Serpentine Sagas

Well, that’s how my life would look if I were to do a Celtic drawing of it . . .

I will save the Saga of the Move for when I’m back at my Aunty’s; possibly after we move into the condo . . .

In the meantime . . . here’s my current bed at night:

. . . and in the daytime:

After we finished getting things out of Mum’s suite late on the 31st of January, I was pretty tired and mostly rested on the Sunday. But my Aunty’s cough had worsened, so Monday morning I packed my little backpack and brought her to the ER (Emergency Room) at the closest hospital. I was right; she has pneumonia. So we have been here since.

She’s doing better now, after a rocky start, and tomorrow (Monday) we start planning for her discharge.

I spent much of Thurs and Fri (plus the night betwedn) at the Crafties’, where I had a lovely shower and even lovelier sleep. On Thurs they took me to a department store, so now I have new jeans, T-shirts and a flannel shirt (very cosy!), as my regular clothes are ‘somewhere’ . . .

My sort-of-tartan shirt shows here a bit, behind the Ian Rankin book I’m re-reading, topped with my last piece of Walker’s Scottish Shortbread. I took this, then realised I’ve been having a bit of a Scottish day . . . minus my favourite music, sadly . . . 😉

My Mum took a mild turn for the worse, too, hers due to the stress of the past months mostly. But she’s doing better now and is staying with my sister until the condo is ready.

20150208-183048.jpg Two of the Craftys’ granddaughters, who also spent the night and were each working on a doll made from old socks. They were adding hair, a fairly tedious job, which fell to Mrs. Crafty to complete:

20150208-183427.jpg The girls’ work.


20150208-191306.jpg . . . and after finishing touches by Nana.
The weather stayed quite balmy until 31st Jan, which helped make the move easier. After that, though, the temperature dropped back to seasonal ‘normal’ and then we got snow . . .

20150208-191832.jpg Second last day of the move . . .

20150208-192155.jpg the day after the move was ‘done’ . . .
And while I was at the Craftys’ . . .

20150208-192526.jpg and

Some views inside the hospital:

20150208-193017.jpg the atrium on the main floor.

20150208-193938.jpg the atrium on the second floor.

20150208-194059.jpg looking down from the 5th floor to the main floor of the atrium. Near the centre you can see one of the pianos. People just sit down and play and the large space magnifies the music perfectly.

20150208-194414.jpg the view from my chair-bed to the hallway . . .

20150208-194534.jpg there is a wide variety of artworks here. This has long been one of my favourites.

20150208-194846.jpg . . . one of my favourite queens, Queen Alexandra. She was married to King Edward, who succeeded Queen Victoria and whose short reign was the Edwardian Era, also a favourite of mine. Downton Abbey fans will remember that the series began just after his time.

Among my great treasures are two copies of Queen Alexandra’s book of family photos, one in good shape and the other a bit threadbare, with a loose cover. In 1908 she had these books made up and sold to raise money for charity. The photos are reproductions of ones taken by her and are mounted on the pages with the triangular black photo mounts so familiar from my childhood.
You can see an image of the cover and some of the pages here:

Originally from Denmark, she was a strong-minded woman who did her best to play a part in the politics of the day. I mention her here because we are in a hospital named after her, the Royal Alexandra Hospital. I admire her so much, I correct people who call this place “the Alex” and forget it is named for a queen . . .

20150208-201832.jpg A closeup of her portrait, whixh hangs in the main lobby. The hospital was founded in 1899, two years before Alexandra became Queen.

I forgot to mention that I went with the Crafties and their granddaughters to the new Re-Use-It Centre, now south of the river. I was very good and only chose a small paper bag of items, including a book of patterns for old-fashioned crocheted doilies and a video teaching Fair Isle knitting. More on my finds later . . .



15 thoughts on “Serpentine Sagas

  1. This year has started off rocky Linne but can really only go up from here my friend. Keep yourself warm and slowly this year will unravel and will show you how wonderful it is going to be. Keep the faith.

