Roadblocks and other things . . .

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, but at least your Readers got a wee rest . . . I haven’t had much to say, really. I still haven’t dyed the cottons, in spite of receiving the dyes for them a few days ago. But there’s a good reason, and it’s not that I’m lollygagging around (well, not much, anyway).

raise your mittens

Winter in Edmonton . . .

The roof on this place used to leak quite a bit, since before we ever moved here, and Mum being on the top floor has had several episodes of leaking in every room except the bathrooms. Now the condo board want to have the ceilings scraped, re-surfaced with that textured stuff, and then painted. If you had seen this place and all my stuff everywhere, not to mention Mum’s own stuff, you’d understand our frustration. Mum suggested they leave it until we either move or she dies (she’s nothing if not hard-headed practical, my Mum), but no, they say it has to be done now (now being a relative term, really; fixing my old apartment took months – I had a bad flood the first week of January that year and it wasn’t rentable again until October). They aren’t happy with our stuff, because painters, etc., just want to come in, race through the work and leave. Other wise they are working for peanuts. But for us it means massive inconvenience, what with moving stuff out of the way, packing up lots of things, especially the fragile things  and all that. Then there is the issue of ‘stuff’ in the air from scraping, surfacing and painting. None of which is good for me to be breathing, but when a person is in their nineties, it’s even worse. And the disruption of our quiet, ‘retired ladies’  routines . . . I worry about dust in the computers, the food, our clothes, and so on . . . Crazy making, for sure.

snow art snow art2

It’s enough to drive ME to drink, too . . .

snow art3 snow art4

Someone had a lot of time on their hands, eh?

snowgames snowman on car top


snowman on car trunk

Probably my favourite . . .

So I got a phone call on the weekend to let us know that the landlady (who, with her husband, is wonderful and most supportive) will be here Tuesday night along with the condo board chairman, who I have found is not at all empathetic or sympathetic to issues facing older women or, indeed, women who ‘do things’.

50  shades of hay 01

Like read . . .

However, there is nothing in the lease paperwork detailing exactly how many items a tenant is allowed to have, so we’ll be standing up to them on that.

What I’ve been busy with, though, has been sorting and re-packing boxes so they will stack, then placing them behind the couch against the wall. This means we won’t be able to access anything without it being a big deal . . .  but it will free up a bit more space in the middle of the room, so maybe that will help. Who knows?

So here’s some more music:

The Bricklayer’s Song, by The Corries . . . I love their humorous stuff as much as the serious work . . .

Lukey’s Boat, by Great Big Sea and The Chieftains (filmed over three days in an Irish pub) . . . very dancey . . .

one last dancey bit:

The Irish Rover, by The Pogues and The Dubliners (lots of fun watching the old guys try to psych out the young punks . . .)

I added  this next video, then it got ‘lost’ somehow . . . well, here goes again . . .

Crow using tools and solving an 8-step puzzle to get food. I love the whole Crow – Raven family! So intelligent . . .


20 thoughts on “Roadblocks and other things . . .

  1. Hee hee on the snow images! I doubt Aussies would be as clever (too lazy 😉 ) They might run to the bum on the window but not the whole body 😉 bugger about the work/reno’s 😦 It really sucks when you have your private space invaded. Not entirely sure they can say anything about how much stuff you have unless your house resembles a hoarders house. It’s not your fault they didn’t give you guys enough space 😉 Hugs from Sidmouth that is cooling down nicely and now requires a jumper to be worn…in the day! 🙂 BLISS 🙂

    • Cute, weren’t they? I bet Aussies would come up with a whole new twist on it all . . . they aren’t really lazy, just efficient, right?
      More on ‘renos’; I’ll save it for a post; probably not tonight; it’s almost midnight and I’m catching up with sadly neglected commenters. You are right, they didn’t give us enough space. When I viewed the apt I had here back when I was working, there was a single man living there. In the lounge was a recliner chair, a tv, a sidetable, a floor lamp and a set of golf clubs. That’s all! NO yarn, no fabric, no looms, no anything else! I was quite amazed!

      Gotta go; more later. Big hugs to you, Narfie!

      • Oh, they would! ‘City people’ (I’m generalizing here, I know; some country people are that way, too, believe me) just don’t understand those of us with country standards, who keep things that ‘might be useful’ and also have heaps of stuff in case they have an attack of creativity and can’t get to the craft store in time to save themselves . . . If we only did ONE craft, it would be different (maybe), but we both like a lot of different things that all require stashes to choose from . . .

      • And you would think that they would appreciate multi skilled people wouldn’t you? That’s our “Throw-away” society for you!

      • Condo World is about the $$$, not the tenants. Now they are painting the halls and on the next two Saturdays the doors, so we have to have ours open for some time. But there are rarely lightbulbs in the wee lamps by the path out back. I just don’t go that way to the mall anymore. And only one lamp is actually next to the path, so it can be tricky seeing one’s way after dark.

        I haven’t mentioned the front steps, either. They were cracked from weather (40ish years worth), so they were broken up and new ones poured; the company didn’t have a permit, we found out later. So I doubt they knew what they were doing. They made the steps shallower front to back, so when icy, they feel a bit tricky to walk down. Up is easier; I mostly put my weight on the front of my foot. The big thing, though . . . making the steps a different shape from before meant they could not re-install the wrought iron handrails . . . which means that independent people like my Mum and also anyone with a handicap of any sort needs support to go down the last two bits. We complained a LOT and told them they would be sued if Mum fell, so they put in a ‘temporary’ rail, which is screwed into the concrete top and bottom and has a flimsy bit holding up the railing. It moves when you hang on to it, so I just reach over to the bit left at the top and stretch. Mum can’t do that, though. A week or so later, I went out and saw that it had completely ripped out at the bottom. I have photos, too! In the meantime, I go with Mum if my sister comes to take her to an appointment. Thank heavens there aren’t many.

