7 thoughts on “Recall America!

  1. Back when I was a crowd controller (door bitch in old terms 😉 ) I ws taught that in a situation a guard may draw a weapon “not disproportionate to the act” if in a situation. Translated, if I’m faced with an agressor I may NOT pull a gun or knife with which to defend myself. Fist fight? I can use fists or a step up to protect myself. Guns trump all other weapons and when someone pulls them at the first sign of aggression it’s just ridiculous. I think hand guns are actually a sign of weaness. If you feel the need to carry one then perhaps its because you don’t feel adequate without it. Work on adequacy, not weaponry.
    I LOVE this cartoon by the way. It epitomises just what is wrong with our society. Perception of what is wrong is what is wrong!

    • I just had to laugh at the thought of you as a crowd controller . . . I like that rule. Thing with guns is that they are effective when used out of range of self defence. At least with fists, knives or clubs, one has a chance of defence. A good course in a martial art or at least self-defence is very effective. I did some a few years back and can put a man on the ground, given half a chance. Good to know, anyway.

      Love your conclusion! We need to ‘repent’, which actually means ‘re-think’ or ‘think again’. Not enough thinking going on these days, or at least not enough of the right sort. The sort that asks why and questions assumptions.

    • Not to mention that we want to wrap the kids in cotton wool and hardly let them move, to keep them safe, then we think it’s ok to arm ’em, send ’em off to war or just onto the streets to kill. What’s wrong with that picture, eh?

  2. AMEN! Good luck getting the rabid gun toters (lol…spell check just wanted me to change this to “rabid gun otters” 😉 ) to agree. The son-and-heirs partners uncle just got shot in a bar-room fight a few weeks ago and is in hospital (in a stable condition now). When it is so easy to just pull a gun out of your waistband in the heat of passion you are going to suffer the consequences as a society that is SO liberal with guns and “rights to bear arms” what a bloody stupid concept! NO-ONE should have the right to carry something that they could kill someone else with as a “right!” mental stuff…Americans are mental! I don’t care if I upset any gun toting followers that you have Linnie. Fear breeds fear and scaring the masses into thinking that they NEED a gun to protect themselves is just a way for a select few to hoard weapons of mass destruction passionate gun collecters and users are like arsonists in my mind…the have something in their heads that causes them to lust after guns which shouldn’t be encouraged. Something that we, the rest of the world, keep hearing is bad news for us all so why oh WHY is it a case of “Do what we say, NOT what we do” when it comes to America eh?

    • Gun otters, eh? that’s anew one for me . . . scary to have that sort of violence just a couple of degrees away from you, isn’t it? We have a few gun collectors in the family and I don’t mean antiques . . . Trouble is, when I think of living in the country on my own, I no longer feel safe. Too many meth labs, gangsters, etc. And then there are the city thugs who think it funny to victimize old ladies alone in the wilds. I start thinking of that and two big dogs are my first thought, then I start thinking of guns . . . crazy, I know. That’s where fear leads us, though. I have to say, if I had livestock, I’d have a rifle. Sometimes you need to put an animal down in a hurry and it’s not fair to let them suffer for hours while you try to get a vet out. Not my thing, but I’d do it if need be . . . Handguns are another thing, though, and we won’t talk about the stupid fad for heavy duty military guns . . . the world seems to be populated half by people who think it’s meant to be Disneyland and half by people who think they are living through a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion or something. I want an island set aside for people like me to just go and live out our lives making, growing and generally enjoying their days . . . is that too much to ask? We wouldn’t need a very big island, after all . . . Tassie comes to mind, somehow 😉

      Don’t worry about my followers; any friends are like-minded; the others will be best served with honesty from those of us who think for ourselves.

      And yes, I agree with that sort of superior thinking that people have who think they are entitled to lay down the law to others, then break same with impunity themselves. Oh, if only we ran the world, eh? Except, honestly, I don’t want to run the world. Just have it get on with something good and let me be.

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