Random stuff (including a huge surprise!!) and two big thanks to Wendy . . .

First I apologize for not answering all your lovely comments (again!). I’m nearly out of time and I had to make a choice. So the post won out . . .

No, not the lovely Emerald Scarves post . . . due to events beyond my control, I’m still not quite done with the ironing. But, to my (small) credit, I did get the dyeing done!


A variety of ribbons, some with one dip, others with two; the ones on the far left are amethyst purple with green over-dyed at the bottom. I wasn’t thinking when I tied them onto the dyepot handles, so the purple transferred to one of the greens, leaving (luckily) only a couple of purple blots. I will likely use that bit of ribbon for something myself.


One of the first green scarves, just rinsed and about to be rolled in a towel ’til it’s damp dry and ready for ironing. This time I’m ironing them damp, with spray starch as well.IMG_5712   IMG_5713

There are six darker green scarves and three lighter green. In person, it’s a marked difference; in the photos, I don’t think it shows up that well. Both are very spring-green, though, and looking at them makes me happy! (these are not yet ironed, of course)


What I was watching while the scarves cooled enough to rinse out: an old favourite, “As Time Goes By” with Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench, whose work I love. I just saw a film on tv called “The Lavender Ladies” starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith!!! Set in the ’30s, they are older women who lived through the First War. There is a violinist, too,

whose playing is so moving . . . I won’t tell the story; you’ll have to find it yourself. 🙂

Now, I have to say there are two reasons to thank Wendy from Quarter Acre Lifestyle:

xxIMG_5719   IMG_5714

The Golden Yogini Milk mixture, coming to a boil (I had fun playing with the spoon and swirling the floating spices around in fascinating patterns (see left photo)  🙂


  Ice cubes, waiting for the golden goddess to descend and transform them . . .


The frothy drink in all its golden glory . . . it was as yummy as advertised, even though it was iced, but not as thick as my coffee shop iced lattes; next time I’m going to try adding some protein powder and maybe a banana. Banana chai, anyone?

This next bit deserves its own post, but I am conscious that FeedReaders can get clogged up by people who post multiple posts in one day (never mind over a week), so I’m just tacking it on here. It’s definitely the biggest bit of the day, though. 🙂

Background:  Today, while waiting for a the grocery list to be made up, I played a few games of Bejewelled Blitz, my not-so-secret vice. I play with two young friends and we each send ‘gifts’ of coins to the next person, who sends to the next, etc. So we all get 40 ‘gifts’ of virtual coins a day (ideally). In addition, there are monthly bonuses you can ‘buy’ with your virtual coins and ‘boosts’ that cause you to win more points. If you buy a ‘shamrock’ bonus, at the end of each one minute game, you see nine shamrocks and when you click on one, you gain however many coins are behind it.

🙂 I know, get to the point, Linne (you are assuming I have a point, and you are correct!) Today, for the first time, ever!!!, I chose the highest-paying shamrock four times in a row! 100,000 coins (all virtual, of course; I’m not the sort of idiot who spends hard cash on virtual coins to play a game . . . I may be financially challenged, but not that much!)

Anyway, that made me feel VERY LUCKY and quite Green Little Leprechaunish and Pots-o-Gold at the end of the Rainbow were seen floating around between my ears (well, I have to keep something there, don’t I?)

So, to make a long story longer . . . (still practising Anticipation 101, are you? Good!

When I went to the grocery store, I took along Mum’s lotto tickets from last week along with my own tickets. Just in case, you see . . .

AND . . .





Winning Ticket 24Mar2014 Guess what? I won! (Mum didn’t, but I’m the one who BELIEVES!   🙂  )

Now, wasn’t that nice? And worth waiting for? The last time I had a win over $20 was about five years ago, when I won $100, just when I needed it. So I bought a couple of tickets for us for this week and the rest went into the grocery fund.

As you can see, I’m on a roll, here . . .

Oh, I forgot to say why I’m thanking Wendy for this (and any of the rest of you lovely readers who put up with my teasing and procrastination and whatnot . . .

You may have seen our comment exchanges centred on how nice it would be to win the lotto. Well, here’s the first taste . . . As I always say, if you don’t buy the ticket, don’t expect to win . . . both Wendy and I know people who’ve won large amounts twice (the man I met is a friend of a friend and won two very large lottos. It was very inspirational to meet him.) Anyway . . . Wendy’s comments caused me to think about being lucky and how lucky I’ve been all my life, in so many ways . . . and now I wish that you all may be even luckier than I am . . . always . . .

