Back soon . . .

. . . “God willing and the creek don’t rise” as we used to say. And the creek IS rising; many creeks, all over the central province.


This is normally a small creek . . .

Roads are closed all over the place due to landslides and flooding. Heading to downtown Salmon Arm earlier today, we passed nearly two miles of parked ‘big rigs’, in some cases double parked, too. We ourselves had to change routes a couple of times on our way to SA and later on the way back from Vernon, where we’d had lunch and done a bit of shopping.

I’m doing better; nearly rested up from the long trip back from Tacoma.

Lots to write about and responses to your kind comments to catch up with.

Wait ’til you see what my friend and I were doing when we finally made it to creating . . .next post, I promise, but here’s a preview:

IMG_7803[1].Guess what these are? I’ll share soon. Anticipation 101, remember?

A new day is dawning . . .


Take care, my friends. I wish you lovely days filled with creativity, laughter and all that good stuff . . . and maybe some chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Back soon . . .

  1. So glad you are safely ensconced where you were headed. All the rivers are over full this year. Do be careful. Have been thinking about you. Looking forward to your next post.

    • Thanks, Marlene. It feels good to be back in such a familiar landscape, whatever else may have changed. WE drove up to Lumby today for a gun show – don’t ask – and crafts fair (there were rides, too, which I yearned for, but never got that far). On the way back, we took the ‘scenic route’ i.e., back roads, some of them still dirt and gravel, and there were still creeks and rivers in flood. Water in fields and all that. So far, so good here, though. NO more water in the yard for us. It can change in a heartbeat, though, as there is still snow on the higher slopes and usually the end of the high water doesn’t come until the end of June. The road to Revelstoke was washed out somewhere and traffic has been re-routed, with two! ferries across the Arrow Lakes, some people have had waits of up to five hours. For many, it’s a matter of getting to work in Alberta or home from their work, so it’snot as though they can just stay home ’til it’s over.

      I have been thinking about you, too, my friend. stay strong, eh? “This, too, shall pass.” as the wise men said to the king when asked for four words that would make him happy when he was sad and sad when he was happy. Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

      p.s. post coming SOON!

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