The Empress Hotel’s Scones

From a lovely hotel in Victoria, where I lived for many years. Never had the tea at the Empress, though. Maybe next time I’m there. Those of you who don’t use wheat may find a way to substitute for it. Hope so, anyway. ~ Linne

11 thoughts on “The Empress Hotel’s Scones

  1. I no longer follow Korenas blog because I want to fit through the doorway (even if it IS only sideways). Her recipes are AMAZING aren’t they? I love scones. So easy to make but even easier to eat and at the moment I have to shift 10kg that found their way onto my frame “miraculously” over the past 4 or so months so scones are strictly for eye pleasure at the moment 😉

    • Lucky me, I can read those lovely recipes and not even think of making most of them. 🙂 I’m a pretty plain cook except when cooking for company, which I haven’t done for some years now. Besides, I already am worried about doorways . . . 😉

      I need to shift a fair bit myself, I’m finding it helpful to eat a large breakfast with a good portion of protein; I don’t feel hungry all day and not at all inclined to snack. I can’t believe you put on even an ounce, considering your garden, the raking, the dog dragracing and all that.

      I loved this post mostly because I’m quite familiar with the Empress, although I never had the money and clothes for the fancy tea. Maybe next time I’m in Victoria . . . I know people go in casual clothes, but I’m old-fashioned about some things and feel a tea like that deserves at least a decent dress.

      • Too true! Dressing up to go out for high tea would be a really good reason to dress up 🙂 The ceremony of it all would call for something special and a pinky finger raising as well :). I eat like a horse and just have to make sure that the amount that I eat is filled with green stuff (just like a horse 😉 ) more than the other, more tasty (and door filling) stuff ;). Hard to do when it is cold outside and you are firmly welded inside for the duration ;). Just found an awesome site for Canadian lentils yesterday and pinned most of the recipes for all kinds of awesome lentil things. Chef Michael Smith (he of the little Gabe and his peas fame 😉 ) is a really awesome chef that we used to watch his TV show as he was into cooking healthy things and he has designed most of the recipes (along with other contributors) for this site. Excellent site but took me away from my RSS Feed Reader…AGAIN… 😉 )

      • Pinky raising, for sure! 🙂 When thinking about my 95% introvert status one day, I began thinking about the corollary; my 5% extravert and that led to thinking about how I could take care of that bit, too . . . so things like dressing up once in a couple of months and doing high tea or the equivalent seemed called for. If things ever settle down, I’m planning to finish painting a couple of my trays and then have a properly set lunch every day. We’ll see . . . plans like that go aft agley, I find 😉

        I’ve been using green powder in my smoothies pretty much every day, along with whey powder, nutritional yeast and the like. I’m moving toward eating more greens and veg in general, but it takes planning and careful execution. Not easy with my current schedule. And I love the door-filler stuff, too. Dad, isn’t it? But oh, so good on the tongue . . . I suppose your new water tank will be a great motivator, just in case you need to get in there again and look for fishies or the like . . .

        Haven’t made it to Pinterest for a while and I bet you can guess why . . . if the Bavarian is a yarn-eater, the Pinterest is a life-eater! But now I’ll have to check out those recipes. I do like lentils, especially that ‘risi e bisi’ that I posted about some months ago now.

        Distractions abound, don’t they? So much fun, though . . . until the consequences show up at the door . . . with their clubs . . .

      • Good luck to the consequences, I am too busy to let them in 😉 Oh…and Earl and Bezial are guarding the door for me! 😉

      • Yup, soon to be Bert and Ernie WITH doggy coats knitted by moi in the style of Bert and Ernies jumpers 😉

      • Do take a photo before Mr. Ernie checks for edibility of said jumpers . . . Have you thought of crocheting them? Might be faster . . .

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