Another Update

Hi, everyone! I started this a while back, then later did a lengthy update. When I tried to cancel adding a photo, WP froze and lost all the update. I gave up for a while after that. But no doubt you are wondering what’s up around here . . .

The original bit:
First, thanks so much for all your comments, support and thoughts in general. I’ve been super-stressed and feeling overwhemed for a while now. I think I’ve turned the corner now, though. It’s been challenging, but many have much larger challenges; I didn’t mean to sound quite so “poor-me” as I obviously did. So . . . back to ‘keeping on keeping on’ 🙂

Still haven’t found a container and flurries are forecast for later this week. Not likely to get snow that sticks, luckily.

In the meantime . . .

Mum has been given three months notice, which is not an eviction and requires no reason to be given. That’s good, as it means her perfect rental record will remain clean.

Also, she will be allowed to give one month’s notice so long as we are out by the end of January.

Mum is looking for a place to buy, as that will be cheaper than renting in the long run. But she’s keeping an open mind.

So . . . big changes coming up, eh? Good thing most of the packing has been done already. 😉 I’ll continue with that next week

That morning:

It was gone a few hours later. Whew!

On Thursday the 6th of November four small towns in Alberta had record high temperatures; the highest was 19.6C.

On Friday, the evening news warned us of a big cold front coming down from the North.

On Saturday, we woke to:

and by evening it looked like this (from my Aunty’s east-facing suite)


and this (from Mum’s west-facing suite):

Meanwhile, progress continued in fits and starts; a shipping container was located and purchased, to be delivered (I thought) in the afternoon of Monday, 03 November. However, several failures of communication occurred (is Mercury retrograde or something? It seems to be speeding backwards lately . . .)

These will give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

In the end, after several phone calls to/from Mr. and Mrs. Crafty, who were waiting to open the gate and direct the truck, we learned that it had been booked for the following day . . .

So . . . back they went the following day (a drive of an hour or so each way). Again, they waited outside, this time in steadily cooling weather. More phone calls . . . turned out the truck, making its first delivery of the day, had gotten stuck in deep mud somewhere near Lloydminster, way north of here. At first, there was hope that the driver would be able to get unstuck, return to the yard (south of the city), load my container and deliver before 5:00 pm. Didn’t happen that way, so we re-scheduled . . . to tomorrow, Monday the 10th, when the temperature is expected to be between -12 and -15C. But it will be the first load of the day, so is expected to arrive about 10:00 am.

This morning, facing east.

The eastern balcony . . .

On Friday, the 14th, with temps expected to be between -10 and -17C, the Crafties will pick me up at 8:00 am and we will go get the 26′ U-Haul truck, proceed to my storage units, load up anything I can live without ’til spring and then drive north to the property. We hope to be able to back up to the container, extend the ramp right into it, then hustle everything inside. If all goes smoothly, we will drive back to the city, return the truck and then spend the remainder of the day warming up, crafting and watching a movie or two while enjoying some take-out. No-one will want to be cooking by then!

Remember the wee Bavarian afghans I am making for my grandchildren? The first two are in a box on the balcony, but here are the latest two:


Pretty, aren’t they? I haven’t finished the large ‘Violets in the Snow’ one, or the (meant to be equally large) multi-coloured one or the smaller multi-coloured one. I have one more white and blue afghan to make, then three more for related babies (related to me, I mean). 😉

By the way, I managed to re-pot all our houseplants and pruned the Happy Hibiscus, too.

AND . . . while I love the Golden Goddess chai that Wendy from Quarter Acre Lifestyle introduced us to a while back, making it is a bit fiddly for me. So here’s what I’ve been making:

I start with some kefir, thanks to the most Diligent Dorcas. This goes into a Magic Bullet container, but you can use your blender, stick blender or what-have-you . . .

Throw in a banana, then a teaspoon or more of nutritional yeast, a shake or two each of ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. I use about a quarter teaspoonful of each, but you can adapt amounts to taste. Add some honey or your favourite sweetener and top up with kefir. Blend well and enjoy. If you like it quite cold, add a couple of ice cubes before blending. If you want it hot, I’d say pour it in a pan and leave it on the stove for a few minutes. I haven’t tried that yet myself . . .

