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Damn the Matrix

I have been asked by several people now to write about the efficient use of firewood as an energy source.  I’m a firm believer that as we approach the looming mother of all energy crises, anyone thinking ahead of the pack should be seriously considering their options regarding the ways they will keep warm (especially in cool climates), make hot water, and cook.  I regard firewood as being one of the most serious options out there.  Solar is still the best, because the sun is free…. but unless you have gone to as much trouble as I have to design a lifestyle around solar, you will find the limitations of renewables pretty quickly.

ERoEIchartSo, why firewood?  Just look at the chart at left….  Firewood’s ERoEI is better than imported oil, wind, gas, nuclear, solar PV, and bio fuels.

Firewood is a renewable resource.  It grows on trees!  It’s more…

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