From Tough to Fluff

Hi, everyone! It’s been an interesting day . . . the appointment with the ophthalmologist went as well as could be expected. I have to have an ultrasound on the left eye, as the cataract is too dense to allow anyone to view the back of the eye.That should be scheduled within a couple of days, but I have no idea how long I’ll have to wait for it. Measurements will be taken in early January and then there will be two surgeries, about a month apart. With any luck, I’ll have fairly normal vision from then on.  So that’s the ‘tough’ part of my day. I’ll spare you the details, as I’m rather interested in getting to the ‘fluff’ part of this. (Thanks for that, Marlene )


The good news was very welcome and  It came in the box shown above We stopped at the mailboxes on our way into town and there it was! he thought of opening it got me through the appointment and all the waiting.

Finally, we were home and I got out my scissors to slice through the tape. Her’s what I saw first:

I loved seeing the care they took with my order and the checkmark gave me confidence that all would be as expected. And it was!You can see that the box came from YarnCanada, based in New Westminster, a bit east of Vancouver, BC.

Here’s what I saw next:


Have you guessed yet? The lovely green skeins at the top are what I ordered for making the Meg Shawl, designed by Amy of Love Made My Home and for sale on Ravelry.. I wrote about that in the previous post. I was a bit wary about ordering based on a colour seen on the internet, but it was just what I hoped for. So I downloaded the patterns I’d bought from Amy and printed them. And then realized that I couldn’t read yet, due to the drops i’d had in my eyes at the eye clinic. Most frustrating, as part of me wanted to just dive in and start! The enforced wait was good, though; I had a wee look around and realized that I have four socks on the go, along with the two tuques, a knitted tea cosy ready to stitch together, a scarf to complete and a few other knitted or crocheted UFOs. sigh . . . So I shall be a good girl and finish a few things before I begin the shawl Oh, but I didn’t want to be good!

I slowly unpacked the contents, these first:

All four are Paton’s Kroy sock yarn. Washable wool and nylon for strength and durability. Two are Red and two are Clover Colours. The variegated are quite different, but I had been warned and was expecting that. I don’t mind some difference in my socks, but I do like them to look like a pair, not things I rescued from somewhere. So I have figured out what may be a solution. I shall use both ends of one skein (the more colourful one, I think) to knit from the toes up on both socks, as far as the yarn will go. Then I will switch to the darker skein and use both ends of that. We’ll see how that works. In any case, I shall have warm feet!

The red yarn is so I an make an easy, little concentration needed, pair of socks. Just knit and knit and , oh yes, make the heel . . . then knit some more. It will be a good break from the Fair Isle, much as I love patterns and stranded knitting. Next time I shall order four skeins for a pair of socks and use the wool for stranded knitting (one stitch one with yarn 1; the next with yarn 2 and so on) That will make the sock thicker and even warmer.

Here’s a close-up of the Meg yarn; the colour is between these two pictures in real life. It i a washable wool and SO soft and cosy. I could use a jumper made of this!

And a closeup of the Clover Colours:

They really are different, aren’t they? It would be interesting to use them for stranded work, I think.

Now, just before I finally lifted the smaller skeins out, I saw this:

I thought that was such a ‘sweet’ touch that I emailed the company immediately to let them know that I’d received my package and was grateful for the wee gift.

Disclaimer: I did tell YarnCanada that I was going to write about the quick service and the extra detail, but I am not affiliated with them in any way and will receive nothing for promoting their company and products. They did tell me, in a note on the packing slip, that if I post on Instagram about the products, my name will be entered into a draw for $50. Another nice thing, I think. That will have to wait for tomorrow,; I’m still seeing things far more fuzzily than usual.

I’ll wrap this up with something completely different: Africa! Do watch it; it’s one of the most inspiring performances I’ve seen yet!

See you soon, my friends!  ~ Linne



8 thoughts on “From Tough to Fluff

  1. Love getting packages and so glad it cheered you from thinking about your eye difficulties. I so understand. It’s hard to wait so long to know what the outcome will be but I’ll keep good thoughts for you. Enjoy the yarn you have and the anticipation of using the new stuff. Giant hugs, m

    • Thanks so much, Marlene! I’m doing some alternative stuff, too, because it’s always interesting to see how those help. I expect you know more than most about eye challenges, waiting and all that. I keep you and your sister in my thoughts, too; I appreciate any energy sent my way. One thing about knitting vs crochet, especially stranded knitting; it always takes longer than one might think. But it’s so rewarding! Still, the two pairs of socks with only plain knitting (and turning the heels) will be a welcome shift and I hope a bit speedier. I’m definitely looking forward to the Meg shawl, too; that should be a piece of cake, right?

      Hope you and your sister are continuing to do well, as in keeping positive and all that. I’m sure you will understand. Not an easy time, but it has its rewards, in my opinion.

      Thanks for the lovely hugs; I’m sending some back for you both.
      Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

    • Isn’t it? I love the anticipation and sometimes delay opening just to savour the moment. I really like variegates, too, and I may make a pair of mis-matched socks one day. The Clover is as pretty as I expected and I was glad to have seen a warning somewhere about the difficulty of making matched socks from variegates. Might have been one of your posts; sorry, I forget now. I also forgot to tell you how much I liked your red wellie socks for Mr. Snail. Stunning! And when I saw my lovely red wool, I almost regretted giving my own new wellies away just before I moved back here. I’ll have another pair one day and will likely make a matching pair of wellie socks for myself then. Happy Knitting! ~ Linne

  2. What a lovely package! I’m not usually drawn to green but that wool is delightful. I’m sure you will love knitting it. I’m the same when I get new material, I want to jump in and use it straight away…. but I have to wash it, iron it and then read the pattern carefully.. or make sure I draw my pattern carefully if it is an “original”. My maths can be woeful sometimes so I get my husband to check the numbers for me. I use the decimal system here so have to convert to the imperial. Hope your appointment isn’t too long and best of luck with the op x

    • Kym! How nice to hear from you. I’ve been awol for some time, but am back again now. Still haven’t started a cosy. But they are definitely on my list for when I begin stitching again.

      The wool feels wonderful and I know I’ll love wearing the shawl. I can hardly wait to begin, but I really do have to finish some other projects. Nice to have an inspirational piece waiting in the wings, though. That green is more yellow than my usual preferred shades of green, and lighter, too, but it’s pretty stunning in person. We’ll see how it all turns out.

      I hate having to wash new fabric (and new clothes) it always feels so nice with the sizing in it. I’m a sucker for textures sometimes.

      As to maths, simple counting undoes me some days . . . and I grew up on Imperial, except for money lol. I can count money, no problem, but I have trouble with metric for weight or height. And I hate when the weather people talk about xx number of millimetres of rain. Who thinks in terms of mm? At least I know what 2.5 cm is (an inch).

      Thanks for the good wishes and I do hope things are going well in your part of the world. I’ve dropped by a few times, but I suspect you’ve been pretty busy lately. So no worries.

      Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

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