Living in the Moebius Loop . . .

. . . I wonder if that’s possible . . . some times in life sure feel like it. Maybe that’s what happens when you knit a Moebius scarf? I did, once, and loved it! No photo for you, sorry; it’s in a box ‘somewhere’ . . .

Aunty and I returned from the hospital on the 11th of February. On the 12th I developed a mild but persistent bronchitis, my old response to being stressed and overextended. I’m happy to say it’s only an occasional cough now. The yo-yo weather hasn’t helped, either. Yesterday, we were up to +15C; today, when I had to go out, it was +1C. No such thing as climate change, luckily . . .

20150315-111354.jpg Keira (whom I named); one of the Crafties’ two Teacup Pomeranians.

My next oldest sister came for a short visit, which was very nice, even though we didn’t have much time to visit. She’s an RN, so I was glad to have her here for advice on supporting my Aunty and Mum more effectively. I wish she could have stayed longer, partly because the following week our Mum turned 92 and four days later Aunty turned 95. Their longevity secrets? So far as I can tell, those consist of living a plain life, eating moderate simple meals and being fairly active well into their 80s.

20150315-111817.jpg With Mum’s birthday dinner my youngest sister and I shared these (on my part mostly in honour of my friends from Tassie, Narfie7 and Stevie-boy. The bottlecap collection is small, but growing . . . and I now have collected all but one component for my contribution to their Sanctuary. Quite different from all the lovely buntings that have already arrived, but I hope mine will find a place somewhere, too. Mr. Crafty has volunteered to help me with one bit or it would be a two-year project, for sure . . . remember, my friends, Anticipation 101 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ . . .

We are still not moved into the condo, due to a combination of Unfortunate Events (I was wondering the other day if my life story was written by Mr. Lemony Snicket; that would explain a lot . . . but in the end things turn out all right.

20150315-114228.jpg Since Mum doesn’t want more ‘stuff’, I usually give her a couple of lotto tickets. This year I was lucky to find a cute card to go with them. Inside, it said:

20150315-114450.jpg Cute, eh?

Anyway, I’ve been going between my Aunty’s and my friends the Crafties. Since I plan ahead and take on small, simple projects (my nose is now longer than Pinocchio’s), I have been working on the CAL (Crochet-A-Long) project with Selma (Eclectic Home & Life) and her group. But, optimist that I am (on alternate Thursdays) I am making THREE blankets! That group is done (but my blankets are not) and now we are on to making a ripple stitch project; mine will be a pillow. But I digress . . . the blankets are the main reason for most of this pile:

20150315-160908.jpg What I take with me: 3 bags of yarn + projects, clothes and laundry (I don’t have a card for the machines here anymore), any food my Aunty won’t eat while I’m gone. The crafting stuff is the biggest deal, though.

20150315-161541.jpg A book belonging to Mr. Crafty that is now on my Want List; very well written.

20150315-161856.jpg Guess who?

20150315-162009.jpg Meet Herbert, snuggling in Mrs. Crafty’s hands. You can’t tell yet, but he’s a Ringnecked Dove. There are two cages of doves in the basement; I loved waking to their soft cooing as they were fed early each morning. Good memories; my sons’ Dad raises a variety of pigeons and doves which end up all over the world.
So . . . about that crafting stuff . . .

20150315-163635.jpg here are the three blankets side by side on the couch, which is over six feet long.
I haven’t begun the ripple pillow yet, but . . .

20150315-163844.jpg Ms. Selma can be most seductive. The pattern is here (scroll down; it’s below one of the bunny photos) and excellent instructions for the Magic Ring are here. These bunnies take only a few minutes to make and are SO cute! This one will adorn the most recent project of all . . . (I can hear you, you know!)

