Happy Mail! and Progress

IMG_6906 IMG_6913 IMG_6934

I’ve been working pretty steadily on the multi-coloured Bavarian Afghan, which is going to be pretty big. Thanks to not being able to get more of this yarn in white, I’ve done nothing more on the afghans for the grandkidlets. While I’ve been crocheting, I’ve been thinking about what I will do with my ‘stuff’. A bit of progress there, too. more on that another day . . .

It’s been a rather challenging time, so I will draw a kind curtain over the last few days . . . as the old novels used to say.

Today, I was watching the supper news with my Aunty and crocheting, when there came a knock at the door . . . and there was my Mum, who had just gone down to see if there was any mail. And there was! for me, no less!! I was SO puzzled! And then I saw the return address . . .


Yes, it was from the Contented Crafter, the lovely Pauline! Still puzzled (forgive me, Pauline, my memory isn’t the best when I’ve been stressed), I tried to open the envelope. Too tough. My Aunty dug out her all-purpose scissors and that was that!




A card with my favourite image . . . I LOVE that chair! In fact, it was that chair that brought me into Pauline’s orbit way back. sigh . . .

But that wasn’t all . . . now I remembered! My organizer!! Just what I need!!

 IMG_6939 IMG_6940

For some reason, wordpress is acting up and my screen keeps going blank, so please forgive the upside down photos; I’ve been struggling to get this put together and am running out of time. I’m SO glad I chose the “Choose Joy!” cover; I need to be reminded a wee bit just now and this will help every day. Serendipity, always perfect!

  IMG_6942 IMG_6943 IMG_6944

Beautiful inside, too . . . with lovely handy pockets . . .


Don’t know if these will be very clear, but on the left is a Pegasus, one of my favourite images (I think Pauline has a magical way to her; either that or she’s been inside my head of late . . .)  On the right is a lovely raven that looks just as I imagine Odin’s ravens to look. And if it’s not a raven, don’t bother to enlighten me 🙂  Also a sweet wee heart that is stamped ‘made with love’.

Pauline, thank you so, So much! I adore my organizer and I promise to use it well!

Big hugs (on the warm side; we nearly got to +30 over the past couple of days. And along with the hugs, much love and many blessings; you deserve lots and lots and lots!

The same to each of my readers, too . . . you are in my thoughts every day.

An old folk song for you who like them: Runrig, of course!

And my current favourite – I nearly have the chorus memorized: “‘Ic Iain ‘Ic Sheumais


10 thoughts on “Happy Mail! and Progress

  1. Sqee!! You are making a twin blanket to match mine. So happy!! And thinking about decluttering whilst doing it is an excellent pastime I think 🙂 Very brave and very good for the soul! I am so glad the organiser arrived in good time – I didn’t forewarn you as I wanted it to be a surprise! Yes, it is a raven and yes, it was got especially for you! [Even though narfie got one as well] xoxo

  2. I adore my little raven too 🙂 SO much so that I was thinking about secretly removing him and wearing him around my neck on a chain but SHHHHH don’t tell Ms Pauline! 😉

  3. Oh what a TASTY and most delicious Bavarian froth that is Ms Linnie! I can only begin to imagine Ms Pauline stroking the monitor in delight, all her favourite colours and all in one delicious clump! Here I was thinking that I was SO lucky to get my gorgeous organiser and there are 2? Oh well, if I have to share the magic with someone I am most glad it’s with you Linnie 🙂 Have a scrumptious time crocheting that delightful stitch. I found out how to do the post stitch thingo by the way, I was trying to do some wristlets and inadvertently and completely by accident (my favourite way as I don’t have to apply my addled brain to the task…) learned ;).

    • But ONLY two! It is highly unlikely that there will ever be more [never say never] Linne’s was a special ‘thank you’ gift and she chose that particular painting, as did you 🙂 You must therefore be forever entwined 🙂 So happy to hear you worked out the post stitch thingo – once you get that you are away laughing!!

      • I can do front AND back post stitch now and only today I pinned a scrumptious crocodile stitch that made me SQUEE with happiness. I love reigniting old passions when it comes to crafts as its like putting on your old jeans and they still fit! You get to wear them AND be comfortable in them…now I just need to learn how to embellish them appropriately 🙂 LOVE that little crow/raven/bird by the way, gorgeous little fellow and most pertinent to narfs 🙂

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention: there is no internet wireless at my Aunty’s anymore, so replies to comments will be delayed for a few days. See you then! ~ Linne

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