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A lovely sunset a couple of days ago . . .


I was watching Doc Martin yesterday night and this lovely cottage caught my eye . . .

IMG_6115 IMG_6160[1]

I have fallen in love! Yes, a new mystery writer! From Australia, too! The first one takes place between Melbourne and Western Australia; the second has an anti-hero (one of those bad guys everyone loves) whose hiding place is on Tassie! Launceston is mentioned, along with other places familiar from The Road to Serendipity.  🙂

IMG_6120  IMG_6121

On Friday I got busy and organized the flours into our favourite gallon sized glass jars, which are kept in the bottom of a cabinet, so away from light. Then I made a half recipe of the Feather Buns, this time with more whole wheat flour and also a good two cups of rye flour. Well, the dough didn’t rise and it didn’t rise and it didn’t . . . you get the picture . . . Did I use a recipe? Silly question! Nope, I ‘winged it’ (and if Tom or Will of the Technoblog are reading this, they will be quaking at the thought of me messing around with a computer . . . LOL However, finally I quit waiting for the miraculous rise, as the dough felt ok, just not high and puffy; into the pans it went and then baked. What a yummy aroma, too! It’s quite heavy, and the buns look like dense muffins, both inside and out, but they are chewy and tasty, so I’ve only got the two loaves left now. No good for sandwiches, but I may try them toasted tomorrow for breakfast.

The next time I use the rye flour, it will be to make a Norske rye bread; I got the link to the recipe from Rabid Little Hippy.

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Two days ago, I woke up to this . . . yep, more white stuff! Luckily, it didn’t stay past noon. Still . . .    Good thing I  don’t have a garden, isn’t it?

IMG_6142 IMG_6143

Yesterday morning early . . . thick mist . . . lovely! Brings with it a bit of heimthra . . .

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Earlier today . . . I do love clouds and living high lets me see some awesome ones!

And then . . .

Mum went down to check the mail and guess what she brought back for me?


Happy Mail!! I was quite excited . . .  🙂

 IMG_6155 IMG_6156

On first opening it, I didn’t see what I had been expecting; instead, there was something I never ordered! Sarah of Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm had tucked in a lovely handmade market bag! You can see my lovely Mum holding it up on the right.


And, inside the bag . . . my raven amulet necklace! Beautifully inked by  hand, not printed. Oh, I just love it! Ravens mean a lot to me and so does wheat and pine trees (and you’ll notice there are clouds there, too!)


My happy mail . . . bringing joy to my heart and a smile to my face!


I’ve been doing a wee bit of hand-stitching again; not much, just while I was downstairs with my Aunty. Bet you can’t guess what this recycled item is / will be . . .

Let the class in Anticipation 201 begin . . .

And speaking of Anticipation, I see that the lovely Pauline of The Contented Crafter has blogged about her Happy Mail, so now I can add a bit, too . . .

This was my first-ever Skype session and was it fun!


Pauline, wearing her purchases . . . you can just see Mr. Orlando on the couch behind her; he slept through the entire chat . . . we’ll meet face to face another time, I’m sure.


My Mum again, talking with Pauline and explaining the ‘bag bag’ which she knitted and especially wanted to send along with the scarves. Mum knitted enough of these to fill a shopping trolley. They are good for organizing shopping bags, kids’ socks or underwear, toys, anything that can be rolled up small or that fits through the opening. What fun it’s been! Sending Happy Mail beats receiving Happy Mail, in my books . . .


I know this is late, but here are some May flowers for your May Day; enjoy!

And another Mumford & Sons song for you, too . . .


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  1. Oh I had to stop by and tell you I saw your scarves Pauline got and they were BEAUTIFUL!!!!! How neat you got to chat with Pauline + so happy to see you got “happy mail”….how fun:-), but snow!!!Oh my goodness, it has been a long winter for everyone. We are about a month behind + I am afraid it will be a long hot summer.
    I love the cottage, looks like a charming place to live:-)
    Happy Mother’s Day from USA…:-)

    • Robbie, I thought for a second that you had actually visited at Pauline’s (and how nice would that be?); then memory kicked in and I recalled that you live somewhere south of me . . . Glad you liked the scarves, though. I am quite pleased with the colours and the patterns both.