 Now, for all you folkies and John Denver fans, here’s a link my brother-in-law sent me:

The Chad Mitchell Trio reunion with John Denver (1987)

It’s over an hour, so I haven’t heard it all yet, but if you like this sort of music, it’s great!

 For those of you who like very bad jokes (or, more likely, your men who do LOL), here’s a song by Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly   Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It’s from a movie called “A Prairie Home Companion” (Robert Altman’s final film) with Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Garrison Keillor, Lily Tomlin, Tommy Lee Jones, Maya Rudolph, Virginia Madsen, Lindsay Lohan, etc. It’s loosely based on the real-life radio show of the same name, which was created by and stars Garrison Keillor. I love the move, because much of its music and style are what I grew up with when I was young.

And the 20th Anniversary Concert (1989) of Steeleye Span

and one last album: The Pentangle, the first by the group of that name

“The Pentangle was the 1968 debut album of the band Pentangle: Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn and Danny Thompson.

It brought together their separate influences of folk, jazz, blues, early music and contemporary song-writing.”


19 thoughts on “Random stuff (including a huge surprise!!) and two big thanks to Wendy . . .

    • Thanks, Alys. Yes, I love a win and while I win quite often, usually it’s more like a free ticket or two, or maybe $10. So this was very nice!

      Thanks for the compliments, too. I love mixing my own colours, although then the results are not predictable, but hey . . . if one doesn’t work out, I’ll either over-dye it or use some of the colour subtracting stuff to make additional patterns, or just use it in a project.

      I’m a blues, greens and purples gal myself, for the most part. That said, I do like certain shades of the other colours; a melony orange, rose and deep cherry reds (and magenta), old gold or sunny yellows, and of course anything Indigo! Indigo and white, but also Indigo and black. Brown is the one I’m not so partial to, but even then, a warm cinnamon or a burnt pumpkin sort of colour can be nice at times.

      • We do, don’t we, Alys? I think we have a bit more than that in common, too. I adore your garden; those walls are fantastic! And we both have a strong interest in creativity of various sorts. Hope you find time for some soon, and I still hope you find a way to have a creative afternoon or more in the garden itself (once the growing has commenced and before the harvesting takes over . . .) A fine balancing act, isn’t it?

      • Thank you, Linne. I agree, and once again I’m delighted to find another kindred soul through blogging. What fun.

        I’m enjoying my garden and the recent rains. It has been so dry for so long, that any rain is a welcome gift.

      • Yes, one can’t have too many kindred souls, eh? It’s been a Godsend for me, honestly. I’ve often had a loose group of acquaintances, but usually only four or five actual friends. Even now. I honestly think that the Virtual Village is an Introvert’s Paradise . . .

        Nice to hear about your garden and I’m so glad you got rain (did you leave washing on the line, a la Narfie7?) 🙂 Our snow is pretty much gone, way off the ‘normal’ for here, and I worry a bit that we may have a drought ourselves. No big deal for myself, unless you count the rising cost of veg and fruit, but for the farmers it will be huge. I hope I’m wrong . . .

      • I love that “Virtual Village is an Introvert’s Paradise.” Linne, that sounds like the title to a future blog post.

        I’m really sorry to hear that you too may be facing a drought. In the end we all feel it: at the grocery store, on the farm, etc.

      • Thanks, Alys. I’ll think on that . . .
        As to droughts, Alberta is generally pretty dry, but with huge rainstorms at times. We had a few here that caused lots of trouble last year and the big storm over Calgary caused a dreadful flood; even the downtown streets were flooded! I have a young friend in High River, which was also flooded out, and they are only now getting some of the promised financial help. She works as a dog groomer out of her home and her basement studio was destroyed. Luckily, her sister and brother in law came from BC and helped get the basement back to where she could work again. But there’s still damaged things to replace and so on.

        You’re right, too, that a drought affects everyone. People need to start thinking about water tanks and saving what they can while there is snow, rain, etc. I hope you get enough rain, but not too much . . . We had snow this morning, but only a skiff, really. The rooftops were white and the sidewalks, too. But it was all gone by mid-afternoon.

      • Linne, I don’t know if you follow Boomdeeadda, but she too lives in Alberta. I heard a lot about the horrible floods in Calgary at the time. I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s hardship, and sorry too, to hear that financial support is slow in coming. That sort of thing is true in the States as well and I’ve never understood it. We seem to be able to cough up money for the military and the oil companies, but can’t help people get back on their feet after a natural disaster. Sad.

        I hope your snow is finally coming to an end.

