Day One – I Blame Dani! ;-)

Two weeks of casual work =

The Finishing Edge:

(because there was only this much yarn left):

I hacked off half the length of most of the branches of the Happy Hibiscus recently (it was getting so large, it blocked a fair bit of the left sliding door). In return, at the end of one of the untouched branches, I found this:

Today, it looks like this:



. . . and this is why I blame Dani (of ‘Teddy and Tottie’ the Bavarian crochet tutorial fame):

This morning early, I finished the rose afghan and started an aqua one . . .

Anyone else on their second? (not you, Dani šŸ™‚ )


12 thoughts on “Day One – I Blame Dani! ;-)

  1. Oooohhhh! I’ve never had my name in a blog post heading before! Thanks so much Linne and sorry I’m so late in getting to this lovely post. Life has been more than hectic! Your pink and white Bavarian blanket (afghan) is stunning! And, yes, they don’t call Bavarian crochet The Wool Eater for nothing – it churns through balls and balls of wool in no time, doesn’t it? You won’t believe – I’m making an aqua and white Bavarian at the moment, too. The colours just look lovely together, don’t they. I’m sorry to have taken you away from your amazing fair isle knitting projects, but so thrilled you’ve embraced Bavarian crochet with gusto! I hope you and your lovely family and friends are well, Linne. Many thanks again, Dani xoxoxoxoxox

    • I’m sort of chuckling here, Dani! Since I was ‘blaming’ you at the time šŸ™‚

      Life’s been hectic here, too and in between tasks I’ve been trying to re-charge a bit so I don’t get too stressed and then ‘implode’, which is not a good habit, but it happens. I’ve been using those huge balls of Red Heart; not sure if you have that there, but one of each colour makes a pretty large afghan. If I turn it cornerwise, it comes from my ankles to my neck! Another couple of balls and I’d have one worthy of a double bed. I do love the aqua and white. More on that in my next post. Soon, I’m hoping. We’re all doing fine for now; thanks for the thought. Hugs to you, too, Dani. I just printed out your Bavarian instructions for Mrs. Crafty, who crochets up a storm. She’s pretty excited about a new pattern!! Once she has something done, I’ll take photos for you. You may want to mark on a map where your pattern is living . . . šŸ™‚

  2. Now you are just showing off! I haven’t even started my first one yet (but at least now if I come to grief and get bamboozled I can ask you rather than Ms Teddy/Tottie šŸ˜‰ ). Love that aqua one. I am not a great fan of pink unless it is very VERY pale pastel but that aqua is gorgeous. I have some soft grey lavender wool all ready for my own touch of the exotic…Earl has approved it and promises not to eat it (yet) so as soon as I finish this double thick afghan that I am making at the moment for my poor frozen legs in my early morning ventures into the vernacular I am ONTO it. Love that hibiscus. If you can grow hibiscus in frigid Canada, I can grow one here! You have given me new hope šŸ™‚

    • Showing off? You haven’t seen the worst yet, my friend! I’m like you on pink, although I tend more towards the hot pink / magenta sorts most of the time. Just not the washed out ‘baby girl’ pinks, as a rule. Your grey lavender sounds most intriguing. Hibiscus generally are outdoor plants/shrubs, but that’s in more temperate climes . . . mine has been indoors except for summers for the past 20 years more or less. I had one with lovely yellow blooms, too; I got them at the same time from a wee farm stand; not sure what happened to it; probably I dried it out once to often. You’ll have no trouble growing them, either, although I’d bring it indoors in winter there, too. ~ Linne

      • Not sure I would want to risk the “Earl Factor” when it came to indoor plants. He was entirely unpleasant to the potted babies that we had on the deck using them for target practice and alternating knocking them off the deck and eating them. I fear an hibiscus wouldn’t last long but I can live vicariously through your potted baby whenever you share about it :). The lavender grey colour is very pretty but I still haven’t finished the thick serviceable afghan for my knees yet although I am on the home stretch. I could have done with it this morning as it’s 1C at the moment!

      • I’ve had cats like that . . . The Happy Hibiscus is having its best year ever and I’ve had it since 1001 or ’92. Posted some photos just now, along with a post to make yours look positively abbreviated . . . just catching up after a month of not much from me. Sometimes I just don’t know where to quit . . .

        Hope you are on to the lavender grey by now. Am looking forward to seeing both yours, too. Photos of my current progress was included in the post today.

        1C!!! However do you manage? (snicker, snicker) Sorry, just can’t help myself. Still, I remember how chilly it can be when there’s humidity involved. So all the best on the afghan.

    • Easy, honest! One stick and a piece of string . . . My Mum and her sisters learned by the time they went to school; I learned at about age 9 or 10. So you can do it. I’d say begin with one of those dishcloths; they work no matter what and make great bath scrubbies, too. When you find where you put your spare time, please send me some; I’m feeling like I need a week extra every week. Oh, well . . . Hugs to you, too. ~ Linne

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