      Yes, Happy Mail is wonderful to receive, but even more fun to send! I had a great time packaging that up! It was like Christmas. I only wished I could have done fancier wrapping (not fancy fashionable, I like to use brown paper and hemp or white tissue paper and red or green yarn, then tuck in bunches of evergreen, holly berries, and all that. But not when it has to go through customs . . .)

      I’m worried about a long, hot summer, too. I’d love a cool cottage just like that one, but by the sea for the summers . . . maybe in Ireland or Scotland, eh? Or Tassie, NZ or Australia . . . (yes, Narfie, I do remember that Tassie isn’t its own country; just seems like it somehow) 🙂

      It was a quiet Mother’s Day, but a good one; hope yours was good, too.

      • She posted it on her blog and they were so lovely:-) Do you have your etsy shop on your site. I am responding to your comment in my reader,so I’ll check it out later. I need to visit your shop:-) YOu make lovely scarves:-)

      • Yes, Robbie, I figured it out (aging grey matter takes the blame again . . . lol) I think I do have a link to the store on my front page. If that doesn’t work, search for “Make It Shiny” on the Etsy site. I haven’t added anything for a while; once I got busy with my Aunty again, that took precedence. I need to iron some ribbons and get them in there. Not today, though. 🙂

        Thanks for the compliment on the scarves, too; I had a lot of fun with the dyeing; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My friend’s (Mrs. Crafty) dolls are gorgeous, too. I only have two of them up because that’s all she had at the time. She’s made most of her creations for family.

    • Thanks, Jenn. I do love clouds. That cottage is where Doc Martin and his bride Louisa were meant to spend their wedding night. But fate intervened . . . too funny, really! I love any cottage or house built in that era; likely because many of the houses we lived in when I was growing up were from that time or had been influenced by it.

  2. What a lovely event filled post Linnie! 🙂 Glad you got to chat to Pauline and that you got that gorgeous raven pin. Sometimes you just have to have something…been there…done that :). I am the same with bowls. I always check the thrift shop bowl section and am often rewarded by small hand made pottery bowls that no-one else seems to think worth anything but that are wonderful to me. Guess they were just waiting to come home :). Good share on the bread…always good to know what doesn’t work so we don’t make the same mistakes. Love the images of your sunsets etc and it certainly looks like you have been keeping busy. I have been studying…about cameras… BORING! When I finish…I get…to do it all…over…AGAIN! Sigh…oh well, at least it is keeping me off the streets! Best go check out that new Aussie author, are they a good read? I am fussy about what I read and unless it’s a goodn’ I would rather be baking 😉

    • OH, thank you, Narfie7! It was a wonderful chat. That amulet is so lovely, hand-drawn, not just printed and glued on. I’m not a big jewellery person, as a rule, although I do love dangly earrings. 🙂 But even those have to have meaning of some sort or they just don’t interest me and then don’t get worn.

      Bowl, eh? I wish I could show you some of mine . . . you’d need a bowl just to drool in . . . I was lucky enough to pick up a couple or three small kitchen bowls when I worked at the wee antique store. Nothing like old kitchen ware, so far as I’m concerned, anyway. And hand-made pottery bowls . . . sigh . . .

      As it turned out, that bread was low, but amazingly delicious! I sliced it fairly thinly and buttered it (yes, the B word again!!) and ate three or four slices with my breakfast. Yum!! The last loaf was too moist when it went into the bag, I think, as when I went to start on it, it had turned green and fuzzy. 😦 I’ll be making more Feather bread tomorrow and will eat extra for you, Pauline, and everyone else who can’t/doesn’t eat bread these days.