20150315-165009.jpg When my RN sister was here, she brought some yarn for our Aunty to use to knit a tuque for my sister’s first grandson. Unfortunately, Aunty hasn’t been able to knit for the past couple of years, partly due to diminished eyesight, so I volunteered . . . since my pattern books are ‘somewhere’, I am inventing my own pattern. Surprised? Thought you would be . . . πŸ˜‰
I am going to use the bunny because, to misquote Ol’ Blue Eyes, “you’re no bunny ’til some bunny loves you”.
BTW, if you have too much time on your hands (Narfie!), Selma’s got links to patterns for a variety of Easter bunnies, also knitted Easter baubles, and ALSO the recipes for the treats she makes each week for the CAL class. Sadly, no treats for me and no convivial times with fellow crafters/learners . . . but I’m still having fun!

You may hear from me again before Easter, but in case not, know that you are each in my thoughts and prayers and that I wish you and your families the loveliest of holidays.

Always remember, ‘some bunny’ loves you all and you are each ‘some bunny’ to me ❀

Thanks for all the comments and support. I'm still planning to reply.


14 thoughts on “Living in the Moebius Loop . . .

  1. Goodness, I thought Mum and Aunty were in their 80’s! I hope you have inherited their genes Linne πŸ™‚ Nice to see you are back in the land of the living and keeping yourself occupied while in between homes. Love the “Teacup” pups and the dove chick πŸ™‚ I almost missed this post but decided to come check out WordPress after your email to see if you had posted, there you go πŸ™‚ Take care xxx

    • Wendy, the last of my Mum’s sisters turned 90 just before Mother’s Day. Amazing, isn’t it? My Dad’s family didn’t live nearly so long. I go back and forth between hoping I inherited those long life genes and hoping I didn’t. I guess it comes down to how well I age, really. I know I’m very, very late in responding to comments, so it was cute to see your mention of the Teacup pups now that I know you have one of your own (well, a similar one, anyway). Little Keira loves to st on my shoulder with her nose under my hair if it’s down. But I am highly resistant to owning a small dog. I think a Border Collie is as small as I’d go, but I’d prefer a large Scottish Collie and/or a real German Shepherd. I like intelligence and protectiveness in my dogs, especially as I grow older. Still, I love reading of other people’s lives with wee dogs; you and Pauline are truly lucky to have found such wonderful soulmates. Hugs back . . . ~ Linne

      • I get the feeling you have inherited genes from your Mum’s side Linne πŸ™‚ But yes, it does depend on our health doesn’t it. I am terribly late in all my blogging Linne so don’t worry there…I just don’t seem to have the time for it now. I used to only have large dogs until I got my Bichon Friese, he couldn’t reach the bench and it was nice πŸ™‚ I found him a comfort to cuddle, but I have the best of both now. I love Syd to bits and feel safe with him around. πŸ™‚

  2. Cheers for the longevity secrets…I fear I may have missed the boat on the eating simply and sparingly but whatchagonnadoeh? I will double my efforts to be active till my 80’s and being hurtled around behind Earl each morning surely counts for part of that quota. I am time poor now Ms Linnie. I attend “school” most of the days that Gog gives us and most of the other days are spent doing “homework”. We both love what we are learning but what a STEEP learning curve for having to adapt to new routines! I have literally NO time left. I used to have buckets of the stuff but it flew away with your past pigeons to fairer climes. Winter is shuffling autumn out of the way as quickly as summer was shuffled off for autumn. This year is going to be cold methinks. The hawthorn berries are bright red and we have had 3 days in a row of 6C early morning. I LOVE those bottle caps and you know that I can wait with the best of them. I haven’t had the time to string them all together to make Stevie-boys bunting as we are attempting to paint his music room as well BUT that has been shuffled to the back of our minds as we get our heads around our manic new routines. Poor Sanctuary got the “paper-rock-scissors” treatment for the last 3 days. I am promised rain today so it better blooming well come! Life is a whirlwind but your life seems to be echoing that whirlwind with all of that activity. What gorgeous blankets Linne. To be able to create like you do is an amazing thing. I bow to your efforts. I am currently trying to make a baby snuggle (the baby equivalent of a beer cooler) for a friends new baby. It has been SO cold here and they just moved down from Queensland so this must be like hitting Antarctica running for them. I actually think I prefer a busy life to one of incredible leisure. I was a bit bored last year…I certainly can’t say I am bored THIS year! Remember that old adage “slowly, slowly, catchy monkey” you are still in the “slowly, slowly” phase. That monkey is just around the corner…

