We had a nice spring, but decided to skip summer this year . . .



. . . nary a bit of snow, except for a few old piles . . .


This morning . . . back to late autumn, again!


Blowing onto the balcony, too!

But at least I have caught up with comments! And am making a post! but I’m sure I would be pilloried, tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail for not having finished those green scarves I promised days ago, except that if I am pilloried, etc., the chances of ever seeing those scarves becomes infinitesimal . . .  🙂

Sorry about that; things got busy here again for a bit. But I do have them nearly all tied and right after I post this will finish the tying and then . . .  Esmeralda City, here we come! I will post this anyway, so if you are tiring of commenting on too many posts in a week, feel free to ignore this one, or simply ‘like’ it and “move along folks, there’s nothing to see here . . .”  😉  . . . yet! Next post, though . . .


Meantime, here’s what the Happy Hibiscus has been up to; that’s three (3!!!) blossoms in less than four months! Unprecedented and I haven’t fed her or anything!

It must be an omen, right?


And I have no idea why she has those lovely white strips on the back of her petals, but they are very attractive . . .

Have a lovely day, everyone. Gardeners, all the best with the planning and planting out. Harvesters, hope you are looking forward to an end of the work and R&R time by the woodstove, with books, animals, good food and company close at hand. Hugs to all!

And for those with time and inclination:

Dawes (with Marcus Mumford)

just ’cause I love this . . .

and The Corries

That last one is for Christi and the Bearded One . . .


20 thoughts on “We had a nice spring, but decided to skip summer this year . . .

  1. Well, dang it – I think we are back to autumn this morning as well. I had such plans for working outside today, but I may just cocoon myself in the house. At least you have that beautiful hibiscus to keep you company. ❤

    • Sad, isn’t it, Stacy? We had some snow on the balcony, even, but the sun this afternoon seemed warm, so it’s all gone now. No idea what the temperatures are like; I ‘updated’ my weather app on my phone and now it crashes immediately I open it. Makes me grumpy . . . oh, well . . . as Mum says, I can always step outside and figure it out from there . . . 🙂 I have done a fair bit of cocooning myself and that hibiscus was lovely for several days. All gone now, of course. Hope things warm up for you soon, but not so warm you want to stay indoors in the cool . . . ❤ to you, too. ~ Linne

      • I’m working my way up through comments and now see I’ve replied to you twice . . . I wish the replies stayed with the comments; it would be so much simpler for people like me . . . Oh, well . . .

    • Never fails, does it, Stacy? But cocooning is good . . . At least we’re not hot yet! Hot’s much harder to deal with; if I’m cold, there are sweaters, shawls and blankets; if I’m hot, there are . . . (no other options) 😉 That was a lovely flower, wasn’t it? Two in close succession, too!

    • I love the sound of that drink; I shall make it hot next week (need turmeric, have plenty of ginger). Then I shall try it blended with ice, like my coffee shop drink . . . I expect it will be delicious!! I love extra ginger, too . . . and snacking on the candied ginger never grows old.

      • I discovered after buying the turmeric that I already had some, so I’ll be having this frequently. I’m also thinking of making it with the kefir, now that Dorcas is becoming appropriately (to her name) productive . . .

    • and yes, a lovely flower! Funny how it blooms when I should be working on the scarves . . . I took it as an omen today. See the post coming up soon. I came here to finish it; it doesn’t show up on the PC (maybe ’cause I was writing on the phone), so I’ve caught up on comments instead. It’s all good . . .

    • I had to go out yesterday and it was cold! Especially with that wind. But starting tomorrow it’s supposed to be warming, at least for a week or so . . . not sure if this is spring this year, or another ‘tease’ . . . and if it’s spring, what does that mean in terms of climate change? So I have mixed feelings, as usual. Lovely flower, wasn’t it? Makes me cheerful, looking at flowers . . .

    • Climate change, eh? I’m with you; if it would just stay cold, I’d get used to it; instead, there’s this sort of ‘tease’ with above freezing weather, then the temp plunges down to ‘normal’ again. It was so nice to have that flower, even for a few days. And another a week earlier . . . never had that before with this plant and I’ve had it about 25 years now.

  2. Oh BUGGER on the lost summer! It probably would have been nice to spend a day with your toe dipped in sunlight but hey… “whatchagonnadoeh?” 😉 I guess that just means more delicious hot food, warm drinks and crafting and reading time…there are worse ways to spend days 😉

    • Pretty funny, eh? We hardly ever get warm weather in March (or else my aging brain is not remembering to tell me), so even though I like it, I don’t get excited anymore; I just say, wait for it . . . snow’s comin’ . . . and it does! Very cold today and tomorrow (well -10C but with wind as low as -20), but then warming up again. I saw scary stuff on the news about global warming and the Arctic, Antarctic and glacial masses everywhere. The upside, if there is one, is that it may become warmer here and to points north. Not sure what that will look like, though . . .

      And yes, I’ve been making hot drinks (non-fun ones, though) and doing some reading. And a bit of crafting . . . really have to get those scarves done, though. Was going to do them today and then it was Friday! library day!! so off I went . . . so far, nothing on the books for tomorrow, so maybe then. The Contented Crafter may not be so contented soon and one never knows; she may be inclined to make wee pincushion dolls, just for fun! 😉

      After seeing Wendy’s post about the turmeric-laden chai, I really want one of those. turmeric is on the list for next week . . .

      You know, much as I love gardens, I do love the winters by the fire (figuratively at present) . . . and with the ‘net and the Virtual Village, I have company whenever I like . . . not bad, indeed! Have a great weekend, Narfie!

      • Funny, I’ve been into alternative stuff forever, but hadn’t realized turmeric had so many good qualities. It’s on my list for next week . . .
        Thanks for the linkie . . . love it and I’ve saved it to my ‘Odd Bits’ folder. If I put it on Mum’s PC, she will likely ban me from this room . . . 🙂

      • Lol! Have you thought about getting yourself a cheap small portable external hard-drive? They cost peanuts these days and are excellent for storing things so you don’t clutter up your (or in your case, your mum’s) PC? Might be a great idea and a good compromise so that you can save whatever you like 🙂

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