      I decided to put the sunset pictures into a slideshow to keep them more compact (there were so many!) but also because I like that sense of time-lapse that a slide show gives. I’m with you on learning about cameras (or other techie stuff); it’s not that I can’t get it, I just want to get on with using whatever it is . . . If I’d had to learn to strip a carburettor before I was allowed to drive, I’d still be riding horses. Hmmmmmm……. not sure what’s wrong with that picture . . . 😉 I’m glad there is some reward in all that for you (staying off the streets and all . . .)

      If you like mysteries, especially with a ‘good bad guy’, these are very enjoyable. I think one critic called Wyatt ‘Ned Kelly – like’, which says it all. I love it when I find myself being sympathetic to the bad guy and feeling his pain as he struggles to make a living . . . If you do read a few, let me know what you think, ok? These are not horribly gritty and depressing, as so many mysteries are today, and they aren’t fluff and superficial plots, either. I don’t have much time for any of that. Steve may want a respite . . . or, of course, he may not 🙂 from the baking, I mean (only ONE man with ONE freezer!) Poor guy!

      • Its lovely and rainy here today, not too cold, just right and I am going to spend the WHOLE DAY getting rid of my RSS Feed Reader, Pinning on Pinterest and baking. Couldn’t get much better for this little black duck, hope your weather is improving…it had better, you only have 15 days left till summer!

      • It was trying to be rainy here, but ended up just cloudy, which I love. What a lovely day you must have had! You could write a baking book and called it ‘Baked by Brunhilda’ . . .

        I’m quite happy with coolish weather; not looking forward to the heat at all. We’ve already had it hot enough to leave the balcony doors open most of the day. Soon it will be 24 hours open, barring the big western winds, of course . . .

        I’m old school, so for me, summer begins on the 21st of June and ends on the 21st of September. I don’t care if there’s science to prove it should be otherwise; my mind is made up!!! 🙂 So, in my mind at least, I have over a month to go of what passes for spring here. (actually, it’s not too bad this year; last year we had a snowfall mid-May, but I’m seeing people out there in shorts and tank tops. Not me, yet. I went to the library in jeans, Tshirt, fleece jacket and long unlined poplin-type coat, as usual. Well, I’ve left off a few layers as the temps have risen. And the scarf stayed home.

        Are you counting the days to spring and being back in the garden? I could sure understand it . . . but I’m glad you have indoor things to amuse you, too.

      • I don’t actually like Summer at all so I am quite content to be holed up on Serendipity Farm with Brunhilda. 2 sulking dogs and Stevie-boy :). We have some projects on the rumble including making 2 seating areas (ostensibly dog beds) on either side of Brunhilda. Stevie-boy is making rumbles of buying me a cheap sewing machine which is making me twitch a bit as that means I am going to have to perform when it comes to making cushion covers for the foam that we are going to use for the seats/beds BUT I am up for a challenge and you never know, Narfy might be able to affect a whole new wardrobe of homemade clothes (for “homemade” read mismatched, arms not quite right, no bust pleats so they are tight over the wrong places and when I DO learn how to do bust pleats or darts or whatever they are called (can’t you tell I am NOT a seamstress?) I will add them to the belly region…may as well take advantage of a good idea to the max! I shall forthwith be known as “Crazy bag-lady Narf” and will be able to tick another one off of my bucket list 😉

      • I loved summer on the coast, Narfie; cool mornings, cool evenings and if the day was hot, I’d just lie in the shade for a while. Nothing like the 30+ that we get here, and for days on end. I went to bed with wet hair last night, so closed the balcony doors to keep out any breeqe; then I was wakeful because already it’s warm and stuffy once the sun comes around to the West (we face due West). I’ve been out once today, though and it was simply lovely! My philosopher friend took me to breakfast and is coming back around 2:00ish. We’ll go for a walk or at least be outdoors for a while as we discuss a multitude of topics and solve most of the world’s ills . . . 🙂

        Your seating areas sound wonderful; only if they are dog-beds, where are the Narfie and Stevie lounges going to be?

