. . . and on . . .

Well, they came, they looked, they were angry, they left . . .

This is what happens when there is either poor communication or poor understanding. When all this kerfuffle began about the ceiling re-do, my understanding was that the team would work on the bedrooms first, then the other rooms. What I got last Tuesday was that we were to have had the rooms completely empty, which they were not. Apart from the antique table (oak, double-pedestal, heavy and large), the antique dresser with mirror and the looms, none of which could be put out on the balcony and all of which are awkward to move (and of course we want them not damaged), there was more than I’d anticipated of things still to be boxed up and moved out. It’s been a long, hard road. I had explained about the antiques and the looms when this all started, but I guess no-one was paying attention. So Mum was threatened with eviction again. When I asked ‘what do we do now?’, meaning can I move the plants out of the bathtub, bring in clothing and other essentials, etc., we got no answer. Still waiting. I’m picking up potting soil tomorrow morning, then we will re-pot on Saturday and maybe Sunday.

That’s not all the news, though. The storage units here have been sold, so the deal I’ve had for a lower price will end by December. So I’ve been very lucky; one of my sisters has offered to let me use a credit card she doesn’t need to pay for a shipping container, which her partner can get at a slight discount. I’ll be able to pay for the transportation of it as well. I have struck a deal with my friends Mr. and Mrs. Crafty. They won’t charge me to store the container on their property and I will give them the container once I am done with it; probably several years from now. Next summer I plan to move the rest of my things from B.C.; the storage fees can go into paying off the credit card and I will finally be able to sort and dispose of much of what I’ve collected over the years.

I will continue to store yarn at the Crafty residence in town here, as they won’t move to the property for about five years. So I hope to make a dent in it once this all settles down.

I’m pretty tired from the stress, lack of sleep, etc. I do my best not to worry, but some days I do feel overwhelmed. Last night I woke suddenly and was awake for over three hours, finally resorting to reading and then Sudoku on my phone to numb my active mind.

Today I spent at the Crafty home sorting out details and relaxing with some Bavarian crochet. Oh, and they took me to the craft store to buy more white skeins so I can complete the set; hopefully before Christmas.  Tomorrow afternoon, we are going up to the property again, this time to make sure the site for the container is clear enough and to measure the radius required by the delivery truck. I think the container is about 40-odd feet long and 8 feet wide, but I will have exact measurements tomorrow.

So, no photos again, sorry. And no comments replied to, either. Sorry about that. I’ll catch up one day, though.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers, regardless of your situations. Energy always helps, I feel. I’ll be back with more update when possible. Big hugs from up north, where we are being blessed with unusual autumn weather (another reason for the rush to get the container situated). See you all soon.  ~ Linne


21 thoughts on “. . . and on . . .

    • Thanks, Robbie. Yes, things are improving. I’m answering comments from most recent to wherever I stopped off last time, as every time I go to the next page of comments, the order shifts to include my responses and it’s hard to keep track . . . So if others are reading this, please know I’ll be with you soon.

    • See my post today and my replies to your later comments. Doing better, for the most part, but still whinging on about the cold and snow. But May will come again, won’t it? 🙂

  1. So sorry to hear things have been so stressful, Linne. The container does sound like a great solution so that’s definitely a beacon of hope, but organising everything to happen while the weather’s good can add to the stress. Life can be so tough sometimes. But, hopefully, once the container is in place and ready to be filled, things will take a turn for the better. I’m thinking of you and your family in these tough times, Linne. Take care. xoxoxoxox

    • Thanks, Dani. I tend to have a fair bit of stress in my life at the best of times; partly resulting from my life choices. That I can mostly handle; it’s the outside-imposed stressors that I find difficult. But that’s life. Too late for ‘while the weather’s good’ now. I can only hope when we do the actual move in January that it isn’t too cold . . .

