Would this work in your country? one prison in Brazil allows inmates to pedal on exercise bikes to power lights in a nearby town in exchanged for reduced sentences

Not only a good idea, one with potential for instigating lasting reform. I’ve heard of families with bicycles like this to power the tv; if the kids wanted to watch a program, they had to pedal for it. No more couch potatoes. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ Linne

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As with all prison labor, this may not be a good ideaโ€“but then again. ย What do you believe?

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10 thoughts on “Would this work in your country? one prison in Brazil allows inmates to pedal on exercise bikes to power lights in a nearby town in exchanged for reduced sentences

  1. I like but I too fear the potential misuse. Why don’t gymnasiums hook up their treadmills and cross trainers, bikes and rowing machines to generate power. Any power generated that is excess to that the machine is using could be sold back to the gyms for credits and the gyms could then sell back to the grid.

    • Every home should have one hooked up to the computer, the telly, etc. The kids could stay fit and earn their telly time and all . . . not to mention the parents . . . And that’s a great idea for using exercise equipment for the common good . . .

  2. I am a bit suspicious of things like this. Hopefully the reduced sentences are only for prisoners with light convictions! When we start to accept prison labour will it bleed to other vulnerable areas of society like the unemployed and the poor? When we start “harmlessly” exchanging labour we need to make sure that what we are offering in return is worth their time. I agree that prisoners should be repaying a debt to society BUT so long as this mentality doesn’t get taken up by some bright spark in government and seen as a good way to reintroduce a kind of slavery for the poor and the endebted…you guys already have minimum wages that are too low to live on.

    • You raise some interesting questions, Narfie. I think if it is seen as giving prisoners a chance to contribute to the welfare of society as a whole and to find a meaningful place in it, there might be good reason for it. Same would go for having them learn to garden and then donate the produce (first to the prison kitchens, of course) to a local food bank, soup kitchen or the like. Rehabilitation is possible for many, if it’s done with a good attitude. If it’s only punishment, not much will come of it, I think.

      You are so right about minimum wages. Seems to me we’ve found a way to re-introduce slavery, but without having the responsibility of providing housing, food, etc. Sad, eh?

      • The worst thing is that most prisoners are better off than the homeless in the U.S. ! At least they get fed and a roof over their head! As you say, it could be the making of some of these guys but surely there could be programs put into place to help the homeless and welfare recipients to learn trades, how to garden etc. BEFORE they end up in prison (as slaves)???

      • Oh, I so agree with you, Narfie, that we should fix things before there is a problem! When people lived in small tribes and villages, these things were self-correcting for the main part. Our groups are just too large and unmanageable these days. And we move around so much we don’t have lasting affiliations, sometimes not even with family. So we have no reason to do better. Ah, well, self-correcting soon, I expect.

      • We are so fragmented as a society and everything is about “me” these days and satisfying the wants of the individual over the needs of the masses. Pretty soon that kind of mentality will not be able to be “enjoyed” and we will be forced back to cohabit with our family in larger groups and have better relationships with our neighbours and those that live and work close to us. Can’t be a bad thing in my mind ๐Ÿ™‚ A case where taking a step backwards is actually preferable and better for us than moving forwards methinks

      • Balance is so hard to manage, isn’t it? Individually and collectively. Suppose that’s why we are here, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚
        Back to family and small tribes and then we need to learn to work together instead of just fighting over whatever . . .
        You are such a bolshie Babe, my friend! and I love it!!

      • A very busy (stuffed to the back gills with buckwheat DELICIOUS cereal), rugged up to the nines and STILL procrastinating about starting those studies…) friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

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