        So money = ALL tenants = 0 Lucky for us, Mum’s landlords are from eastern Europe somewhere and are fantastic. The man is like my dad, only my age; he can fix anything and even looks for stuff to fix. His wife is a sweetie. We were at the same bus transit station one day and she specially came over and gave me a big hug! they are the best Mum’s had yet.

        Well, that was a bit of a digression, wasn’t it? I started out agreeing with you and then wandered off somewhere . . .

        I think we are so short-sighted, not valuing skills. Just wait a while . . . I used to tell people that if everything went to hell in a handbasket, they’d wish they lived near me . . . but that was when my tools, etc. were more at-hand. I just hope the ‘net survives, whatever comes. 😉

      • Or I will have to find that StarGate . . . if nothing else, we can dream together in the dark of the night . . .

      • I tend to be snoring in the dark of the night…can’t keep my eyes open after about 7.30pm but at least my somnolence will keep you company 😉

      • I admit that some (many) city people are wonderful, too. When I say ‘city people’, I’m referring to a certain attitude more than to where such people live. They seem to enjoy having power over others rather than aspiring to having power to do things. sad, really.

  2. Sorry to hear about the ceiling.. seems everything happens all at once.. I hope it all gets sorted though and living out of boxes will not be for too long.. And I loved those photo’s made me smile… Sending you some hugs your way.. Love Sue xox

    • In a way, I wish it all did happen at once and we could just get it over with; it’s like being nibbled to death by tiny creatures . . .

      I’ll be living out of boxes for some time, I hope. One thing is, it will make the move simpler when that day comes. Thanks for the hugs and I’m sending some your way, too, love as well. 🙂 Nice to see you here, Sue.

  3. Life sure gets messy for you – as it does for all of us from time to time….. Good luck with the inspection. The ice drawings on cars are quite fun – I am sure if we got temperatures like yours our student population would have a ball decorating folks cars. One of their favourite tricks at the moment is to pick up little cars that are parked and turn them around so they are facing the opposite direction….

    • Yep, and much of it is my own ‘fault’, if you want to call it that . . . I tend to be responsive, so can be derailed somewhat easily. If I had a studio and a routine (yes, I know I could have a routine anywhere, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon), I wonder if I would be more consistently productive . . . on the other hand . . . no, I’ll leave the rest for a post or I’ll have nothing left to say . . . 😉

      I would never have thought of creating snow graffiti on cars, but now I’ve seen it, I’m getting ideas . . . one day . . . but I need a co-conspirator!

      I remember people doing that ‘turning cars around’ thing. Funny, unless you are the owner . . . and sometimes even then . . .

      My older son was at a summer camp one year and a bunch of the boys took everything out of one bedroom (two kids slept there) and moved it outdoors and set it up exactly the same as it had been. Of course, they were made to move it all back afterwards . . .

      • I really enjoy kids humour when it is genuinely clever and doesn’t hurt anyone – that thing of deconstructing and reconstructing takes real powers of observation which is always a good thing to cultivate!

        Oh, and it isn’t a case of ‘fault’ it is what it is and you can go with that or change it – the choice is always yours. 🙂

      • Yes, Pauline, the ‘not hurting anyone’ is crucial to humour; good humour, anyway. I agree about the powers of observation, too.

        Yeah, yeah . . . she said wryly . . . You are a good life coach, my friend . . . and I wouldn’t want to have the choice be someone else’s, so what’s up with the resistance? 🙂 Don’t answer that; I’m sure I know the answer . . . 😉

  4. Your photos are great 🙂 Bugger about the ceiling thing, doesn’t life just get complicated sometimes!!? I will listen to your songs tomorrow, Roger is asleep next to me on the sofa. I have seen the raven puzzle thing, so clever! Did you ever see the bird on the news, I think in England? He was dropping walnuts off a power line onto a crossing so cars could drive over to crack them for him. Then when the lights went red he would fly down and eat them.

    • Thanks, Wendy. I thought they looked ok on the blog, too, but the ones I took of the scarves in natural light sure don’t look good and in spite of ironing with a damp press cloth and everything, they still have wrinkles . . . so tomorrow, spray starch and we’ll see how that goes. I have to call my sister about why the digital camera isn’t working (won’t turn on, in spite of new batteries). She has the same model, so may have a tip or two . . .

      Yes, don’t wake Roger . . . I’m sure he needs his rest. 🙂

      I hadn’t seen the puzzle thing before, but was very impressed. No, I didn’t hear about the bird in England . . . will do a search and see if I can find anything on it. They are way smarter than we give them credit for (sometimes I think all of nature is smart, except for humans . . . but of course, some of us are smart . . .)

  5. HaHa!!! I must show my son these snow pictures! He has seen snow once when he was about 4 after a very long car ride! 🙂

    • Lucky! Then snow is exciting . . . on the coast we had it rarely and not for long, so really appreciated the beauty and stillness of it falling.

      Not sure where these were taken . . . one of my brothers in law sent them to us . . . Canadian humour, for sure.

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