Magic Words

Well worth reading, especially if you are thinking of giving up . . .
The final line is worth memorizing:
A champion is not one who never fails, but one who never quits.
~ Linne

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
June 16, 2014

In 1962, four nervous young musicians played their first record audition for the executives of the Decca recording company.  The executives were not impressed.  While turning down this group of musicians, one executive said, “We don’t like their sound.  Groups of guitars are on the way out.”  The group was called The Beatles.

In 1944, Emmeline Snively, director of the Blue Book Modeling Agency, told modeling hopeful Norma Jean Baker, “You better learn secretarial work or else get married.”  She went on to become Marilyn Monroe.

In 1954, Jimmy Denny, manager of the Grand Ole Opry, fired a singer after one performance.  He told him, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere…son.  You ought to go back to drivin’ a truck.”  He went on to become the most popular singer in America named Elvis Presley.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, it did not ring…

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5 thoughts on “Magic Words

  1. You are SO right! The people who forge ahead regardless with tenacity and a stubborn (some might say “bolshie” ) refusal to believe other people’s negativity “DO”. A lovely post full of hope and possibility Linnie 🙂

    • Who would say ‘bolshie’, Narfie? 😉 I’ve let other people’s negativity stop me many a time; but sometimes I’ve just ploughed ahead and it’s always been worth it. And I feel I have to balance the fear and anxiety of the general ‘news’ these days with something positive; it’s there, but we have to look for it and then remember to keep it in focus. So easy to be overwhelmed by the negative. Glad you like this, Narf7.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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