A very short post :-)

At sunset yesterday . . .

As for today . . . I’d planned to post tonight, but my cousin’s still not back, so I’m downstairs with no wi-fi. So . . .

I wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas wherever and whenever you are. May you have a day filled with peace, love, music and joy.

Mr. and Mrs. Crafty wish you a Merry Christmas, too. This snowman is part of the decorations on their front porch.

Love and Blessings to you all. ~ Linne


13 thoughts on “A very short post :-)

  1. Thanks, we had a great day, until our grandson was trying out his new scooter and ended up at urgent care. He has crutches and an immobilized leg until he sees the orthopedic doctor in the morning. He’s feeling better this evening, playing a new video game.


  2. I hope you had a really lovely day with your mum and the crafties Linne and that life is heading in the right direction in 2015 for you all 🙂 We had a lovely quiet day on Serendipity Farm. The dogs got 3 walks and went to bed together before we did! I ate homemade coconut ice cream for my dinner and did Christmas washing and potted up Christmas seeds. Looks like you had that white Christmas that we keep reading about. Lubbly jubbly 🙂 Hugs to you from recently sunny Sidmouth 🙂

    • Your Christmas sounds perfect, Narfie! (well, absent the turkey dinner and stuffing 😉 But home-made ice cream on a hot day would suit me, too) And three !! dog walks . . . I love walking in the country / bush with a dog or two, and chatting. Some of your walks sound more like drag races, though. Hope by the third walk the boys were happy to just trot along . . . You have such lovely choices for walks, too.

      The older cousin didn’t come home Christmas Eve as expected, so I stayed with my Aunty. Mum went to my sister’s for a few hours to help put up the tree, then back on Christmas day and overnight to late on Boxing day. I had planned to do some serious cleaning while on my own (my usual gift for my Mum and I get a quiet time to myself; no pre-teens full of zip and bounce). Aunty went to her younger son’s for the dinner and he’d planned to have her overnight, too. But four hours later she was exhausted and just wanting to go home. I’d texted her son to bring her back if she changed her mind, so that worked out. The older cousin arrived here around 1:00am on the 27th, so I did what I could that afternoon and on Sunday and Tuesday. On Monday I went to the Crafties’ (first time for us during holidays); they’d been at their son’s and two of their daughters’ homes for the holidays, and no leftovers, so on Monday Mrs. Crafty made a complete Christmas dinner, plus some Ukrainian dishes (her first husband was Ukrainian and in his memory they and the kids always have special Ukrainian foods as well as our traditional ones).

      So a lovely meal, with stuffing :-), and three movies to accompany our crocheting (how I got the large greens n blues afghan done). They drove me home and when I got out of the car, handed me a large bag. You guessed it! Leftovers!! Mum likes a fairly sparse fridge and doesn’t care for leftovers, so I’d asked my sister not to send any the past couple of years. But there I was, hands full! Lucky the weather has been much colder than usual; those leftovers await me for dinner tonight! Oh, included were some small containers of home-made pickles and even cranberry sauce. Next best thing to my own cooking 🙂

      So not at all what I’d planned and rushing through my usual errands in two and a half days was not relaxing, but that day away was just what I needed, so a good ending to 2014.

      I was back at my Aunty’s on New Year’s Day and did see the New Year in, as I was watching some good music programmes on tv and writing a bit of doggerel . . .

      There were some lovely music programmes on over Christmas and the following days, by the way: I watched ‘Celtic Angels’ and Johnny Reid (new to me – a Scottish-born Canadian who lives between Nashville and eastern Canada – twice each! A bit of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, too, I think it was, with a beautiful enactment of the backstory of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. Another tale previously unknown to me that now enriches that part of my life.

      Many unexpected blessings and I hope you and everyone else here find the same in 2015.

      • It sounds like your Christmas/New Year period was MUCH busier than ours. We just stuck around here and had a lovely time all to ourselves. Glad you had a good few weeks. Now to a bit of peace and quiet and you had best get stuck into those leftovers! 😉

      • Yes, Narf7, not quite what I’d planned, but ok. The leftovers from the Crafties’ home dinner were good and I was lucky – it was cold enough outdoors that I was able to wrap it all and set it out on the table by the balcony doors. So the next time I was up at Mum’s for a few days I was able to enjoy it all. I think I made four meals out of it; all that’s left now is a small dish of refrigerator pickles . . .

      • That’s the perfect way to enjoy leftovers Linne 🙂 Steve froze the last of his Christmas meat for sandwiches. Still a few bags in the freezer now but we are SO busy out in Sanctuary we have no time to eat in the day any more. Only so much time to get into the garden when it is going mental and the time is NOW :). Lots going on in Sanctuary and lots to post about in today’s post. I hope you like it 🙂

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