The “I HAVE” attitude

This is an excellent attitude and one I often forget to have. ~ Linne


I have noticed a very interesting connection in life. Every time I set my mind on accomplishing or doing something, I always feel I don’t have what it takes to get it done. Have you ever caught yourself feeling like this? Let me explain. When I want to go to a friends party- I don’t have something nice to wear. When I want to loose some weight, I don’t have the right gym membership or equipment. When I want to do something romantic for my partner I look at my bank account and say may be some other time! When I want to spend time with my kid (family) I don’t have the time off… and the list goes on and on. When I feel like this I flip through my idea book in my mind several times… but never get anything done. I say “NO” to myself because I believe…

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4 thoughts on “The “I HAVE” attitude

  1. I actually read this post and completely agree. Commercialism is the key to unhappiness. It NEEDS to be the key to unhappiness or we won’t keep buying the promise of something better. I am one of those weak, procrastinating people who keep making lists and not getting out there and just “doing”. I think I am going to have to start walking out of the door and just going places on the property and “doing” what I can with what I have. I am overwhelmed by the scope but so many of the posts that I have been reading (from all over the world) at the moment keep needling me with “just get out there and do a bit and eventually it will get done”…maybe that’s my problem? My need to complete tasks after commencing them…the same day or the next is getting in the way of really doing things and maybe I just have an unrealistic idea about time frames? I guess I am just going to have to get out there and find out 😉

    • Narfie7, you have the perfect plan! It’s true; no matter how daunting the task, even 15 minutes at a time and it’s eventually done. I sometimes set a timer for than, but once I’m stuck in, I find I just re-set the timer and keep plowing away. And sometimes it doesn’t take nearly as long as I spent on the procrastination in the first place. So I encourage you to shut off the thinking and go do ‘something’, however small. Then expand on that. Eventually you will catch the fever and then it’s full steam ahead. 🙂

      You are right about the commercialist approach to creating unhappiness, too . . . I’ve been seeing all these ads on the tv, spouting off about ‘fashion’ for kids going back to school, as if that’s what it’s all about. In my day (many aeons ago, I confess), Mum bought us a couple sets of new, serviceable clothes and a pair of new leather shoes and that was it. Well, jackets, etc. if we needed them, of course. We came home from school and changed into play clothes, hanging up the school outfit for the next day. None of this changing clothes a dozen times and making heaps of laundry for mum! I think I’ve turned into a right old fogey, don’t you? But I don’t mind . . . I’m in good company here 🙂

      • We women of a certain age all had this Linnie. I remember wearing the same uniform for years. (I think it got washed occasionally 😉 ) but now it’s all about fitting in and looking good and being special but back then we just wanted to finish school and get out into the big wide world. School was a rite of passage, not a fashion parade and back them we learned how to read, write and conjugate a verb (but not spell it in my case apparently 😉 ) not how to get straight “A’s” in how trendy our shoes were. I heard that the second most unhappy people with their jobs the other day are high school teachers…I wonder why? ;). Commercialism doesn’t breed happiness, it breeds want for something you don’t need in order to feather a middle man’s pockets. That’s it…that’s all! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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