        I’m excited for you, getting a sewing machine; I’m sure your cushion covers will be gorgeous. But why not use metal mesh? Then Mr. E won’t be so likely to test his teeth on them . . . 🙂

        I wish I had my books all here; I have two or three on making clothes without patterns (from the late 60s/early 70s). Very ethnic, suitable for various climates, etc. And EASY! Of course, if you wear them off the property, expect odd looks and questions . . . or odd looks and a general ‘moving away’ LOL

        I have trouble with darts, too, so I generally choose styles that don’t have any. But I like the old hippie styles, which are more suited to other cultures than to the modern age. Oh, well, I still have all my long dresses and skirts I hand-stitched all those many aeons ago; but of course I need an intensive course of Earl-dragging before those waistlines will fit again. I should have made more gathered clothes, with elastic in all the right places, or maybe just muu-muus (never were my thing, though, alas!)

        We will have our own special ‘bag-lady brigade’, won’t we? More funky than the Red Hat Societies. We shall go shopping in droves; there is more fun in large numbers when one is being bolshie in public. At home, I don’t need large numbers . . .

        I haven’t begun my bucket list yet; I think I’ll wait until I’m middle-aged 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • The narfy and Stevie-boy lounges are in the lounge room. The dogs bagses the seating areas first ;). Metal mesh cushions?!!! Are you German woman?! Next you will have me making rubber cushions (note to self “watch her closely in case she makes ANY sudden moves!” 😉 ). The sewing machine is just a “thought” at the moment but as it was Stevie-boy (the tight) who had said “thought” it might turn into a reality. Funny how Stevie-boys thoughts tend to be somehow more “real” than mine eh? 😉

        I could care less about odd looks. I am an odd sort, odd looks go with the territory ;). Is there no way that one day you could move to the coast Linnie? Perhaps when your mum has passed. A terrible thought I know but one day you will have the ability to move around and work out what is best for you. Not selfish, just honest self preservation and the BEST thing about living near the water is that it gives you back SO generously come the afternoon breezes. And if you are game (and have metal shoes to avoid the oysters on the riverbanks) you can take a swim…might end up glowing in the dark from all of the heavy metals in the river BUT at least I could go to the loo in the night without a torch…BONUS! (there is ALWAYS a silver lining, you just have to go looking for it 😉 )

        My mum was the dart queen…both kinds of darts. I cant “do” darts of any kind. I can’t throw them (without wounding my opponants mortally…) or be doing fathoming where they should go…darts, pleats…ALL the same, material maths BAH HUMBUG! I guess I should grow my “shape” (such that it is) into a kind of tube…that way I wouldn’t need darts/pleats and Bezial and I could wear the same clothes…just sayin’…

        As a teenager I owned a kaftan. I wore that sucker EVERYWHERE and thanks to Demis Rousos I was able to spend an entire summer nice and cool…the next season reverted back to mini skirts…I was again a prisoner in my pants 😉

        I am thinking that we need to organise op/thrift shop tours. Sort of like those Hollywood tours where people drive around in busloads looking at where the rich and famous people live (or died) but it would be more fun and a whole LOT more profitable in the clothing stakes :). I, too, am going to wait till I am middle aged till I start in on my bucket list. The only thing that I have actually written on it so far is “eat your weights worth of tropical fruit in Queensland” and that, my dear, is an entirely possible and probably bucket list item! I think that the next item on the bucket list is “make sure that there is a toilet nearby the next morning”…always best to be practical when making one’s lists 😉

      • I know what you mean about the dogs . . . they seem to always be channelling Archie Bunker . . . oh, well, so long as you and Steve have a place of your own, hopefully somewhat near the fire . . . 🙂

        Way back on my Dad’s side, there is German ancestry; but the peaceloving sort, for which I am grateful. (not that you’d guess, hearing me tease . . .)