Have a great week, my friends, and remember . . . “Choose Joy” as one of The Contented Crafter cards says.


21 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. I noticed you name mentioned in several posts today + thought, I wonder what she is up to???? I am behind, too! I am sorry to hear you are in transition..that is hard but things always look better once you make the transition:-) It is always hard to get there…snow..hmm..we have cold too..I can relate, but not as much as you have-yikes! Your afghan looks great:-) I was taking care of my oldest grand child today=and it was priceless..nothing is more special than a small child:-)
    Stay warm + crafting-keeps us alive!

    • You know, I think change is always hardest when it’s imposed and not chosen. (although chosen change can be more challenging than we expect, can’t it?) I’m not talking about snow ;-( I’m leaving that for my next post . . . Today it’s -22C and feels like -32C, so an extreme cold warning has been issued. Glad I did the library run yesterday. That was cold enough for me . . .

      I’m loving those afghans and have included a current photo in my post today. Lucky you, having time with your grandchild; you are so right. I haven’t seen mine for over five years now, when the first of the three wee girls was born. The latest came just a couple of months ago.

      We are warm here at Mum’s; the halls are freezing, though, as the air is pumped in directly from outdoors, summer or winter! No conditioning in either case. A crazy system. And I’m nearly done the afghan for my oldest grandson, then on to do some finishing up before I start the next set. You are so right, Robbie; crafting does keep us alive; creating is SO important, isn’t it?

  2. Good to see you again. I hope you are well and life isn’t getting too crazy. Moving. Hmm. My sister and I are going to move to North Carolina in 2015 or 2016. Asheville, NC to be precise. Good luck with your house hunting. Hugs, Barbara

    • I seem sometimes to just move from one crazy to another. But it’s getting better, so far. I’m not a big fan of moving; we moved every year or sometimes more when I was young; didn’t settle until I was thirteen. And as an adult, I’ve never owned a place, so have moved a lot since leaving home, too. I did have nearly six years in the old log house and that was lovely. and over six years in Mum’s house here before we moved to the condo building.

      I hope your move goes easily, Barbara. I haven’t been to NC, but did make it to Virginia twice (1987 and 1997) and sure loved it. I will never forget eating my first Georgia peach from a roadside stand where the tram I was on stopped . . . juice just ran down my chin and the fruit was so big compared to what I’m used to from BC. Mmmmmmm………….. Hugs back to you and I hope you are staying warm and cosy and well. ~ Linne

  3. Linne, I don’t envy you that snow and the hours waiting around in the cold. I hope everything went according to plan now. Your afghans are lovely, I really need to get back to some crochet work now that it’s getting colder out and should be seeing our own snow soon.

    • Well, it wasn’t me waiting that time, Lois; just my friends. But it’s worrisome when that happens, as it changes everyone’s plans for the day. Thanks for the compliment. That pattern is way easier than you’d think to look at it and it makes up pretty fast. I’ve posted an update picture near the end of today’s blog post. One of the best things is that they keep me warm and toasty while I’m working on them . . .

  4. Good to hear that you have turned a corner. When you turn corners there is hope of something new and hope is always a great bonus. It sounds like there have been a lot of machinations and discontent in the wings that we haven’t been privy to over the last few months and I hope that it will all settle down once your mum finds a new, permanent place to live/buy. When we moved to Tasmania and dad let us do whatever we wanted to the house (now ours) in town, we had the most amazing liberating feeling of actually being able to make a home that we lived in feel like “home”. Renting doesn’t let you ever feel like where you are is home as there are always inspections and rules and regulations etc. We completely repainted the whole house and it was amazing how liberating that felt. I am hoping that you and your mum (what about your aunt?) will feel that same sense of exhilaration and liberation that we felt. Awesome crochet! I haven’t had time to even start a bavarian but whatchagonnadoeh? Spent the morning lugging a huge pile of split wood from where it was blocking off the driveway to “somewhere else” that wasn’t blocking off the driveway. I could have asked Stevie-boy “why didn’t you just put it over there in the first place?” but he would have had some obscure answer that didn’t make any sense to me…the story of my life being married to my complete opposite ;). Kudos on keeping your spirits up Linne. When life keeps handing you lemons you have most certainly been making probiotic lemonade. If you heat that kefir you will kill the probiotics, but gently warming the milk and then adding it to the mix might not be too bad. Hugs from sunny Sidmouth where we have turned into garden freaks and are attempting to take back Pelham 123 from the various blackberries and weeds that had taken vacant possession last year where we were too busy to knock them on the head.

