The Voyage through the Virtual Village continues (part 1)

I’m back up at my Mum’s tonight and doing a bit of catchup; how delightful to see this post by one of my many favourite villagers, Mr. 23 Thorns! Three more to come . . .

If you haven’t read his post yet, you’re in for a treat . . .

The weather has warmed up and is now just right for the packing I have planned for tomorrow and Friday. I’m planning to be done by Sunday at the latest, so we can get this over with and then I can start moving things back indoors before the real snow arrives . . .

I’m apologizing now for the lack of photos this week; I just haven’t taken many and some I took with the iPod, so they have to be transferred to the hard drive. No time yet.

I found seeds in a couple of Mandarin oranges a while back and now they have sprouted and been planted in with one of the houseplants. I know, we need more plants, especially trees . . .

I’ve been busy and not upstairs for long this past week, but I’ve been working on the Violets in the Snow Bavarian Afghan and here’s where it’s up to today:


This couch is six feet between the arms;Β the afghan is now nearly six feet side to side. It’s a bit heavy and surprisingly warm. I had no idea they could grow so large . . . πŸ˜‰


As you can see, there are now seven rows of white motifs bordering the purple row. And it doesn’t show here, but I’ve made a good start on the eighth row; I’m planning on eleven rows of white motifs, then finishing up with a final row of the purple.

But, there may be a slight detour, as I’m about to begin a pair of slippers for my Aunty, whose old ones finally wore out. As well, a friend of mine from Victoria has requested six pairs for her and her room-mate. So I’ll get right on that, once the packing is finished. I’m going to use chunky yarn or else a combination of yarns, so they should go quite quickly. I found one pattern a few minutes ago, soΒ  even if my book of patterns is packed,, I’ll manage. Of course, there are always patterns on Ravelry, too. IΒ  know I bought at least one and it’s on the computer, so I can just print it out. Pictures will be posted, but not for a bit . . .

Your music for the week is the entire hourlongΒ ‘unplugged‘ concert by Eric Clapton. If he’s not your thing, no worries . . .

I’m waiting now for the results from tomorrow’s vote on Independence for Scotland. I have mixed feelings about it, as it’s not a change I really want to see, but either way, I hope people find a way to make things work and for them to be content, if not satisfied, with the results. I’d hate to see Canada broken up, too, but I know there are a few who want it, including some idiot who wanted Vancouver Island to secede from the rest of the country. Not sure what he thought we’d do for an economy, but I think his eye was only on being the biggest frog in a shrinking pond. Other than that, on the one hand, I think smaller countries might work better, but only if no large ones are allowed to exist; otherwise, the small ones will continue to be at the mercy of the larger and, historically, that hasn’t worked out so well most times. Even now, when I heard that the EU is demanding that much of Ireland’s forests be cut, it makes me heartsick and worried. But changes come and go and we must just get stuck in, as my friends say, and make our bit of the earth a cheerful and loving place. No-one can take that from us. We shall ‘over-grow’ the powers that think they be . . . and I’m content with that . . .

Now, thanks for listening to me rant; go read Mr. 23 Thorns’ post and get your smile for the week . . .

p.s.Β  the Happy Hibiscus has one more bud burgeoning happily by the window, but I didn’t get a photo yet; this may be the last of the year and I can’t believe how many there have been, close to two dozen, I think. That plant brings me joy every day!



8 thoughts on “The Voyage through the Virtual Village continues (part 1)

  1. Aloha, Linne! And I’m watching the Scotland election, too. I think I agree with Fran. I don’t know very much of the details of money and resources, but they sure have been a separate “folk” for centuries. Your afghan is enormous and lovely. And I enjoyed reading Mr.23 Thorns, too. The photos he chooses to illustrate are perfect A+ fun. Good luck with the packing. Love, Christi

  2. I enjoyed the post of Mr Thorns πŸ™‚ Would listen to Clapton as I love him but right now listening to chanting, I am enjoying the mellow sounds so will leave it there for a while πŸ™‚ I may come back to Clapton but I forget to do these things!
    Love that pattern on your afghan, beautiful Linne.
    Hope you are managing plenty of you time as well as packing. xx

  3. Eric Clapton is a shared love of Stevie-boys and mine. I bought the tab book and played (as best I could, I am NOT in Stevie-boys calibre πŸ˜‰ ) the songs on my old guitar back last century. Thank you for the lovely memories :). If Scotland gains their independence (which I am ALL for…) they will remain a commonwealth country like Australia and Canada and will retain the currency but they will gain their true independence which means that they will also get to hold onto all of those royalties from that offshore drilling that go straight into U.K. coffers and that rarely make it back up to the north. I might be bolshie, but I am all for self-rule when it comes to smaller countries. We have done alright and host the odd royal visit (when they can be bothered turning up) and I am OK with that but I think that Scotland needs this.

    I am MOST impressed that you got Mr 23Thorns to post in this bloggy hoppy thing-a-magig, and I would like to think, that because I nominated Ms Rabid, and she nominated you, that in a small way I got Mr 23Thorns to participate as well (second hand glory but still glory! πŸ˜‰ Can you feel me basking? πŸ˜‰ ). I adore that little hibiscus and see it as a little survivor, just like you :). Our small camellia on the corner of the driveway that has survived 2 large trees squishing it almost flat to the ground has survived most admirably and come back from the brink to be covered in gorgeous red flowers. Another survivor story and a reminder that no matter what happens there IS hope.

    Big hugs to you as you crochet (SO jealous of your spare time! I have SO much to start doing and so little time!), and move things back inside getting ready for your long winter. Ms Boomdeedaizee said that you guys are going to get a longer more snowy winter than last year?! How is that fair guys! That means that we have to have a longer, hotter, drier summer :(. Oh well…at least when you are covered in snow and looking like a yeti you can tune in to Serendipity on the Serengeti and know that there are worse places to be ;).
    πŸ™‚ My jar of hand cream is gorgeous as well Ms Linnie πŸ™‚ I used it yesterday to quell a headache that has been hovering around me for 3 days now. Its gorgeous stuff and every time I use it I think of you πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Linne, your Bavarian afghan is so beautiful and amazing and enormous. You are such a talent. And now, just like that, you can switch gears and go off and make slippers, too! Good luck with all your packing. xoxoxox

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