus paste and water, there seemed to still be a fair bit of dye in the silks . . . so I dumped out the water, rinsed the silks in the sink, filled the pot with more water and Orvus paste. After swishing them well, I have left the silks to sulk overnight. Tomorrow . . . another Happy Reveal!!

I absolutely LOVE this colour and will be using it again . . . I hope I can achieve the same or close when I dye the cottons. I have to go read now, or I will be up all night; instead I shall dream of singing the Blues . . .

Did I ever tell you that when I was briefly in uni I had the chance to see Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee? (evrn before I saw Dylan) Only about fifty people showed up; they weren’t that well known in Victoria, I guess. We were in a big room in the Student Union Building; sitting around informally. The pair stood in the centre. I was in the first circle and it was incredible! I couldn’t believe my luck. I was already into R&B, but wasn’t knowledgeable; I just knew what I liked. I’ve never forgotten them. Here they are with Pete Seeger on his tv show Rainbow Quest, singing a Happy Blues song, The Rock Island Line:

Here they are again, singing Down by the Riverside. Pete’s wise words at tbe beginning are worth hearing even if this isn’t your sort of music:

Just the two of them this time, singing Born and Livin’ With the Blues:

A blast from the past if you’re feeling Moody, so to speak πŸ™‚ (this is the long version):

A last glimpse of the twilight earlier:



20 thoughts on “Silken . . . part 3 ~ Blues in the Night

    • Thanks, Jessie! Mine, too. I think these would look great with a white shirt and jeans of a medium dark blue. Another post coming up soon. Then I’m waiting for stock to dye some cotton items. Next week, I’ll be ordering more silks . . . the fun continues . . .

      • You’re having almost as much fun with the teasing posts too. πŸ˜‰
        And yes, indigo and white is my favourite combination, followed closely by indigo and black. It is so much prettier than navy and black hey.

      • You think? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

        I LOVE Indigo and White!!! This batch is more a turquoise shade of indigo.
        Indigo and black . . . indigo jeans and black jackets . . . need I say more? πŸ™‚

        Hope one day to try real indigo . . . I may just jump in the vat; then I can say, “Woad is me!” πŸ™‚

      • Ha ha! Was it Veruca Salt that turned all blue like a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate factory? We’d have to drop the L from Linne and call you Inne instead! ;D
        I hope to plant out real indigo here too so one day when the S has HTF then I can still have nice whitey whites from adding that little bit of blue to the wash. πŸ˜‰ And it’s a nitrogen fixer too. πŸ˜‰

      • I don’t remember who turned blue. My son loved those books (the FES), but I’m not sure I read them myself. You may call me anything you like, as they say, except late for dinner . . . πŸ˜‰

        I’d love to give growing indigo a try, too, maybe in a greenhouse someday . . . Mum gave me a tip the other day for whitening your sheets in the meantime (and other things). She says her Mum and Grandmother would save the buttermilk from the churning, then after the sheets, etc., were washed, they would be soaked in the buttermilk and then spread out on the grass in the sunshine. I just asked her and she said it wasn’t done all the time, maybe a couple times a year (and when it was sunny, of course). She doesn’t remember the sheets being rinsed out after the soak, but they may have been. Mum was only 10 when her Mum died, so likely wasn’t paying that much attention to laundry details at the time . . . πŸ˜‰ You could try it with smaller pieces and see if they seem to need rinsing or not. Mum says it works a treat. I like to use Mrs. Whomever’s Bluing liquid in my rinse water, but of course can’t do that here with shared laundry machines. At the house it was easier to stop the machine and then add stuff. Not sure how ecological that stuff is, though.

