3 thoughts on “Mother Teresa spoke to us on Poverty

  1. This is SO true Linnie 🙂 Real poverty is in the mind. It comes from feeling unappreciated and unloved. It can occur in a very wealthy household and true wealth is measured in how happy you are and how content with your lot you are able to be 🙂

    • Yes, it’s a truth we should all be taught very young. I’ve been lucky to have elders in my life since I was young, so I’ve seen it often where they are put on the sidelines and then forgotten. No-one takes time to listen to the telling of the old stories (and the re-tellings); then, when the elder is gone, there is regret . . . so easily avoided, eh?

      One of my favourite mottos is: “Be content, but not satisfied”. It’s gotten me through many a chancy patch . . .

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