Day 14: Thankful on Thursday

It will be Thursday in less than an hour; I’m finally getting going a wee bit earlier! My actual goal is to get up early and get things done so that I can go to bed earlier. In practise, I’ve had some wakeful nights  lately and gone to bed quite late, so then mornings become problematical at best and nonexistent at worst. Maybe next year, eh?


I have been inspired by Ms.Snail‘s Gratitude Posts for some time and occasionally am moved to write one of my own.

So . . . what am I thankful for today? I am thankful for all the things that give me deep joy, that make my heart sing, that keep me going through the tough times and make me want to go on/ There are many, of course, so I’ll pick three  four that I don’t think I’ve listed before:

First, I am grateful for Colour; it has always been important to me. I once painted a large room I was living in a colour I had specially mixed for me at the paint store. I would have to call it ‘neon salmon’ and when I was done painting that room, for one of the few times in my life I thought I might  have gone too far . . . The setting sun shone in through a large west-facing window and the room lit up like the inside of a fire-coal. But when I was done setting up a place to sleep, bringing in my plants and hanging my favourite paintings (especially a large oil pastel of a blue whale underwater, the main reason I’d wanted the bright colour on the wall in the first place; it set off the painting perfectly), the room was amazing. I love colour in flowers and trees, too and here are a few pictures of what I saw this summer, here at my cousins’ and elsewhere:

I love colour in fabrics and yarn, too:

I am grateful for Rocks; for  the shapes of them, the colours, the infinite patterns to be found on them. For some reason they give me a deep feeling of serenity, an awareness of the infinite stretching out of time . . . These are some of the rocks my cousins have collected over the years and placed around their yard:

A third thing I am grateful for is Patterns. I find patterns everywhere:

In the Echinacea flowers we grew this year,

In the rhythms of the handwork done by my Auntie years ago,

My eye was caught by the patterns (and the colours and shapes!) in a display of a variety of squash at a small country stand last autumn. I am so pleased with how this photograph turned out:




My favourite day planner was chosen partly for its convenient size, but mostly for its colour and patterns:    The pink blanket behind it is on my bed here and has belonged to my cousin S since she was a girl. It makes me feel warm just to look at it.


Fourth, I am grateful for whimsy, too, as you can tell from this teapot, which I found by chance in a fancy shop and had thought was lost forever; I had not seen it since we moved out of Mum’s house back in 2006, but I found it again when packing to return to BC last September. One of my dreams is to have my grandchildren visit me for a week, one by one, and I would love to have tea with them, using this sweet Granny teapot:

Well, that’s four things I am grateful for today and now it is only one in the morning, so I have a good chance at getting up earlier tomorrow. I shall be grateful for that, too.

But first, I must find some music. That’s another thing I am grateful for, but you know that already, don’t you?

Two of my favourite Canadians, Kate and Anna McGarrigle; this is their debut CD which came out in 1976, by turns bouncy and danceable, pensive and insightful, sometimes funny, always beautiful with their lovely harmonies and melodies.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before or not, but it’s one of my favourites every Christmas. If we can have Peace for a few hours, surely we have it within us to create a lasting Peace . . .

Christmas 1914, song by Bruce Guthro. the Canadian lead singer of Runrig.

May you each find beauty, colour, patterns and harmony in these final days before Christmas or the Solstice or whatever you celebrate in mid-Winter. Peace ~ Linne


4 thoughts on “Day 14: Thankful on Thursday

    • The doilies I showed were done by my one remaining Auntie, but my Mum and all her sisters did work just as beautiful; except for one, my Aunty I stayed with so much in Edmonton. She only knitted and said no one needs to know both! I was never able to change her mind. lol I know what you mean about family and friends. Most of my friends are here in the Virtual Village. I am most grateful for all of them. You have been a special friend to me since I joined in with your crochet lessons a few years ago. I made so many of your blankets while sitting and chatting with my Aunty. 9 medium sized and 2 large ones.
      I think we learn as we get older not to take our family and friends for granted. Once they are gone, that’s it. I didn’t stay in touch very well when I was youngm but now I do much better. Hugs to you. ~ Linne

  1. I always love posts about thankfulness and I’m glad to inspire you a little bit. I love those doilies made by your auntie – what talent! Are they crochet or tatting?
    I have been incredibly busy over the last week and I owe you two emails and a gift… the former I shall manage soon (well. one anyway) and the latter I’m starting to formulate an idea about.

    • Thank you! The doilies are crocheted; my Mum, her mother and all her sisters made these. Except for one sister who only knitted. They were all very talented. I am incredibly lucky to have been taught from an early age, as they were. Life would be so much smaller if I had no creative skills.
      Mum gave hers to one of my sisters, but I have collected several of the old instruction books and have a box of varied crochet thread in the storage. Once I’m settled, I plan to make a bunch of these. With any luck, one or more of my grand-daughters will want them one day.
      No worries about the emails; I can imagine the busyness. Write when you have time, even if it’s in January. As to the gift, I am intrigued . . . Peace and Light to you. ~ Linne

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