Thankful on Thursday: Three Things

First of all, and this is not part of my ‘Three Things’, I’m thankful for this idea, which I found on The Snail of Happiness’ post. Feel free to start your own list or lists.

I quote Ms. snail here (in case you would like to leave a note with either or both of the ladies who began, and are carrying on, this lovely idea):  You may wish to let Ms. Snail know you are spreading the word as well.

“Emily of Nerd in the Brain originally created Three Things Thursday, but it’s now being hosted by Natalie of There She Goes.”

Three things that I am thankful for today are:

A) A place to lie that is low-key, with little pressure and a lot of acceptance of me as I am. That’s not always easy to find.

B) More than enough to eat and nearly all of it healthy 🙂  As much as possible of it is grown here, much is purchased from local growers (sadly, we have just come to the end of the local asparagus season; no more until next year, as we prefer to eat seasonally.  The treats tend to be home-made, often baked by cousin S. She is a very good baker and those treats are tempting, I can tell you! This week it’s been rum and raisin chocolate muffins, with the raisins soaked for half an hour in a cup of rum before she began. The alcohol is baked out, but the scent and flavour remain . . . We have one a day, along with a cup of hot herb tea. Very nice, indeed.

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C) beauty, in such a variety of forms that I had a hard time selecting a ‘few’ representative images. As you can see I love nature and weather, and especially old things, with their peeling paint, their rust, all the details that tell me they hold a multitude of stories. I shall never know those stories, but I do love knowing they exist. To me, new things are, for the most part, soul-less and uninteresting. There are a few exceptions, of course.. 🙂

That’s it for today, my friends. In the face of daily challenges, personal or global, I think it’s good to practise gratitude for what we do have, large and small.

And a favourite classical piece to lift your spirits:

Let’s each be that wee girl, taking one small action and starting a flashmob of joy! Have a great weekend, all of you. See you again soon.  Love and Light  ~ Linne


15 thoughts on “Thankful on Thursday: Three Things

    • a winning lottery ticket?? lol Truly not much more. I AM thankful for all I have at present and there has been more, too; just haven’t made it back to posting yet.

      • It can do, Lois, but I have learned a lot along the way and I know what I want to do with it. Not shop at Nieman-Marcus, either LOL I don’t know if you are familiar with Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen in New York; he’s very inspirational. As well, I have a very large family and extended family and nearly all of them could use a bit of a hand. Paying off mortgages, that sort of thing. Helping the younger members buy a house or land. And there are plenty of charitable projects that can use some help. I’ve been keeping a list for some years now. It could be most interesting. Hugs. ~ Linne

      • Yes, I have heard the inspiring stories that have come out about Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen. He didn’t go into that to make a profit but has which is amazing.

        If I could win just enough to help out without my name getting out as a winner I’d be okay with that. There’s very little I need but would enjoy making a difference in other people’s lives.

      • I just saw an article about a man in Auckland, New Zealand, who is doing something similar. He is collecting food that would otherwise end up in dumpsters from restaurants and grocery stores, has chefs who volunteer to cook amazing meals and with the help of more volunteers, is feeding people in front of a central restaurant (in a square or the like, I think). People pay what they can and many with money come and donate as well. They feed anyone, not just the poor. There are three courses and the usual restaurant table service, which is not the norm for people living on the street. I plan to include a link in a post soon.

        One way to help without putting your name out there is to make anonymous donations to organizations you support, or to mail money orders to people when possible. Also, if you won a lot, you could form or support a foundation with the stipulation that you retained your privacy. I think there must be many ways, once one begins thinking about it.

        I don’t really need much, either (that’s why I have things in storage; I was thrifty and collected what I would need for retirement). If possible, I’d like to travel a bit, then settle down in a place of my own. We’ll see . . .

      • I hope you do get to do your traveling. I enjoyed my travels but know those days are over for me.

        Yes, there are plenty of ways to help others and I liked the story of the man in New Zealand. There are places in the states that forbid feeding of the homeless and will even jail those who do. I get so mad when I hear those stories.

        I did hear one story this week that shook me up. A football player provides washing machines for schools. He learned children aren’t going to school because they have no clean clothes. I hadn’t thought of that as a need before but it makes sense put with another story I heard recently that close to 200,000 children in the state of New York are homeless. There are so many needs out there.

      • I have had three trips that were not work-related, but none of my own choosing entirely. One of them I won, believe it or not. I should post about that one day. And about how I parlayed one week trips into three weeks just going on a wing and a prayer as they used to say. Amazing things happen sometimes!

        I’ve heard of those laws forbidding feeding the homeless and feel as you do. It’s interesting to me that so many who behave this way think of themselves as good Christians. I guess we can justify nearly anything. But there are so many who help in unique ways and that gives me hope.

        I admire that football player so much; what an insightful thing to do! It’s not something I’ve ever thought about in relation to schools, although homeless people certainly need places to clean their clothes. I was shocked at the number of homeless children in New York state. It’s appalling to me.

        My cousin M and I recently watched a show on the Knowledge Network about how paper money, credit, stock market bubbles, Ponzi schemes, etc. got started (only in the 1700s) and that was pretty bad, too. Enron featured in part of it and shocked me; I had a lot going on in the ’90s and wasn’t really paying attention to the news.

        I honestly feel that the big challenge of our time is simply the lack of simple caring, for ourselves, for each other, for animals, for the planet . . . We SO need to change our thinking and open our hearts. The good part of the bad things, though, is that they are acting as catalysts and out of the chaos is coming more love, generosity, etc. So there IS hope for the world. Hugs to you. ~ Linne

      • I didn’t realize the Ponzi schemes in our society went as far back as the 1700s, but it’s a bubble I fear will break in the not too distant future with dire consequences for many.

        Did you hear the news that came out, I believe this week, that Pulau Island not makes people sign a pledge to respect the environment? I was thrilled to read this story. Here’s the link if you want to read it,

      • I hadn’t realized it, either Lois, until I saw the documentary. scary, really.Thanks for the link; I’ve opened it and will read it tomorrow. Sounds like my sort of thing, for sure. But I have a post to write and it’s after midnight . . . again 😦
        I’ll let you know what I think about it. Have a happy weekend (well, I guess it’s half over, but still . . .) ~ Linne

  1. What a great way to come back!!! Full tilt with gratitude. Couldn’t be any better. Loved all the photos and the music of the flash mob was a great way to end the day!!! Thank you three times for sharing all of this.

    • Thanks so much, Marlene. The practise of gratitude is so life-changing. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’m hoping to become more regular again. So much going on and never enough time. I’ll be glad to be caught up again. I am SO behind here.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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