4 thoughts on “Worth reading and thinking about . . .

  1. I didn’t read this as carefully as I probably should. I’d have to make the print much larger. But the gist I got is just what I was thinking. When I woke on Wed morning, I had the most unusual reaction I’ve ever had to an election. At my age, that’s quite a few. I felt a fear like I felt when I drove my mother past Dachau. Every hair on my body stood on end and a panic took over. I feel that same panic now. I didn’t care much for Ms Clinton but he is frightening in a way no politician has been. I can only hope our process can control his out of control ego. My mother couldn’t get out of Germany fast enough when the war ended. I’ve had a foot in both worlds and I never want to go back to that old one. I pray with all my might that it doesn’t happen but he has made those people who are out of work and barely hanging on think that he is their savior. We have to save ourselves. A government will never do that for us.

    • So true, Marlene! I have had much time to think over the past weeks and have come to an understanding that works for me, partly due to my off and on spiritual studies over the years, partly to my participation in an online spiritual growth and discussion group. For myself, I don’t want to add to the negativity out there, so I am seeing this time as one of opportunity. Those of us with spiritual convictions now have an opportunity to practise them. I’d like to see the results if we all began blessing this man and his government, surrounding them with Love and Light and thanking them for bringing us these unparalleled opportunities to grow into our potential by meeting these times with patience, love and compassion for everyone. Not an easy concept and certainly it won’t appeal to everyone, but for me it beets letting myself sink into the Slough of Despond, if you know what I mean. Last year (maybe the year before) I re-read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”. He points out that we have no control over what comes into our lives, but we do have absolute control over our response to whatever comes. I find that very encouraging.
      Hope things are good over your way; I’ll be by for a visit soon. Hugs and warmth in this chilly time. ~ Linne

      ps I would love to talk with you, should we ever meet face to face, about that journey with your mother. I’ve read much about those times and When I was in Washington, DC, in 1996 I spent several hours at the Holocaust Museum; not an easy place to be, but so very worth while. I have so many memories of that morning, among them standing next to a set of bunks from one of the camps; also standing in a boxcar that had been used to transport people to the death camps. I will never forget that time. I had a very similar response to yours just from touching the materials. It was vivid and haunting. ~ L

      • I’ll try and get an email off to after the first of the year, Linne. It’s so hectic here right now, I barely have written one post a month. I appreciate all your thoughts on the subject and don’t want to slight you with just a short comment. I’ll touch bases shortly. Have a wonderfilled holiday season.

      • No worries, Marlene; I got your email, but haven’t responded yet, so no stones will ever be cast from this direction. And don’t even think about’slighting’ me; can’t be done lol. I do know what you mean, though. I’ll get to catching up with email soon. Lots of family email just now and that’s had to come first. The holidays were quiet, but enjoyable (a choice for us all, I think). Sometimes a big change is better than that ‘nearly, but not quite, feeling’, which would have prevailed hafd I still been in Edmonton. Hope your holidays were good ones, too. ‘See’ you soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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