      • Yes, I do, Alys. We both live in Edmonton, actually. The floods were pretty bad and we’re all hoping this year will be different. I was sorry to see that most of the live coverage was focused on Calgary and even then the more prosperous areas. High River is a poorer community, and it had less coverage. One of the reservations was very badly flooded; water up to the roofs in some places and people losing everything they owned. I didn’t see any coverage for over three days and only one or two follow-ups. But the ‘nice’ areas had plenty. I know it’s always like that, but I hate to see it anyway.

        One thing I did like; the High River mayor wasn’t too charismatic and seemed to be more involved in keeping people from going back to their homes (necessary, of course), but the Calgary mayor was very inspiring. He worked nearly around the clock and encouraged people to work in teams and to help each other. He was a good part of seeing that much good came out of a tragedy. I have no idea how he is as a mayor on a day to day basis, but was most impressed by his leadership in a time of crisis.

        Oh, I sure agree with you on what we are willing to pay for; subsidise the rich and who cares about the rest? The oil companies are destroying huge areas of the earth; then they sell the oil to foreigners to be processed and then some will be sold back to us in its refined state. Meanwhile we could use the jobs here. But of course who wants to pay workers a living wage? We seem to have hung on to the idea that its ok for some to have slaves so that they never need to work themselves. And we keep trying to find ways to ensure that slavery goes on . . . I remember when most people had full-time work with benefits. Then all full-time positions were cancelled in many areas (large department stores, for instance) and people were re-hired at part-time with no benefits. Working two or more jobs sounds easy until you have to deal with the logistics of most work in the same field being at the same time of day, not to mention getting from one place to another. I had two jobs in the same mall for a while and it was hard even for me. Nowhere to eat or relax in between jobs except the noisy food court with it’s horrible seating.

        I feel, too, that if we put as much money into building peace and prosperity that we now sink into war and aggression, the whole world would benefit. But the fear-mongers prosper, as do the arms-makers, and they are hand in hand with the politicians.

        Nope, we had snow yesterday early and more last night. Most of it’s gone now, but there is a lot of weather coming from the west; can’t tell yet if it will be snow or rain. I have to go to the bank and then the library (all closed on Good Friday tomorrow), so I guess I’ll find out . . . I hope your weather is nicer . . .

  1. Good on you Linne for your recent run of luck. If anyone deserves it, it’s you! Your scarves are looking so beautiful and, yes I’m on the Golden Yogini drink as well! Thanks so much to Wendy! I put a few too many spices in mine the first time around but have toned them down a little since then and am loving my new warm nightcap. Judi Dench is amazing – I gave mum a copy of Lavender Ladies one birthday and she loved it – must see if I can borrow it back to see it myself. Great post Linne – take care! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • Thanks, Dani! Honestly, I think any of you here in the Village deserve a good run of similar luck (maybe with more zeroes on the end, eh?) I’m glad you like the scarves; I do like colour and pattern . . .

      Isn’t it nice that Wendy’s post has hooked so many of us? That drink is lovely. I haven’t had it hot yet, but I’ll have to do that one day. I’m just anxious about putting hot liquids in my plastic ‘Magic Bullet’ mini-blender, so for now it’s cold or nothing for me. I think it’s best to begin with less spice and then work up to it. If my blender were stronger, I’d be adding some candied ginger, too.

      Nice to see so many fans of Judi Dench here, too. I love ‘Chocolat’, too. Lavender Ladies is just great. Thanks for the compliments, Dani and have a wonderful week yourself. ~ Linne

  2. I knew Pauline would love that green as soon as she saw it (consider her appeased 😉 ) and my mum used to adore the Lavender Ladies. I have never seen them due to the curious predicament of Steve’s hand being welded to the remote control apparently and it can’t access “chick flicks” at ALL ;). “WOOT!” on your win Linnie 🙂 Sometimes the universe knows just when to give you a boost 🙂

    Kymmie and I used to listen to John Denver whenever I would go to visit her last century when we were 16 John Denver and Linda Rondstadt (sorry if I spelled that wrong 😉 ). Good memories and I love John C Reilly, very funny 😉

    • Yes, I was so relieved she liked them. Of course, if she hadn’t, I would have simply had to do another batch, with colour adjusted to taste . . .
      I notice that there are a LOT of men suffering from that weird condition. Perhaps we should have a charity drive to raise money for the requisite surgery, eh? 😉 He has no idea what he’s missing, then . . . and how come there are no derogatory terms for the other sort of films, perhaps we need a spelling change? Can’t put what I’m thinking here; this is a family-friendly blog, after all 🙂 not that I think any children are reading my lengthy posts . . . lol

      I loved that win! more for it coming on the heels of my back-and-forth with Wendy on lotto wins, etc. It was a definite boost, for sure!