    • Thanks, Narfie; you are so right about turning corners. Yes, a lot going on and I felt that what I have shared is plenty of ‘down’ for anyone. Besides, these things do pass, don’t they? It’s so different when you have some say in the place where you live. I may never have that, but haven’t entirely given up hope. I keep telling myself I should face reality, but I’m not there yet. Honestly, I’d rather live in a run-down shack and own it than in a fancy place (of course, I’m not much for fancy, anyway; makes all my stuff look quite shabby and not shabby chic, either) I have spoken to my younger cousin since I posted and he’s beginning to see that having his Mum live with us would be better than having her in an institution (just can’t call those places ‘homes’, sorry). As to Bavarians, see my photo near the end of today’s post. 🙂 On the other hand, I have no Sanctuary gardens or burgeoning woodpiles to show off, so I think you’re still well ahead of me. Not that it’s a race, or anything . . . Being married to one’s opposite is good for growth and development, not necessarily so much for peace and easy living . . .

      I do generally try to stay cheerful through most challenges, at least for the most part. But the past few months have been a bit much. I had a nice routine, with 8 days at Aunty’s and 6 days at Mum’s, with some back and forthing thrown in. Alternate Fridays are library day, that sort of thing. Add to that mix suddenly having to pack for moving, the storage units being sold, etc., and I felt I was going off the rails a wee bit. But one can’t stay off for too long . . .

      For that drink, I don’t do any heating, although it would likely be good for the spices, to bring out their flavour more. But that takes time and then there’s clean-up, so not likely in the foreseeable future.

      Ah, sunny days! And heat (well, warmth, anyway). Wish I could find that stargate, my friend; I’d be popping round for a large cuppa and a long chinwag. After we dealt the blackberries a fatal blow or two . . . 🙂 Amazing how tenacious they are, isn’t it?

      • One thing we can all be sure of is that both good and bad times pass. Everything strives for equilibrium and we can’t have all good or all bad, whenever you are up to your neck in it, it WILL pass. There are many people walking the earth that will never ever own their own home. Steve and I would have been renting till we died if it wasn’t for dad leaving us some property. I guess what it does for you is give you a little base, a small anchor that you can do what you want with and where you can retreat to, to lick your wounds, to live your life on your own terms and to do with what you like. We loved being able to paint our walls however we liked. That was the most delicious thing that we did when we moved here :). With you on the shabby. Our stuff isn’t gorgeous antiques or brand spanky new but it is servicable, it’s fitting with our ethos and its ours. I figure that’s a lot better than owing some middle man for a house full of the latest technology ;). I hope you get to have your aunt live with you Linne. Those places aren’t homes. You are dead right. I also have a secret Christmas present that I am making for my eldest daughter that has been taking up every single one of my spare minutes these days. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to make this but it is pretty unique and hopefully she loves it (or I might have to strangle her in my crazed mania 😉 ). We just pulled a mountain of banana passionfruit vines from the trees between our property and the church below. Its their busy season and we figured we may as well approach them to see if we could sort out the problem together. Luckily, they were about to have a busy bee to deal with mowing the grass etc. and they were most happy to oblige with carting away the debris as we have to pay council to haul green waste and there was a HUGE amount of it. Now we can cull the dead trees, cut the remainder back (as they are really overgrown shrubs!) and give them a new lease on life as the hedge that they would have originally been planted out to be and interplant some lilacs etc. to add beauty, colour and scent. Always good to keep on good terms with your neighbours if you can :). Stevie-boy and I live together 24/7. I think we are doing pretty well for being complete opposites and constantly being together ;).

