Day 5: 500th Post Giveaway!

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Hello, my friends! I realized yesterday that today would be my 500th post. (I began this late on the 5th but it won’t be posted until early on the 6th. I really need to get back in front of the ball . . .)

The Snail of Happiness had a giveaway for her 1001st post and I am one of the winners. Not sure yet what my gift will be, but I’m excited about it. She has inspired me to celebrate my own progress and so I’m offering a small hand-made Christmas ornament to each of the first five people whose names I draw. To enter, leave a comment below including at least one of the following in your comment (feel free to include all five; the more I know, the better):

  1. what you like best about Christmas
  2. your favourite Christmas symbol
  3. your favourite Christmas songย  or carol
  4. your favourite Christmas food and/or drink
  5. the word you associate most with Christmas

I will use at least one of your answers to guide me when creating your gift.

gold 500 CAD

I do wish I could send each of you something useful, like a $500 bill, but that’s not in my budget yet. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were?ย  ย ๐Ÿ™‚

So it will be an ornament and I do hope you will like it.

This is open to everyone, no matter where you live, by the way.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, no worries; change ‘Christmas’ to the name of whatever holiday you do celebrate and I will take that into account.

I will close commenting on this post at midnight Pacific Time (BC, Canada, time) on Sunday, the 17th of December (this will be the 18th to some of you) and on Monday I will put all the names into a festive container and select five. I will email each recipient with the good news and to get your address.

gold 500

I appreciate each one of you, especially as I was absent so much over the past couple of years. Thanks for hanging in there in spite of the irregularity of my posting.

May you find Peace, Comfort and time for Reflection today and every day.

And for today:ย  “My Wish For You

Love and Light to each of you.ย  ~ Linne



15 thoughts on “Day 5: 500th Post Giveaway!

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  2. I had to make it here to congratulate you on 500!!!! Wow! That is something to be very proud of especially considering you’ve had a couple of rough years to get posting done. I don’t want anything but kind of found the questions interesting. I’m not allowing gifts for me this year.
    what you like best about Christmas- I like the lights! They make me feel happy
    your favourite Christmas symbol- I love my tree with the lights and decor but the Angel on top is the most important. Of course I have angels all year but at Christmas, they swarm.
    your favourite Christmas song or carol- The little drummer boy makes me cry every time.
    your favourite Christmas food and/or drink- Lebkuchen smell and taste like Christmas.
    the word you associate most with Christmas- This one made me stop and think. I think it’s kindness or sharing that comes to mind. People are kinder and more willing to share now than any other time of the year. I want Christmas all year long. I am forced to take my lights down in January or they would stay up till they burned out. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Merry Christmas, Linne.

    • Thanks, Marlene! It’s good to be back, although returning to something more like once a week posting will make it seem like a breeze now . . . It was a bit tough (well, more than a bit, really) but no-one would thank me to spend the rest of my life being down and sad, so I have had to make some choices about who I want to be, really, and what shape I want my life to take. I’m sure you know what I mean. You have a road ahead of you, too; if there is ever anything I can do to make it a bit smoother, do let me know. You have my email address.
      My angel is hand-made by me (and in storage). Someday I hope to share a photo of her.
      In the Bleak Mid-Winter makes me cry. We aren’t asked to give much in a material way; it’s the spirit of giving that matters, isn’t it?
      I have such a hard time living with rules like that (when to take down one’s Christmas lights); I have my own reasons for when I do things and it’s hard to conform to rules with no real meaning; well, it is for me, anyway. And in these times, I think we could use more Light year-round, don’t you?
      If I don’t ‘see’ you beforehand, I wish you and your sister (and all your family and friends) a very Merry Christmas, too.
      Love and warm hugs, Marlene. ~ Linne

  3. what you like best about Christmas – It being over. I’m afraid I’m a real bah humbug sort of person come Christmas.
    your favourite Christmas symbol – Jol log – yep, Vikings celebrated Yule well before Christians.
    your favourite Christmas song or carol – O little Town of Bethlehem.
    your favourite Christmas food and/or drink – Mince pies are kind of moorish and my mum’s punch is a speciality I look forward to. I miss my Nanna’s teeth-breaker spuds and her trifle though.
    the word you associate most with Christmas – Consumerism.

    • Humbug, eh, Jessie? Wish I could treat you to one of my own ‘traditional’ Christmases . . . ๐Ÿ™‚
      What on earth are ‘tooth-breaker spuds’? I do know what spuds are, but . . .
      I have yet to make trifle, but it’s on my someday list.
      And, if you win, the ornament doesn’t have to be a Christmas one; it can be for Solstice or just a general home decoration.
      I know what you mean about consumerism; it’s why I do my best to counteract that with home-made and more thoughtful traditions.
      Love and Light to you, my friend. ~ Linne

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  7. Thanks for the mention. We don’t do Christmas, but instead we celebrate the solstice. That makes us sound pagan, but that’s not it at all. It’s about the turning of the year – the promise of light – looking forward to planting and growing – anticipating the coming of spring.
    After your email I’m having a rethink about what to send you… I really want it to be something that fits in with your plans and you’ve given me a lot to think about in that respect!!

    • You’re welcome, Jan. I’d been thinking about giveaways for some time and had planned to do one for my 400th post, but somehow it slipped by me unnoticed. So this time I seized the day, so to speak. I read a funny tweet the other day. Someone said, “If we were meant to seize the day, shouldn’t it come with handles?”

      Christmas, to me, is also about the turning of the year and the return of the Light, so we are on similar pages. One of my best friends is pagan, actually. I do think, though, that most religions celebrate the turning of the year, don’t you? I don[‘t expect to be doing any planting and growing this coming year, so am glad I did a bit this summer. And yes, spring . . . not that I’m counting the days or anything lol! I like it that you and Ms. WritingHouse celebrate together, too. It’s always so good to share with friends and I think this year in particular.

      As to the email, if you have further questions, do feel free to ask. I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much. As to the rest of you, all will be made clear very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Love and Light and many Blessings to you. ~ Linne

    • Thanks, Selma, but I really can’t take much credit; I blame (or credit lol) Ms. Snail. She started it! And your posts have given me so many ideas for Christmas. And I have you to thank for leading the way in daily posting at this most bustling time of year. This year I’m looking forward to trying at least some of your recipes. Much love back to you, Selma. ~ Linne

  8. Solstice for me – that day when you know that the darkest days are behind you and that Spring is waiting for you, around the next bend. The Snail and I have a tradition (2 years and counting!) of having a picnic in the Limery. Even though we don’t “do” Christmas anymore, I do always associate “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues and the sorely-missed Kirsty MacColl with this time of year. Happy Solstice everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think that’s a lovely tradition! I count down to the solstice, too, although I haven’t ever done anything special to mark it. Maybe I should add that to my winter celebrations . . .How nice that you have friends to celebrate with, too. I haven’t met many people who know The Pogues, but I loved their work before I ran across Runrig and I still go back and listen to their concerts on YouTube from time to time. Kirsty MacColl was such a good singer, wasn’t she? I felt so badly when I learned how she died. That’s a great song, too. I wish you a Happy Solstice, too! Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

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