        I hope to return to the coast one day; Mum is practical for the most part and I have some of that, too. So I have my ‘Plan B’ for when ‘Plan A’ (what I’m living at the moment) is finished. But there’s no way to know exactly where I’ll end up. Budget will likely have something to do with it. And it’s expensive to move on and off islands. Cost me over $2,000 when I moved my two large truckloads of things from Victoria to the Interior of BC. Likely it would be more now. However, I’m sure not everything’s in keepable condition anymore, so the first thing on the agenda will be getting through it all, discarding some stuff, re-cycling others; possibly selling a few things. Then we’ll see . . . I used to like wading in the ocean and there were a few beaches where the tide went out far enough for the sand to warm up and then when the water came back it was heavenly for swimming . . . I do worry about the radioactive stuff from the Japanese earthquake, though. And of course, our government isn’t telling us if there is any danger and if so, how much. So I’m not even sure I’d eat oysters, mussels, cod, etc. these days. We used to make lovely meals off what we gathered, back in the day . . . Of course, glowing in the dark might be fun, too . . . 🙂

        I can throw darts, but am not very good at it; still, it’s fun . . . sewing darts is something (like zippers) that I avoid when possible. I prefer patterns that don’t use ’em. There are so many lovely ethnic patterns out there that are simple and beautiful Check out FolkWear Patterns if you’re interested at all.

        I never had a kaftan, but I love the look. I worked in a local clothing shop for a few months ’til they closed down, and she had lovely things, of which I bought more than I should have. One set I still wear and love is based on the Indian Shalwar Kameez; a long top with short sleeves, buttoned up the front and with side slits, over loose pants that taper to the ankles. Timeless, comfortable, elegant and stylish. I wore it to work in the summers so I could stay cool in a windowless office in a ‘closed’ building (no windows opened to outdoors).

        Op shop tours would be so much fun! Let me know when the next one leaves; I’ll have to figure out what I did with my StarGate . . .

        AS to eating yoru weight’s worth of fruit, just eat cheese along with it and you’ll be fine. (not sure if vegan cheese does the same jobbie). Or make tea from blackberry leaves or twig ends. Works like a charm . . . 🙂

      • I am officially knackered and haven’t got the chutzpah to do this lovely comment any justice. We have been working on our studies most of the day (when I wasn’t off gallivanting around doing lunch with ladies) in order to get them done and dusted so we can have a few weeks off. How is your gorgeous Bavarian going? I have some lovely dusky grey/mauve wool that I am going to attempt to crochet Bavarian style. It’s only acrylic but it is a lovely colour. I am enjoying getting back into crocheting but as I really only have the time at the end of the day I usually fall fast asleep by the end of the first row so it’s pretty slow going ;). Op shop tours should be compulsory…I know lots of people who would love the opportunity to go on op shop tours and who would benefit from a good day out of communal bargain hunting and thrifting 🙂

        Great idea about the sea by the way. I can see you wading in the rock pools now. If Canadian water is anything like the Canadian mainland you may just need snow boots to wade BUT at least the desire to wade is there ;).

      • Sorry this is so late; I’ve not had much energy lately, but lots of things that needed doing. Hope to catch up with comments today and tomorrow.

        My aqua and white Bavarian is nearly done. I started it Wednesday the 4th morning early and was close to finished by the following Wed evening, but have only done a few stitches since I returned up to Mum’s. I’m looking forward to seeing yours. Once you get one done, they go very quickly. And, of course, you can keep going ’til you have something large enough for two to snuggle under . . . I can relate to your falling asleep by the end of the day; especially after your epic raking . . . I’d be in bed for a week, I’m sure!

        I love the sea! Much of our coastline is pretty rocky, but there are always coves with small pebbles or sand. Wherever it’s shallow and goes out a long way, the sand/rocks heat in the sun and then it’s lovely and bath-like for dabbling about it or even just lying in the water feeling the returning tide wash over you . . . Some places and much of the year it IS pretty chilly, though. 🙂 But once you’re a bit blue, it’s ok. Remember when you were a kid? Mine would play in the water ’til they were blue and not want to come out; then it would take a bit of time by the fire to warm them up again . . .

