An Ode to the Millennials

Haven’t taken this test yet, but will do soon. In the meantime, I thought some of you might enjoy this. ~ Linne

5 thoughts on “An Ode to the Millennials

  1. I am not so worried about the Millennials, they are the hipsters of today BUT I am more concerned about the kids that are reaching maturity right now. Text heads…people who rely completely on social media and the internet for everything and who can’t see how problematic this reliance is should “something” shut down the matrix. If everything…EVERYTHING is online, who has the power in this situation? When you don’t actually have money in your pockets because the banks no longer issue currency (just about to lose our 5c coin here) and everything is conducted straight from a card, or more likely, through your phone, what happens when someone decides to hijack the phones or start putting conditions on things? Once society hands over their own personal power and their ability to hold their own worth “someone else” is in charge of their life and THAT is scary to the point of being terrifying. That’s what is happening with our younger generation who see technology as the only answer and who put so much faith in it. I asked my niece who stayed with us the other day if she had antivirus software on her phone and she looked at me like I was mad. She spent 3/4’s of the time she was here with us (3 days) on her phone. Unprotected. Makes you think doesn’t it? If a society is so reliant on technology, whoever controls that technology…controls the world. Orwell anyone?

    • Have you been poking around in my murky mind again? I was talking to a 16 year old the other day who has moved out of home (for good reason when it comes to her alcoholic mother, but not when it’s her grandparents, who are fairly young and gave her only a handful of rules). She felt the courts shouldn’t order her father to pay support to her, but also that she is owed (didn’t say why) by society, as ‘we’ have wrecked the world for her and her generation. She was going on about taxation making us all slaves; no suggestion as to how we would pay for hospitals, roads, etc. if there were no taxes. Not that I think it’s the best system, either, but if you want to rip something apart, at least have a better plan in mind first, eh?

      We are so on the same page when it comes to the ‘cloud’ and all that technology. It’s one thing for me; I grew up without all that, and for many years without power, running water, indoor plumbing, etc. I know how to start a fire without matches, could make soup in a moose or deer stomach if pressed, and so on and on . . . I can make a serviceable shelter, weave cloth, stitch moccasins, tan hides (not perfectly, but I’d master it soon enough), etc. So if my smartphone dies and I’m suddenly offline permanently, big deal; I’ll go back to life as ‘normal’. Only fly in my ointment is living in a less than hospitable environment and having my basic stuff so far away. It would take me months to make that trip on foot, I think (over a thousand miles and one has to eat on the way).

      The phones and data are already being hijacked and who knows the perpetrators? However, it’s possible to change identities, take only cash or goods and get by that way. Orwell, indeed . . . I still remember how anxious many of us were as we approached 1984 . . . and we were right. Not to mention ‘Big Brother’ watching us, eh? CCTV everywhere and we are being tracked on Facebook, through email, etc. I’m quite sure my name is on a watch list or two; partly ’cause I haven’t held back much when slagging our current government, Monsanto, et al . . .

      • Cash is useless unless a monetary system is still in place. Knowledge and skills are what get you through and sadly, that’s something that only crazy preppers and we, the elders ( πŸ˜‰ ) can be bothered to learn. You were talking to a 16 year old though and didn’t we ALL know how to fix the worlds problems at 16? πŸ˜‰

      • Again, I agree . . . And although I was naΓ―ve in many ways at 16, I did have a better handle on fixing the world than this girl has today. But then, I read a lot, and a lot of it history going back to pre-Egyptian empire. And I’m that sort of thinker anyways, which helps.

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