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My next, update, post is taking a while to write. In the meantime, I know some of you are into Earthship homes, so this re-blog contains an interesting linkie. Hope you are all having a great weekend and that temperatures are what you enjoy most. ~ Linne


I find this video most fascinating & went on looking at the full documentary which would take too much space here but you can look it up with the tittle “Garbage Warrior ALL ABOUT EARTHSHIPS – Full Length Documentary” on YouTube.
What fascinated me most beside the fact that the whole subject is mind boggling, is that at a point he said something very wise I quote “I missed the freedom to fail” (referring to the time he got his license as architect taken away & they didn’t allow him to build his projects because of some building law requirements) for me as for many others I imagine, failure is something you’d rather avoid surely not miss or invite in your life, that got me thinking…

He truly believed not being able to fail stopped him achieving his goals in life, that was so human & refreshing to hear.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Build an Earthship Home! |

  1. I have dreamed about my own earthship for at least the last 20 years. Reynolds is brilliant! It’s shame he has been given such a hard time over the years but hopefully he is happily back to work now that he’s been given some recognition.

    • I only became aware of that term this last year (or else I’ve forgotten . . .) I do love the idea, though. One could have a lovely wee hobbit hole built like that. Ah, to dream . . . I hadn’t heard of Reynolds, either, but will be looking him up soon.

    • Isn’t it? I could see it as a hobbit hole, with Arts & Crafts interior and a bit of Art Nouveau as well. Lots of bookcases and a few fireplaces for me to rock next to while I knit/crochet/read . . .

    • I think sometimes it’s worth re-blogging because even though we all share quite a number of followers, we also each have some who are only ‘ours’; besides, I love to spread the word . . . My days are improving; hope yours are lovely, too.

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