      • Yeah, with you on the “blue” I could never get my kids out of the water till well after the blue stage and you had to rug them up well to get that circulation going again 🙂 Hope you are feeling ok soon. I had Stevie-boy for 4 days and we got HEAPS done here so I am feeling good about the place for once. Lots of plans to get heaps more done on weekends now so fingers crossed narf7’s frustrations are a thing of the past 🙂

      • Awesome you are getting so much done, and in ‘winter’, too . . . Am feeling better, but quite frustrated by various impediments to a free and bolshie life. 🙂 However, as they say, this too shall pass . . .

  3. Lovely post Linne 🙂 So nice you got to Skype with the lovely Pauline! And I also enjoyed seeing photos of your Mum, she looks a sweetie and I to admired her white hair – I hope my hair goes that colour as I age rather than dark grey. White hair is so pretty. Lovely photos as always and I hope you enjoy your amulet, very nice 🙂

    I once had a dream about Odin and two ravens, a really weird dream. Funny thing was I had never heard of them (was only young) and though the dream stuck with me it was many years later I found all sorts of stuff about both.

    Have a nice day Linne 🙂

    • It was very nice and extremely exciting, too! My Mum is a sweetie, and feisty as her sister (I think that’s the secret to living long and well, actually). I love her hair colour and am glad mine has followed suit, although hers used to be a gorgeous dark Irish Setter red and mine was just a nondescript mousy medium brown. I like mine better now, really. I would have been happy with dark grey, I think, but white goes with everything, really.

      I’m waiting on getting some black rat-tail to re-string the amulet, then I’ll be wearing it all the time. (if you don’t know, rat-tail is round leather lace. I tie it with two knots, each end tied around the long part of the other end (if that makes sense). Then I can slide the two knots closer together to lengthen the overall necklace, or slide them apart to shorten it.

      I love the stories about Odin and his ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). Back when my eldest was a baby we had a very hard winter with four feet of snow and couldn’t forage for mushrooms, clams, etc. Ravens guided my boy’s Dad to a place where he got a deer, then later another. that got us through the hard bit. So I’ve always been grateful to them. And, of course, with Mum’s parents being Norwegians, I have a traditional connection, too. I think there is a connection on my Dad’s side as well.

      Your dream sounds very interesting. I’ve noticed that the important ones do stick. I had my first of that sort wh4en I was nearly twelve and knew nothing at all about dreams and dreaming. But I still remember it as if I’d woken up from it this morning.

      We have a long weekend coming up; don’t know if you do, too, or not. Either way, hope it’s a good one for you two. ~ Linne

      • It always fascinated me to have dreamt of something I had never heard of in my life to find out many years later there were characters of mythology. Strange! And a neat story you have of them too Linne.

        Enjoy your amulet, so nice to have.
        I look forward to chatting on Skype when I eventually get sorted with a working microphone!

      • That will be such fun, Wendy! Let me know when you are ready and we’ll schedule a time.

        I’ve had ravens as part of my life until I moved here; they don’t like cities, so here I make do with my cousins the crows and magpies . . . I remember being out in the forests on the West Coast, absolute silence except for wee sounds of wind in the cedars and the like; then the soft, unmistakeable rush of a raven’s wings as it passes overhead. Unforgettable!

  4. It is so lovely to see some pics of your mum on your blog Linne – I so enjoyed meeting with her – and I love that she has long white hair! I can see where you get your style from! I was a bit annoyed with myself when it was all over and done and there I was without any photos again – while you had been happily clicking away throughout the call, I just forget to take photos – most of my life has gone completely undocumented! The scarves are still hanging on my coat rack where they look very elegant and pretty. They may stay there for a while so I can continue to admire them. I have filled up your mums bag with the random grocery bags that had been stuffed into an old plastic bag and hung on the back of my bakers rack in the kitchen. It is so much tidier and more attractive and now when I need one they are there. 🙂 The Canada bag went to the Organic Shop with me this evening to carry my veg home in. The chocolates were delicious 🙂 The pencil is sitting on my desk waiting to be sharpened and the crafty bits have been stored appropriately for future use. I started work today on the covers for the Organisers. – now there is progress!