    • Well, Narfie, you are not alone; I, too, missed that boat . . . even worse, I have not been active for some time now, although when I first moved to this province and was living an hour north of here with my parents, I made friends with a young woman and we walked the four sides of a section every evening, even when it was -30C with strong winds! That was the winter of ’99. (a section, in case you don’t know, is a mile on each side of a square, so that was a four mile walk every night). I think you are lucky to have Earl (or to be had by Earl, which is likely more accurate, right?). A dog just HAS to get you out and walking, like it or not. I miss that.

      I rather envy your schooling, lifelong learner that I am. I have come to call that learning curve a ‘learning backflip’ these days. But I know you will do well; you are smart and tenacious, not to mention very hardworking; that combination is always a winning one.

      I didn’t realize how much I had settled into a more relaxed regime again until I began helping my sister with her contract work and suddenly was sitting in front of a laptop with the latest MS Office (speaking of learning curves . . .) and having to forgo the lingering last cup of special coffee along with a chapter in whatever book. After not reading for several months, I’ve been like a starving refugee at an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant. I’ve been fitting in work between my daily things. None are onerous, but meds have to be supplied at correct intervals and with appropriate beverages; then there are meals, laundry, a certain amount of tidying and cleaning (although one could grow quite fond of dust bunnies, I think; at least they don’t require feeding or mucking out). I had become rather leisurely in my approach to life and accustomed to a certain amount of crochet work while watching whatever I’d managed to record on the TV. Not so much now. I’m still recording, but time to watch has melted away, so I’ve also been deleting a fair bit. After all, how many times do I really need to see “American Graffiti”?

      I’m looking forward to hearing about what you learn, Narf7, once you have time to post again. I’ve noticed that nearly all the blogs I follow regularly have slowed down with posting. I’m hoping that once I have time again they will all be moved to post more frequently. Not that I’m selfish or anything . . . stay warm, Narfie; I think about you and Stevie-boy often and wonder how you are; same for my other Village friends, too. But I can’t complain; posts from the edge of the polar cap have been pretty sparse for some time, haven’t they? I hope to do better once the laptop is back and working properly. (I will tell all in a post soon, I promise).

      Warm hugs to you both. ~ Linne

      • I have a strategy with dust bunnies. I catch them when they are dust mice hiding in the corners so they can’t evolve ;). I haven’t had the time to crochet for a while. This course has been holding me to ransom. I have holidays soon and am going to make the most of them. I am up to date with all of my work so I “get” holidays and worked hard to make sure I did. Never seen American Graffiti. We had a tree fall down over our power lines the other day and we spent the day without electricity. It was a most interesting learning curve. When it wasn’t back by 5pm (dark at the moment) we lit candles, made a HUGE pot of magnificent soup, a loaf of lovely crusty bread and had dinner by candlelight and then we found some cards (couldn’t find the scrabble set πŸ˜‰ ) and could only remember how to play “snap” and “Go fish” and then we played a game (Steve suggested) where we had to think up a word using the last letter of the word the other person said. We couldn’t repeat a word. We kept it going for ages. The dogs weren’t happy with the lack of light but we had fun :). I hope to get back to posting soon. I have been resenting this course a bit as it demands so very much of our time and I am not really interested in the content so that makes it harder to concentrate and do my best work but at the end of the day, what I get out of this year of my life is up to me really πŸ™‚

  3. Always so busy and I wonder how you manage with all that comes your ways at times.. I hope you are now feeling much better, and loved your blankets, and Herbert. :-).. and the card…
    Take care of you..
    Love and Hugs Sue xx

    • sue, lovely to hear from you, and I apologize for the enormous delay in responding to you (and to everyone, really). I lead an unbalanced life, is the thing; lots of couch time leads to lots of crochet accomplished. Since I took on some work for my sister my crochet time has dwindled quite a bit.

