Apun my word . . .

An opun letter to all and pundry . . .

I have been increasingly concerned by our conservative government’s growing willingness to not only increase trade with the Chinese government, but to sell off bits of our country to them, with agreements heavily weighted in their favour.

I’m not so worried any more, now that I see how fragile China is, how much in need of protection, how vulnerable to those of us who revel in wordplay. I was not aware that the Chinese government is teetering on the brink of a linguistic cliff where any stray and subtle use of language may shove the whole artificial edifice over the brink.

Then I happunned upun Jon Stewart’s Daily show the other night . . .


Learning that China is further into the ‘marijuana era’ than Colorado or Uruguay, I see there is hope for the future; a light at the end of the tunnel that is not a train headed our way . . . and I wonder what the punishment will be for those Bolshie enough to break the new law . . . forced to perform at an ‘opun mike night’? or will that be reserved for the elite among the pundits? Those jokers from Szechuan may be forced to eat only bland foods, with all the pungent spices banned from their kichens . . .

I wonder how businesses will deal with employees arriving at random times, now that punctiliousness is a thing of the past.

This law opuns many doors, doesn’t it?

So, as China enters the ‘Age of the Alpaca’, the rest of the world can relax and begin to plan more trips to the Far East. Me, Alpaca large book of puns . . .

Think I’m being self-indulgent and not that punny? Haven’t heard yet? . . . click here:


or here (and choose from the links):


Perhaps, seeing smiles and hearing chuckles from around the world, the Chinese government will keep an opun mind and allow their entendres to continue to be double.

Well, that’s your homespun humour for the week . . .


8 thoughts on “Apun my word . . .

  1. Right now the US is in debt to our eyeballs and most of our debt is held by China so yes I worry a great deal about how they will call in that debt. Already I have been hearing little bits here and there about how they are buying up our land, but nothing I can get proof on so far in my searches. Loved your pun-y post even though it brought up a sad subject.

  2. At least they won’t be able to take revenge on your blog post as “pun”ative damage should be off the cards as well ;). Both rabid and Wendy are right. We know that Tasmania is being sold off as “Little China” to any Chinese national with enough money to buy it. Our dairy industry is now Chinese owned and most of the timber in the state is up for grabs. When a country starts selling off it’s natural resources to another country we become puny. We may as well punt off our island as pretty soon the pundits who rule will have sold off the lot :(.

  3. I wonder what the PUNishment would be for any of those punny jokes. šŸ˜‰ Bad time to be a PUNk in China too I guess. šŸ˜›

    Frommy perspective, far better the world be laughing at China than groaning about the major idiot in charge of Australia. I have heard that his asylum seeker policies have made international news. šŸ˜¦ How embarrassment.

    • Try searching for “Jon Stewart China puns” in the YouTube search bar, Pauline. Sorry the linkie didn’t work. When I chanced on his show the other night, I thought he was joking . . .

      You were quick; I posted after supper and then went up to get my breakfast ready, etc. Just back down to Aunty’s now. Hockey is on; I listen, but only look up if the announcers get excited LOL. My Aunty’s a huge fan . . . (smallest ‘huge’ fan ever šŸ˜‰ )

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