It doesn’t matter if you do what you love, if you bring love into what you do

I loved this post and thought a bit more good news today would be a good thing . . . ~ Linne

6 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter if you do what you love, if you bring love into what you do

    • You’re welcome, Karen. I believe in sharing wisdom when I come across it; although if I shared all that I come across, I’d not have any followers left; they’d have no time to read it all . . . 🙂

  1. I didn’t read this post, no time really BUT I would like to quickly add my two cents in on a whirlwind narf visit to Canada…I think we all need to look at our lives as precious. I think we are taught to lust after other people’s lives in order to keep the machinations of commercialism alive and in the Jones’s garden, just out of our reach. I think that there are a lot of sad and depressed people out there who have perfectly marvelous lives but who are unhappy with their lot and why? Because they are looking over the fence, measuring themselves up against someone else and finding themselves lacking in the process…BOLLOCKS TO THAT! We are all amazingly lucky to be alive folks…we have been given a precious gift that we need to be sipping like a rare and exotic wine. Every day that we have is another chance to get out and see…learn…grow but most of the time we are too busy expending our energy over what other people are doing and most of the time, they are doing the very same thing. I think we all need to pull ourselves up and out of this malignant trap. It is stopping us from trying, from caring, from being able to believe that “I CAN!” rather than “Why bother”…every day might be a struggle but it is OUR struggle, and we have been given the day, the breath, the hope that this day truly matters and we should all at least live a bit of that day in the moment, truly appreciating our lives, our situations and whether or not we like/love where we are, what we are doing, whatever, that slow throbbing life blood of nature, of the earth is beating deep inside us and we need to learn to listen to it so that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we CAN find a degree of happiness.
    I appear to have taken more time to answer this than it would have taken to read the post but whatchagonnadoeh? 😉

    • Never truer words, Narfie7!! When I start doing that (lusting after other people’s lives), I remind myself that (a) I don’t know everything about their lives and might not like it if I had it; (b) I have chosen the life I have for good reasons and need to see it out; (c) I am amazingly blessed to have encountered healing and love in my life; (d) I am even more blessed to have this time with my Mum and my Aunty; it’s more than I ever expected to have.

      No matter how hard life is at times, it’s better than the alternative, so it’s good to look for the lessons in the hard bits and savour all the rest, isn’t it? I think I spent so much of my life working for others (I don’t mean the things I’ve done for family and all that; I mean the time I spent working to get money which I spent to make people I don’t know even wealthier); now I work for me; I think we are on the same page here, aren’t we?
      Hugs to you ~ Linne

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