A to Z: Irene

I love George MacDonald!! No time to watch this now, but soon, I hope.

Part Time Monster


George MacDonald published The Princess and the Goblin in 1872.  First, we meet Irene–and yes, she’s a princess. The story centers around Irene and Curdie, a young miner. As 8 year old Irene first discovers the goblins who live in the cavernous parts of the mountain on which her home sits, she is thrown into a world for which she is unprepared–for Irene had never seen the night sky, as the goblins always came out at night, nor did she even know of the goblins’ existence. At least, not until she and her nurse are out after dark one night, and Curdie saves them by singing away the goblins. (Yes, singing them away. They hate songs and rhymes.) Curdie is later trapped by the goblins, and it is Irene’s turn to save him, which she does with the help of her mysterious great-great- grandmother, who is sometimes-but-not-always-there. And later, of course…

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4 thoughts on “A to Z: Irene

  1. No time here either. 10 tonnes of firewood being delivered in approximately 2 1/2 hours from now (5am) and a Stevie-boy to wake in an hour to fortify with coffee in order to hack us the ability to drive on our driveway in the immediate future 😉

  2. One of my all time FAVOURITE stories!!! I also have the sequal (The Princess and Curdie)although I don’t remember if it’s written by the same author or not. The story is quite good but not as good as The Princess and the Goblin. We also have the movie which the kids have seen but I won’t watch it. I’ve heard enough to know I would love the book 1000fold more. 🙂

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