      Thanks for the thoughts and energy, too. It does help a lot. I have a lot of people on my own list and it’s nice to know I’m on the lists of others. Update on the container in today’s post, so won’t repeat myself here. Hugs to you, too Dani, and make sure you see the Afghan update photo near the end of the post. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kym! I’d love to see some blue skies about now. (and not just the figurative ones!) We did have some sun today, but with the wind, it was down to -32, so a bit chilly. I have a chicken carcass on the balcony (packaged up, of course) that was destined to become soup today, but the balcony doors are frozen shut and I think my hair dryer is in the container . . . 😦

  2. Love and hugs to you, Linne. And to your mum and auntie and those wonderful Crafties. Fran said it perfectly for all of us out here in cyberland. We love you and are rooting for you. The container sounds like a good plan. xxoo

    • Thanks to you, too, Christi. I can feel the love, hugs and thoughts coming in through the ether and it does make a difference. Yes, I think the container was a good choice. Wish it were closer, but I can’t have everything (and don’t want to have it all, in any case; too much dusting involved). I think of you and the B.O. paring down your things to a pallet . . . I’m not there yet, though. But I’m working towards it, I hope. Love and hugs back, Christi.

    • Thank you! They will, I know; it’s the uncertainty that’s hard to bear. And the pressure to deal with things when it’s not my own choice. Oh, well . . . hugs to you and I hope you are staying warm . . .

    • Jenn, I hope things are going well for you, too. I think of you so often. Stress can make us stronger and all that, but it’s often not so pleasant. Still . . . They are improving mow, so that’s good. Big hugs to you, Jenn. I’ll be over for a visit soon. ~ L

  3. Oh, you poor thing Linne, it all sounds very stressful 😦 It’s nice you have good friend who will let you store things on their property, I hope things settle for you soon xx Fancy serving an old lady with an eviction notice….how horrid!

    • Well, Wendy, it was pretty challenging, but I’m doing better now. I found it so hard to believe, especially as everyone knows we have moved here to support my Aunty. But it’s the money thing . . . I am lucky indeed to have friends like that. We have our differences, but in this we are the same. I’d do what I could to help them if things were reversed. And in the end, the container will be theirs, so they will gain from that. A bit of siding, a few window and door openings cut, maybe a front and back porch and it will be a proper wee cottage . . . or whatever they decide to do with it. In the meantime, it’s a great comfort to me not having to worry about my stuff. Things are settling now; see today’s post. It’s illegal here to evict a senior in the winter, but technically, this is not an eviction; Mum was given a ‘notice to vacate’, which requires no explanation. So that’s that. It is horrid, and one more reason I would prefer a wee shack that I owned over a rented anything . . .

  4. Doesn’t life have a way of shaking you up when you are quite happy and comfortable where you are? Steve and I are almost finished helping some friends move all of their worldly goods into a shipping container that they will be storing in another state so that they can move to Germany in order to see if they want to move there on a permanent basis. Jan is about your age and is taking a huge risk, leaving behind everything, giving away a lot of things, making room, paring down and freeing up and we have talked about how big this risk is, but also, about how liberating it has also been for her. She is very OCD about things, a clean freak whose house is immaculate (they are renting) and this is certainly taking it out of her as real estate march through prospective new tenants as they try to pack their lives up into boxes and work out what is important and what isn’t.

    It’s worse when someone else forces these changes on you. We have a natural tendency to balk when change is forced upon us and I can feel your anger at what has happened and your frustration. When you but heads with bureaucracy, you are always going to end up with a headache. You can’t talk to a “collective” about emotional attachment or feelings or history because all they care about is profit margins and it saps your spirit to have to deal with people like that, it robs you of your perception of humanity. Having the crafties has been amazing for you, a place to head to when the chaos gets too much for you. I feel for you, your mum and your aunty and there is no time worse to realise that you are not the master of your domain, than when landlords and committee’s decide to “fix something”.

    The most amazing thing about social media is that we are all still waiting here when you get back, when you need a cyber-hug and when your life feels brittle and angry, you can connect with us as and when you feel like it and you can pick up back where you left off or not. Social media gives you choice and a voice when sometimes you feel like you have no voice left. Great BIG hugs back to you from the south where all things are possible at the moment, gardening, seed raising, Sanctuary is safe! The dogs have a much bigger area to run and Earl has settled down and is enjoying his space a lot more (much to Bezial’s joy) and they are both getting on a lot better now.

    One day this strain and stress will be mellowed by memory. At the moment it is raw and present but soon it will pass…like all things. One day your stuff will be safe in your own shipping container. Knowing that, will give you peace of mind. Could you please give your mum and your aunt a hug from me? Hugs are natures stress relievers and I reckon you could do with one about now. See you when you are over this hurdle and whenever you are ready to dabble your feet back in the communal pond.

  5. I think I missed something, Linne. Are you moving, did something happen to your home? I hope things have worked out and things have settled down for you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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