      I was crazy about Denver, too, back in the 80s and 90s, I guess it was. I still love many of his songs. I’d nearly forgotten about Linda Ronstadt; thanks for the reminder. And don’t ever worry about spelling; I read so much, it’s always come pretty easily to me. But I have plenty of typos, you may have noticed. 😉 I’ve never bothered about other people’s spelling, so long as I can puzzle out what they are trying to say . . . 😉 😉

      I’d never heard of Reilly ’til I saw that film. or Garrison Keillor, who I’ve come to like very much. His sense of humour reminds me of my former DJ brother in law. My BIL did an hour show once based on sheep. I’ll have to write a post about that some time. It included songs like “I Only Have Eyes For Ewe”. Of course he played the real music. It was his introductions that were so side-splitting. I don’t think there’s a copy of that show to be found, more’s the pity . . .

  3. That green is just beautiful! I like Judi Dench too – I used to have Lavender Ladies on DVD but passed it on a while back – I see all her movies 🙂 I saw A Prairie Home Companion too – it was a most unusual ensemble movie and that song was quite risque within it – You got the impression that John and Woody were having quite a ball making that movie and the characters weren’t that different from their real selves!

    I am also on the Golden Yogini Milk and loving it. In fact I am adding turmeric into most of my foods now wherever possible.

    Congrats on the win – it is a treat to have a little flutter and come out a winner isn’t it!

    Your music choices always send me reeling back in time – Steeleye Span for heavens sake!
    But I may try to catch the John Denver thing tomorrow while I’m ironing and packing my bag 🙂

    Have a good week Linne – I’m looking forward to seeing the final products 🙂

    • Thanks, Pauline! I’ve done two shades, one dark and one light, so I hope you will find one with your name on it.
      I was so lucky to just happen on Lavender Ladies; I’ve read a lot about that the early 1900s and it’s still hard for me to imagine a whole generation with most of the men being killed off. So many young women who never got to marry. It makes me so angry just thinking about it. It’s one thing to be single by choice, but that was different. I’d see anything with Judi Dench in it. I loved Chocolat, too. Our library has it, so I take it out from time to time. I’m surprised (not sure why) that you’d even heard of A Prairie Home Companion; I grew up on music like that, so it wasn’t such a stretch for me, but even some of my friends here just don’t relate to it (too young, I suspect). It got mixed reviews, but I loved it anyway. The Carter Family were one of my early musical loves (the original three, not so much the later group), so it was cute, seeing the reference to them. And of course several songs reminded me of them, too. Maybelle Carter is credited with inventing finger-picking on the guitar; even on the old footage, poor as the sound quality was in those days, you can hear her talent. And yes, I felt that about John and Woody, too. I, too, suspect they are like that in real life. 🙂 I love that drink, too. Yay for Wendy, eh? I’m thinking of adding turmeric to my frittatas, as I have them several times a week for breakfast or supper. I do love a one-pot meal! 🙂

      Yes, even a small win is such fun! Now to repeat with added zeroes on the end, eh? 😉

      Yes, Steeleye Span! Mmmmm And Pentangle, too. But I love Terry Woods on the cithern. I’ll have to send you my favourite photo of him. He looks quite different these days, though. 😉 I don’t understand why all these people are getting so . . . middle-aged? 🙂

      I don’t think John Denver is singing on that selection; I thought he would be, but having heard part of it, I think he’s just the emcee. But maybe later on . . . I first heard him when he was with the group after Chad left it.

      Well, you will have seen the final products by now. I’m so glad you like them. ❤

  4. Woohooo!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Linne, that’s a wonderful win and way better than no win at all 🙂 I am chuffed for you 🙂
    Pleased you like the Golden Yogini, I have become rather partial myself, but have started making it with sunflower milk with a couple of dates added ….nearly as good as milk 🙂
    Those scarves are beautiful colours, just beautiful.
    Judy Dench is my favourite actress. Did you ever see her in A fine Romance, a comedy series with her husband. It was great and always had me in fits of giggles, the first time I ever saw her and many moon ago.
    It’s rather late so tomorrow I am going to listen to your John Denver etc 🙂

    • Wasn’t that fun? I have put in a special request for more zeroes on the end next time. 🙂
      I am loving the Yogini. I don’t have a way to make nut or seed milks easily, but one day . . .

      Glad you like the scarves; they’ve given me lots of fun in both the making and of course in the teasing . . .

      No, I never heard of A Fine Romance, but now will be looking for it. It might be on YouTube. She is funny, isn’t she? Her and Maggie Smith . . .

      Hope you enjoy the music; if not, no worries. I haven’t finished listening to it myself, but it seems John Denver was more of the emcee. I don’t think he’s singing on this. If so, it’s farther down the line . . .

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