Did you wonder where they went?

Well, after rwo weeks of silence, now you get two posts!

I’ve had less than three hours sleep but am restless (my knee, not an intended pun 😉 ), so have been on my phone. And guess what?

I checked Facebook and found that the other Grandmother, D, got over to SSIsland on Saturday . . .

Here’s my oldest granddaughter, T, now growing towards 16! She’s a beauty, like her Mother . . .


and here’s the newest granddaughter, S, born just last September.


Apoarently more photos will follow . . . and I’ll share . . .


8 thoughts on “Did you wonder where they went?

    • Thanks, Lois. I agree about being a grandmother. I never had one, as both mine died before I was born, but my Mum and her siblings were close to their maternal grandmother and I loved and envied their stories of her. She was Bestemor (Norwegian for grandmother) to them and although I never knew her, I choose to honour her in being Bestemor to my own grandchildren. I live so far away, though, that I’ve seen the oldest two three times, the third one twice and the fourth one once (for six weeks); the two youngest I have yet to meet. Perhaps one day . . .

  1. Lovely Linne! All of that hard work was appreciated and looks wonderful at it’s final home :). That’s a really lovely coda to your last post and here’s to simple living and enjoyment of the simple things and being grateful for family, friends and life 🙂

    • I’ll drink to that lovely toast, my friend! or I would if I knew where my Magic Bullet was . . . in the absence of smoothies, I’ll hoist a glass of ice water 😉

      There’s another photo showing the Mum and all the kids, each with their own Bavarian, but I only have my phone and it won’t copy the pic for me. Later, though . . .

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