        We all hate change and a change to a comfy routine can be a terrifying thing but you just never know where change can take you. If it wasn’t for a forced change in his life, Steve and I would never have met. You just never know what good is going to come out of something that feels completely wrong 🙂

        The blackberries are more than tenacious Linne! They have come back from tiny stumps to take over the entire second garden! The wallabies have no fear now, they just live amongst the blackberries and nothing can touch them. We had a little wallaby out on the front garden at 11am eating grass. Unheard of that they are that comfortable with their situation that they will graze like that in the day but he obviously was and he isn’t afraid of Steve either. We don’t mind the wallabies. If we want to plant something that they like to eat, we just put tyres around it and it’s safe now. We have decided to live and let live and they are pretty cute little things 🙂

        We just bought some thornless berries and my friend gave us a cutting of a thornless blackberry that is looking happy and healthy at the moment. Steve accidentally broke a small branch from one of the blueberries when we were containing them so that everything couldn’t help itself with gay abandon to our slowly ripening crop (YUM!) and I was going to just throw it in to the compost but I cut the small branch into small pieces and shoved it into the compost heap with the rest of the raspberries that had been languishing in the spent horse manure next to the blueberries. I am happy to say that the raspberries are incredibly happy, have raspberries on them and are producing nice tender suckers and the blueberry “sticks” are still alive, their leaves are nice and green and they appear to be going to strike! I will be taking lots of cuttings from the blueberries as they are as old as Methuselah and we are their third owner and I never want to be without blueberries again. Amazing drought tolerant and wonderfully forgiving of our (rubbish) soil. I love this gardening lark! I am watering your nasturtiums now so that we always have them creeping around the outside of Sanctuary. They must be happy because they are producing lots of seeds now so there will be no shortage of new babies in the near future :). Hugs from Sidmouth where we are assured we are having a rainy day today. No problems, I have a water tank to fill! It’s all in how you see it isn’t it 🙂

  5. Great to hear from you 🙂 I hope the search for somewhere to live is short and sweet x. I love those afghans… I’m sure we are related (wink, wink) 🙂 Amazing how quick the snow comes and coats everything. We are sweltering in 39 degree heat at the moment.. Good luck with the move

    • Thanks, Kym. Mum thought she had a place, but the owners accepted the offer, then reneged. I keep telling myself ‘this or something better’. Those afghans are so amazing, aren’t they? See the update photo near the end of today’s post. And that’s not all . . . 😉 Yes, I feel related to you, too. Those tea cosies . . . which I still have not tried. Funny, that, eh? After Christmas, I hope. BTW, some of your photos are not showing up on the two cosy posts. Did you move them or something? Let me know if you get them to show again. would you? Here or elxe email me at maelinne (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Snow is greatly over-rated, methinks. On the other hand, +39 is even more vastly over-rated . . . We need a new country, eh? What do you think about moving to Tassie, all of us? (Hope Narfie’s not reading this; she’ll faint dead away) 🙂 Or maybe South New Zealand . . . or Scotland . . . hmmmm 😉

      Hope your heat settles down soon, but I fear we are into climate change with a vengeance now . . . Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be so glad when it’s all over . . .

  6. Ah well…another 3 months should find you settled somewhere permanently and that’s good! Don’t envy you that snow Linne or shifting in the middle of winter. I no longer make the drink the way I learned to…I just boil the milk and chuck everything in the blender now 🙂 Take care, catch soon.
    PS Nice afghan 🙂

    • Oh, Wendy, I sure hope so! No, I’m not fond of snow for so long; at least not in the city. And even in the country, snow is fine as long as I can stay cosy at home . . .

      I haven’t been heating the drink at all; just chucking everything into the Magic Bullet LOL. Hugs to you. See the updated afghan photo at the end of today’s post . . . 🙂 I have a Bavarian brain, I think . . .

  7. I’ve been wondering where you were at and how things were going, so good to read a post from you. Hope everything sorts itself out in a most satisfactory manner. Also – much better idea to buy than rent! Excellent decision on your mum’s part. Good luck with it all.

    • Thanks, Pauline. Partly too stressed, partly too overwhelmed, partly I just don’t think it’s good to only post the down stuff and I had a hard time seeing the silver lining for a bit there. I’m back to myself more now, though. Yes, the buy will be good. And a good investment for my sister, too. I’d prefer a house, but that’s just not in the cards. Thanks for the good wishes; I’m sure everyone’s positive thoughts and words have been what’s kept me going and finally let me get my head back above water . . . Hugs to you. ~ L

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