8 thoughts on “Stuff from my Introverted World – Bye Bye Barbie

    • No worries, ever. You might try starting at Z on odd days and A on even days and at M or N on the last day of the month . . . I’m in the same boat, so don’t worry if all you have time for is to click the ‘like’ to show you’ve been here. I totally understand! If you get time one day, do watch the videos, if only time for one, I recommend the second . . . it was very good for me to see.

      • 🙂 I am almost there! Once I get it under control I am able to deal with it on a daily basis but I just decided not to deal with it (bolshie as ever) after my last trip to my daughters and it kept getting bigger…and bigger…AND BIGGER! In the end it was “Purge” or “Wade” and even though they are all virtual and no-one would care if I purged…”I” would care. People put a lot of hard work into their posts. They fill them with priceless information and there is a spirit that flows through posts, where the author is reaching out to the ether and saying “I have something worthwhile to share” and to “Purge” that would be a true sin. So I don’t… I “Wade” and pay my dues 😉 Next time I won’t be such a lazy stay in bed sloth will I? I will have learned my lesson and will deal with it every day! (And if you believe that…I have a bridge to sell you! 😉 )

      • What bridge would that be? I could use a bridge . . . don’t believe I have one . . . yet. And here I am, commenting on your comments (my Mum did bring me up to be polite and to speak when spoken to . . .) As a cute poster says, “If it isn’t one thing, it’s your Mother!” Ah, well, if you are short on time (anytime!) comment on other people’s blogs first; I’m very low-maintenance . . . 🙂

      • Almost back to the magic number “0” on my RSS Feed Read. I will be able to comment to my hearts content once I get there :). You can have the Batman bridge. Good name, good location and good for fishing off (at least the seal that was under there the other day catching fish as the tide flowed under the bridge thought so 😉 )

      • OK, thanks! Holy Batman, Narfie! I am now the proud owner of the Batman Bridge! Send me a bill and I’ll add it to the stack . . .
        I can sleep under it, no doubt and then catch my breakfast, after which I may wander down the Serendipitous Road for a cuppa and a few bikkies . . .

        Congrats on taming the FeedReader monster, too! No easy task, is it?

      • No problemo. A man (crazy, but still a man technically) lived in the park over the other side of the Batman bridge for a year before they decided to turf him out so you could live there for probably 10 or so years before you were even noticed if you kept yourself to yourself ;). If you sleep “under” the Batman you wouldn’t need to look very far for breakfast as it is where the best blackberries on the road are situated. If by the word “catch” you are talking about fish, you wouldn’t have far to go and all of the fish have to go up or down river via the Batman bridge…only way to flow! You would have to fight the seal for the fish but the winner could take it all (the loser would have to settle for blackberries 😉 )

  1. When I re-blogged, I was referencing the second video (forgot there were two). The first one, with the natural shaped doll, is also worth viewing. But the second one is what moved me so much. ~ L.

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