      • It used to be fine but these days it’s synthetic. I chased up Bluo, the Aussie brand of it and found myself chasing my tail. A sure sign it’s not great stuff but somethig has to give somewhere I guess. I think Indigo as a perennial has no chance here or in Canada but as an annual it should be ok I’d think (hope).
        We rarely use butter these days as I bake infrequently and we no longer eat bread so our main uses for butter are gone. I still have lots of buttermilk frozen though so might give it a try. Good for trialling and whitening a handkerchief perhaps

      • Too bad . . . guess you’ll have to grow your own . . . πŸ˜‰
        If you do try it on a couple of handkerchiefs, why not rinse one out after soaking and leave the buttermilk in the other, then you could compare (also see if leaving it in causes a scent or anything). Let me know how it works, eh?

      • You might want to be in the lookout for a couple of large kettles, like five gallons or larger, to eventually use for dyeing. Especially if you are into natural materials. One can be iron (for darker colours), but the other should be copper or something similar, for the lighter and brighter colours. I have an old wash boiler (the long sort with rounded corners that sat on the stove off to one side) that I will use one day. I hope.

  1. I just love that blue colour – it is such a stunner! I had a wee bit of bother getting anything but a link to my You Tube channel but eventually figured if I copied and pasted the link I’d maybe get something and I did….. how great that you got to see them live, in person and for real πŸ™‚

    • Oh, Pauline, I’m still in a bit of shock! The colour is even lovelier than the photos can show. So nice . . . Glad you figured out the linkies. They need fixing, but not tonight.

      I was very lucky to see them; I haven’t seen many artists in person; in fact, until I discovered YouTube and found my favourites there, I often had no idea what the artists looked like . . . I only knew them from the radio. Odd, eh?

    • Thanks, Wendy. I can still hardly believe they are so lovely. I’m a blues, purples and greens woman myself, but I like certain shades of all the other colours. I don’t wear orange, as a rule, but I do like a sort of cantaloupe shade. Same for pink; if it’s rosy, I love it!

      I need to fix them. Not today, though. I have a post to create . . . πŸ˜‰ . . . before I am unfriended on a mass basis. πŸ˜‰
      Try copying and pasting the links. That might work. Or search for the song title and artist on YouTube.

  2. I love those very artistic twilight shots. I haven’t got on top of my RSS Feed Reader so will leave all of the links till when I have but I am sure I will enjoy them when I get to them. Sometimes watching someone perform when they are just starting and aren’t well known is much better than seeing them in a crowded auditorium. They have a raw passion that often leaves once they get famous. Getting used to waiting for “blue” now πŸ˜‰

    • LOL Those ‘very artistic shots’ were taken quickly with my phone; me bending and stretching to find a piece of the door that was thinly iced so the colours would show up. Apparently the links don’t work (not for me, either; I just tried them). But if you copy them into YouTube they should play.

      Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee were well known, just not on a small Victoria campus. I was just lucky to have read of them and to have seen the poster advertising that they were coming. They still had plenty of passion, though. I still love to listen to them.

      ‘Blue’ seems to be an evolving concept . . . πŸ™‚ More in a few minutes.

      • lol! It’s raining here! Peeing down! I KNEW leaving a full load of washing on the line would be too much for nature to resist!!! πŸ˜‰

      • Glad that worked for you, Narfie! You are lucky to be able to hang your laundry outside; it smells so good after. And even if it gets wet, at least it will dry again . . .

      • We had +10 or +12 a couple of days ago; most of the snow is gone (but not for long . . . can’t fool me!). Sleet forecast for this week, but I can’t remember which day. I ‘upgraded’ my weather network app and now it crashes immediately upon opening. I am not amused . . . 😦 I use it every day, often several times a day. So there will be few weather posts for a while. I am bugging them on Twitter, but to no avail . . . so far, anyway.

        I’ve been wondering if we are going to have a summer similar to yours this year . . . Mum’s place faces west, so late afternoons could get a bit uncomfortable if so.

      • Not sure but yesterday we got RAIN! Real heavy excellent tree sigh making rain and it was good… it was VERY good πŸ™‚ Hope you guys don’t get a long dry summer like we did. If you don’t have a garden it might not be so bad as it wasn’t particularly hot per-se, just no rain 😦

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