  2. Thanks for catching us up, Linne. Pleased to hear the move is pretty much done and that your Mum and Aunty are on the mend after a trying time. Great to see The Crafties passing on their crafty knowledge to a new generation. Take care of yourself, Linne. xoxoxoxox

    • Dani, I just wrote a long reply and then the entire window vanished! Not my favourite keyboard is all I will say . . .

      We still have lots of unpacking to do and for me, plenty of ‘getting rid of stuff’, too. But I try to do something every day (until the past three days, where I only did a little and managed to read two books, one of them entirely today!)

      I love to see children learning the old skills, too, and was very thrilled when the older girl asked me to teach her to knit. She’s patient and pays attention to detail, which is just right for me. Both girls are quite shy, but so am I (at first), so I take my time and slowly they thaw out and get friendly.

      I’ve been taking care of myself fairly well, I think, as I’ve been to Burnout City and I don’t care to visit there again, thank you. Hope you are doing the same for yourself.

      I did read through several of your posts, but only replied to one. loved the Anniversary posts; your patents are so good-looking! And the crochet, as always, captivates me . . . sigh . . . I blame you for the increase in Bavarian afghans in the world, you know! And about a week ago, the Crafties brought me a couple of project boxes from what is stored in their upstairs. One of them holds the white and purple Bavarian, “Violets in the Snow”, which I’m hoping to finish fairly soon. But first the CAL blankets . . . lucky for me, they didn’t locate the hot pink Fair Isle style ‘barn cardi’ that I was working on last spring (or maybe earlier than that – I can’t remember). And those are only the tip of the iceberg . . .

      I felt for you on reading about the twins going off to high school; I home-schooled, so never had that, but when my boys left home, both fairly young, I had a similar reaction. Not easy, is it?

      Well, off to bed for me now. Take care, Dani. ~ Linne

    • Thanks, Marlene. I’m sure it’s the prayers, thoughts and energy from so many dear friends that has kept me somewhat sane, calm and forging onward this past while. I’m not fond of moving at all, having done it so often in my life. Thanks, too, for the compliment on the photos. I love seeing into other people’s lives, so I like to share some of mine, too. I find it makes a person more real to those who only know us online here. ~ Linne

      • I think the wonderful virtual community is what has pulled me through the last 3 years as well. I’ll be out taking a few photos myself today. I have a couple of posts I’d like to get written but maybe tomorrow I’ll get at least one. In case you weren’t aware, this was my 35 move. Never want to do it again. So , my coffee is ready for an hour of seeing what everyone is up to before I start another busy day. Look forward to hearing how you are doing as well. I often feel like I’m writing notes to friends here. Stay well and strong Hugs,

  3. Hi Linne. I was just wondering today how you were getting on. Pleased to hear both Mum and Aunty are on the mend. Your hospital stay reminds me of the week I spent with my Mum at nights, sleeping on 4 dining chairs! When will you be moving into your new place?

    • Sorry this is so late in coming; I had to wait for a computer to use; the phone is too slow. When I stayed at that hospital with my Dad, back in ’99, they only had a chair that reclined a bit, but your feet stayed on the floor. This was so much better! I can only imagine trying to sleep on dining chairs . . . shows what we can do when ‘needs must’, eh? It’s worth it in the end, I think.
      We are in the new place since mid April (me and Aunty) and the 26th of April (Mum). It’s slowly coming together. Mum and I have both needed extra rest and being awake at night doesn’t help, but at least I don’t have an outside job to go to anymore. Small blessings . . . ~ Linne

    • Thanks, Pauline! I didn’t think it would be so long before I was back at a computer and able to reply easily. But I’ll catch up! They did improve and I was thankful for that; Mum continues to do better, too. The new place still needs a few things done and the unpacking is going at the speed of 93, but it’s slowly going to come together. Hugs back to you, my friend. ~ Linne

  4. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to drop by this wee abode to visit, read and comment. I hope to catch up with each of you in the not too distant future. ~ Linne

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