That 4-letter word and a Full Stop in 60 seconds . . .

No, not the blog . . . πŸ™‚ . . . the summer!
Here’s what I woke to a few hours ago:



A few hours later:



Still coming down, but likely will not stick . . . I hope!

We had the first official snow in southern Alberta on the 3rd.

The Happy Hibiscus had 3 blooms open simultaneously for the first time ever, but I waited too long to capture them; here you can see what remains of two of them:

I think she feels a wee bit sad . . .

Well, back to packing and then lunch; for some reason salad doesn’t have the appeal of only a few days ago . . .

Saturday, the temperature was 25C; today it’s 2C and expected ‘high’ will be 4C.

Nuff said, don’t you think?

Well, one more thing: my Mum just gave me my birthday card (ok, now I’m outed, I know, and before you ask, I’m 68, closing fast on the big 70)Β and in it was this photo:

Blubber Bay 1948  001

That’s me, nearly a year and a half old, when we lived in Blubber Bay on Texada Island, BC, I was an only child then . . . my Auntie Al (Alida),Β who was my Mum’s next older sister, and my Uncle Pete, her husband and also my Dad’s next older brother, lived next to us then, along with my cousin Mike, who was about one when this was taken. The men worked in the Vananda mine (a surface mine, not underground) and the women worked together, sharing housework and taking care of Mike and me. The two families lived like this, sometimes even sharing accommodations, for quite a few years and to us, Auntie Al was like another Mum. Good days . . . the best, really. One of my Mum’s cousins knitted that sweater and Mum likely made the mittens, but they may have come with the hat; it looks purchased. Snow is such fun when it comes for only a week or two, isn’t it?


23 thoughts on “That 4-letter word and a Full Stop in 60 seconds . . .

  1. Hi, Linne! Happy belated birthday! I LOVE old family pictures, and this one is so cute! And I always find it hard to imagine it being cold in other places, while I’m trapped inside in the a/c, trying to avoid heat stroke. I actually love cold weather, even snow, but I confess, I wouldn’t want it to start quite so early in what ought to be fall. Autumn is my favorite time of the years, so places where the fall stretches out into long, golden days filled with heaps of pumpkins, and piles of red and yellow leaves are my favorite spots in the world. If I could get my husband out from under the palms, I’d head for the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I could have four proper seasons, each lasting just long enough to enjoy fully.

    Stay warm up there, and have a very happy year. (And btw, you are such a BABY. I’m already half-way through MY 70th year. *grin* It’s been one of the most exciting in my life, so far!)

  2. Sorry I’m so late to catch up, Linne! Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a great day. I am also a Virgo – another lovely connection to you. I cannot believe you’ve had snow. You are so right – “Snow is such fun when it comes for only a week or two.” Hopefully things will warm up a little again for the remainder of Autumn. What a gorgeous picture of you as a little girl and a wonderful story to go with it. All the very best, Linne. xoxoxox

  3. Everything is wonderful when you are one and a half :). Love that picture, you certainly look like you are enjoying the snow ;). Happy birthday Linnie! You share a birth month with Ms Pauline and my mum had her birthday on the 18th. Good people get born in September apparently :). I will be lusting after your snow as our temperatures start to climb so make sure you keep posting about it πŸ˜‰ Hugs from still cool Sidmouth but not for too much longer…

  4. Well that explains the balmy almost 20C temperatures we’ve had here this week. They were balancing out the fact you were turning into icicles up there. 😦

    Happy birthday Mutti. You never told me it was your birthday and clearly you’ve not listed it on Skype either. I hope you had a lovely day. xxxxx

    • Yep! We are still green, expecting flurries today. Calgary has already 30cm (one foot) with trees down, branches breaking, thousands still without power AND a storm warning for more of the same later today!!

      Of course, we all know climate change is only a myth, right? ;-/

      The Canadian Masters at Spruce Grove will likely be cancelled, even though thehorses are all there. (show jumping) Too bad; Mum and I love horses and often watch the Masters.

    • Happy to oblige, my friend! ha! I did feel quite icicled, honestly. But it’s nice and temperate to warm this week.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, too. No, I’ve never made a big deal out of it. No reason, really, just didn’t. It was a good day; quiet and I didn’t do much that I didn’t want to. Spent much of it reading. My reading has dwindled to less than ever in my life and I miss it a lot.
      Hugs to you, my HippyTochter. πŸ™‚ ~ Linne

    • Thanks, Cathy! Yes, it’s just a number and I devised my own scale some years back:

      Young – 0 – 50
      Middle aged – 50 – 100
      Old – 100 – 150
      Ancient – everything after that!

      Feel free to use that anytime! πŸ™‚

      I find I’m getting quite cranky at seeing characters in books described as ‘elderly’ when they are only 65 (younger than I am) . . . I honestly don’t feel any older than I did in my 20s and 30s, and I’ve noticed that even my Aunty, in her mid-90s, doesn’t view herself as ‘old’. A great example, I think.

