Freeconomics and Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

This is for those who won’t have seen it on my friends’ blogs. Giving without expectation, knowing that we will receive what we need when the time comes; what more could we want?
I LOVE this! ~ Linne


I just finished reading Mark Boyle’s book The Moneyless Man and found it hugely inspiring. Mark was an economics graduate and businessman who discovered Ghandi. Ghandhi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world” became the ethos by which he began to live and Mark started a Freeconmic movement, one in which members gave freely to those in need. This movement operates in over 150 countries around the world in town and city communities. The Freeconomic Movement operates on a Pay-It-Forward ethos. As he puts it in his speech (linked below) “For thousands of years we have been looking at life through a lens of “What can I take”. Imagine on a table in front of you there are different lens and we take off our old and put on a new one of “What can I give?”

“Imagine a world where we can give without expectation of…

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11 thoughts on “Freeconomics and Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

  1. I reblogged it as well Linnie. A perfect example of how we SHOULD be living. Giving out always results in something flowing in to fill that generosity gap. Its the way of the world, it’s a natural cycle as nature HATES an imbalance. If you are generous and you give, when you need something the universe will provide. I am as scientific as the next bodger but this is one time when I just so happen to agree with the woo-woo people. It really is true. Generosity is it’s own good deed 🙂

    • I hope that post goes viral. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the Seven Deadly Sins, why they were so important to know about (and avoid) and why we have suddenly begun to think them desirable traits . . . whatever happened to the pursuit of virtue (and I don’t mean adolescent boys, either 🙂 )

      You are right about giving attracting what we need in turn. I’m glad you agree with us ‘woo-woo’ people. 🙂 I’d like you anyway, mind; nothing like a good bolshie friend or ten . . . I have to admit, some of the ‘woo-woo’ stuff puts me off . . . too much fad, too little thought and often no self-discipline, in thought or action.

      • Woo-woo has it’s place but I like the here and now and using my senses to make sense of the world. Can’t stand people who manipulate others to advance their own cause…we Aussies have a “syndrome” called the tall poppy syndrome. We are reasonably classless here and want to keep it that way. Whenever someone starting thinking that they are pretty special and starts telling everyone else how amazing they are we tend to cut them off (like a tall poppy 😉 ). Not that people shouldn’t aspire to greatness, just don’t tell everyone about how amazing you are…if you really are amazing we are going to notice it anyway 😉 I note here that most people that tell other people how fantastic they are, really aren’t all that fantastic 😉

      • I love ‘tall poppie3s’ when it’s the flower, but feel as you do about people who self-dramatise; I agree that few, if any, of them actually do anything worth the trumpeting. Reasonably classless is good, I think. We all have strengths and weaknesses and I see no need to try and make us all into Barbie and Ken, who then work in the factory making things so they can afford to buy those things, then discard them to make room for more things . . . Back to the Forest and the Field and down with the Factory! On the other hand, maybe we need to keep the Factory going so there is somewhere to put all the Barbies and Kens . . . 😉

      • Just got in from walking Earl with Jan, Peter, Mieka AND fatty Bezial 🙂 Peter is walking him for me daily now so he is no longer a sad sack (think eeyore with long black fur) any more :), made my buckwheat porridge with cinnamon and ginger, maple peanut butter and coconut cream for Breakfast and am settling down ready to start on my studies so thus, I am PROCRASTINATING HUGELY!!! 😉

      • OH, here, let me help you with that . . . 🙂 If there’s one thing I get, it’s procrastination! As a matter of fact, I could be packing right now, or doing the laundry or shopping so I could take it easier tomorrow, but nope! I’m on the computer . . . so those will wait for tomorrow. I think I’m Scarlett O’Hara reincarnated . . . 🙂

      • Here, I’ll help you more . . . that breakfast sounds simply delish and I think I will come see you as soon as my ship arrives (actually somewhat after that, but you get what I mean, eh?) I’ve been subtly promoting for all us Villagers to move to Tassie and then we can secede and form our own country. We’ll have to chuck out a few current residents, no doubt. The flag will feature a little black duckie, I think.

      • More help is on the way . . . let Mr. B know that I adore Eeyore and will adore him, too; even if he is no longer a sad sack. How nice of Peter to walk him. Good friends are such treasures, aren’t they?

      • I forgot to add; I think that should be “Freakonomics” in the good old sense of the word ‘Freak’. Before your time, I know . . .

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