    I love your amulet necklace – well done for gifting yourself some Happy Mail! I have no idea what the patch is doing – is it a an old sweater you are turning into something else or are you going all Bohemian and wearing colourful patchwork clothes?

    Thank you once again for your so lovely and generous gift – I hope your shop will have lots of customers and many people get to enjoy your lovely scarves. xoxo

    • Hi, Pauline! Sorry my replies are so long in coming; been busier than usual with my Aunty and time on the computer has to be synced with Mum’s schedule, so has been a bit limited. Mum loved talking with you, too. I have to laugh at that ‘long white hair’, though; I think of that length as short, myself. 🙂 Mine is very straggly, as I’m very bolshie about cutting or even trimming, so the longest few bits reach to my waist. Talk about looking like a bag lady . . . that would be me . . . Mum had the most gorgeous dark red hair when she was young, about the colour of an Irish setter. Wish I’d inherited that, I can tell you! I took quite a few pictures and when I get a few minutes am planning to email them to you, then you can pick and choose. I also got video of you and Mum chatting . . .

      I loved talking with you; my first ever Skype call and it went so well. It was wonderful seeing you and hearing your voice.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the scarves. I think hanging them and being able to look at them is a great idea. I have my ‘stock’ hanging from coat hangers (the fat plastic ones) on a door where I see them every day. 🙂 I let Mum know that you’re using and enjoying her ‘bag bag’; she was delighted.

      Nice the rest was pleasing, too. I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys, just choosing what to tuck in. Now I feel that bits of my life are part of yours and that is so nice. I still have to share about the pencil. Not a lot, but they caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing the Organizers . . .

      The amulet is lovely, very light, too. I haven’t got the leather rattail yet, so still have to wear it. I bought copies of Sarah’s colouring book for my grandkids, too; you pay once and then can download as often as you like. Great for kidlets of a colouring age. And it’s all farm related.

      Have done a wee bit more on the patches; but not enough to share. I have, instead, begun another project (you’re beginning to know me now, aren’t you?) and will be sharing some pictures soon. 🙂 I have to work on something fairly simple when I’m visiting with my Aunty, so anything with complications or designing needed is out. Your guess is quite warm, though . . . 😉

      You are more than welcome; your mentoring has meant a lot to me, also your friendship. It will be nice if others like them enough to buy, too. We’ll see . . . Hugs to you, my friend. xoxoxoxoxox 😉 ~ Linne

      • Good to hear from you – I was wondering if all was well with your aunt. I shall look forward to seeing those photos when you get the chance…. Hope your weather is warming up!

    • I think he kept a pretty close watch on everything actually Sharon – he started out on the back of the chair and moved onto the seat at some point. Not quite as fast asleep as he was pretending!! 🙂

      • I wondered if Mr. O was a bit disappointed that there was nothing for him . . . I hope he forgives me. I was worried about not getting that package in the mail for so long as it was. Give him a gentle hug from me, will you?

      • Do not fret yourself Linne – the boy did not miss out! A few days ago I found him stuffed neatly into your box [which I had foolishly left sitting on the floor of my craft room] I say ‘neatly’ but quite a bit of him hung over the sides and you couldn’t actually see much box – I burst out laughing and he just glared at me – I wish I had remembered the camera!

    • There were a few glitches, Sharon, where the picture froze for a couple of seconds or the sound skipped a bit. Didn’t help that my manners were forgotten in the excitement and I kept talking over Pauline, then stopping her to ask what she’d just said. There’s a bit of lag at times; not unexpected, considering the distance and all . . . What a difference to see and hear someone in real time! I highly recommend it to everyone!

      I thought maybe Mr. O was ignoring me because there was no enticing treat for him in the package. Another time, though . . . 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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