      Thanks for the good wishes for the coming year, too. Same to you as well . . . ~ Linne

  5. Oh, I didn’t know it was your birthday Linne!!!!! I am so sorry I missed it but I hope you had a truly happy one.
    It doesn’t seem that long ago you were showing photos of the last of the snow, gosh…you don’t get a very long sunny season!! We are lucky here I think!
    That photo is just precious, what a happy wee girl you look in that snow πŸ™‚

    • No worries, Wendy! I don’t fuss much about my birthday, but in the spirit of honesty, thought I should share . . . it was quiet, which I like. A couple of phone calls and emails. pretty much perfect! I did buy some ‘no sugar added’ ice cream in mint chocolate flake, but did not read the ingredient list to see what was in there instead . . . lol! Back to normal by now, though. I can’t say ‘normal’ anymore without thinking of Robbie’s comment that she lived in Normal, Illinois, when going to uni! Makes me smile every time!

      Nope, it’s not much of a growing season, that’s for sure. I used to hate having to start putting the garden to bed in September, when on the coast you can keep on growing for most of the winter. At least you could then . . . not sure about now. I rarely was able to indulge, though, what with moving so often, not having garden space, or just having too much else on the go. You are lucky, my friend! not only in the length of growing season, but inn being able to grow varieties that would simply not make it here. OH, I wish I had that stargate . . .

      Isn’t that a cute picture? I had such an odd shape to my mouth in those days; my sons had it too, when they were young. But I do love the old photos so much. I was a happy wee girl and it’s so good to remember that . . . ~ Linne

      • I am glad you enjoy it Linne, I like my birthdays to go unnoticed nowadays πŸ™‚ You should never, ever read a label or ingredients list on a celebration day. I am sending a parcel for you next week…there was something I wanted to put in it and finally got it done, and I have most enjoyed putting it together for you xxxx Sorry it’s so late though, I wish I had known sooner.

        Yes I remember the Normal conversation lol, what a wonderful name for a town πŸ™‚ I wonder why they named it that, the mind boggles!

        Yes, we are very lucky with our climate, not tropical by any means but certainly not cold enough for snow as a rule. Our winter has been very good after a warm but very cloudy summer so hopefully you get that this year.

        It’s a lovely picture, I too like old photos of happy times πŸ™‚ Take care.

  6. Snow! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Linne! A Virgo! We are 10 years apart, I’ll be 58 in December. I am amazed that you have snow already and am sending you big warm alohas from the side of Mt. Kilauea (lava flow 10 miles away!) here in Hawaii. This seems to be the year of Mother Earth — hurricanes, early snow, volcanoes erupting. Love, Christi

  7. Happy birthday, Linne! That photo is adorable. What fun to find it tucked into your card.

    I can hardly believe it’s snowing in September!!! Goodness, that is early. I hope it’s a fluke, and that fall returns for some more sunny days.

    • Thanks so much, Alys! I’ve always loved that photo, but haven’t seen it for some time, so it was good to revisit the days when I was an only child . . . πŸ™‚
      We don’t get snow in September very often, for which I am grateful, but it has snowed here in every month at some time. I have to keep reminding myself that if I were back on the coast I’d likely be complaining about the constant damp, as I do like having my towels and hand-washing dry in just hours. Always a fly in the ointment, if one looks, eh? I’m thinking I should ignore the flies and just enjoy the ointment . . . Hope your weather is more suitable to the season . . . ~ Linne

  8. Happy Birthday Linne! So sorry about the snow though – it is really hard to believe it is happening for you again, so soon!! This is just a flying visit as I am off out again in a moment – just sending you a big birthday hug and wishes for warmer days for at least a wee while longer xoxo

    • Thanks a lot, Pauline! It was hard for me to take in, too . . . even though it comes ’round every year . . . It’s warmer now, thank heavens. Got your email, but have not had time to respond yet. Soon, though. Have fun in your garden and I hope your weather is just warm enough . . . ~ Linne

    • Too funny! I was typing my answer to one of your previous comments while you sent this one! Thanks for the birthday wish; I’m enjoying it. and nope, not kidding! but I don’t feel it unless I look in the mirror. The last few years have aged me somewhat. The last time I was carded to get into a pub the legal age was 21 and I was nearly 30! I was with two friends who were 19 and they weren’t even asked! I always looked young. When I had my eldest son I was almost 22 and was often asked if he was my little brother and what junior high school I went to . . . good thing I have a sense of humour! so it’s a bit of an adjustment to look my age now and to be called ‘dear’ in that patronizing tone and all that. But inside I still feel like that young woman just setting out on the seas of life . . .

      No, I won’t send you any white stuff, I promise! (well, so far as I’m in control of the weather, anyway LOL) I think we should send it back to Santa; I’m sure he needs more for his sleigh runners . . .

    • LOL Robbie! I thought you meant my age . . . wasn’t joking about the snow, either . . . frost warning here last night and I wore my coat (a light one, but still . . .) yesterday when I went for groceries. Starting Monday, we’re supposed to be back in the low 20s for at least a week. Hope so.

      Calgary got a foot of wet snow (30cm), so power out for thousands and a lot of downed trees and broken branches. So we were lucky.

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