      I am feeling better, thank you. My Aunty’s death slowed me down, too; I still haven’t had time to really grieve, so it’s just one foot in front of the other for now, for the most part. But I’m taking a leaf from so many of my blogging friends and finding ways to make the best of things; especially I’ve been learning to replace negative thoughts and habits with more positive ones. A rather huge undertaking, but already very helpful for me.

      Two of the blankets are now completed and I’m nearly ready to add a border to the third. But more work looms in the near future. Creative work, I mean. πŸ™‚

      I loved Herbert, too; sadly, he passed away a couple of weeks after that photo was taken. We aren’t sure why.

      I have an odd sense of humour, and that card was rather cute, wasn’t it? I don’t think Mum won anything on her tickets, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

      Hope you are doing well, Sue. I’ll have to drop by soon and check on you.

      Hugs to you. ~ Linne

      • So sorry to hear about Herbert Linne, And after loosing my own dear Aunt in January of this year, who was like a second Mother.. I so sympathise with your feelings..
        Lovely to have this response from you.. And no worries.. we all get around to visit when we can.. Love and Hugs Sue xox

  4. You really have a lot on your plate and are handling it so well. I’ll keep good thoughts for you and your loved ones. That includes the dog and the dove. πŸ™‚ Loved the blankets. Busy hands, happy heart. I agree with Pauline. It will all work out. Those were beautiful roses and the card was excellent. Brilliant!

    • Thank you, Marlene. Good thoughts always help. Same back to you, too. I feel we have more than a few things in common and you are often in my thoughts. The little dog is doing well, but the dove, unfortunately, passed away a week or two after I took the picture.

      I love that saying, “busy hands, happy heart” So true, isn’t it? It will work out, I know it; sometimes it’s a bit stressful not knowing the how and when. But that’s life. I loved the roses, too, and the card. I bought Mum 80 flowers for her 80th birthday and all of them were green (her favourite colour). Some were green by nature, others by human intervention. Looked wonderful, though.

      Hope you are doing well and not getting too much hot weather. If you do, send some of it down to Narf7 and Stevie-boy; I bet they could use some right about now. Big hugs to you, Marlene. ~ Linne

      • I’d sure like to send some hot weather somewhere. We are heading for 100 next weekend. I melt in a puddle on the floor over 85. This could be an interesting summer. Hang in there. I’m still trying to get a post done but have so much outside work that I should be out there right now, not sitting here, visiting and sipping coffee. πŸ™‚ Hugs,

    • Pauline, thanks so, SO much. I generally manage to find some quiet inner peace, but those few months of being betwixt and between were a bit challenging at times, so I really appreciated the extra energy. I passed on your greetings to my Mum and she was happy to hear from you. She was quite excited by that Skype conversation with you and still refers to it at times. She got the hugs and kisses, too, thank you. She sends you some of the same, too. πŸ™‚ Hope you are staying warm these days. I think of you so often. Not having access to a computer (or internet) for so long sure didn’t help me much. But there is a new laptop now, and ‘net, so once the laptop is back here, I’ll be more on top of things, I expect.

      Pats and snuggles to ‘puppy’ and ‘cat’ LOL (actually, Orlando may not wish to be called ‘cat’, so check first before relaying those exactly, will you? And big warm hugs to you, too, my friend. Your words of wisdom have meant much to me through this past year; especially the bit about finding something to be grateful for before getting out of bed. Sometimes I forget to thank you, but I am truly grateful.

      Love and blessings to you. ~ Linne

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