Day 16: A Second Story for Saturday

Before I begin, I’d like to remind you, if you haven’t been here for a while, that if you leave a comment on the Day 5 post celebrating my 500th post, your name will go in the bag for my giveaway draw.

Another Travel Story:

Last week I shared my story of a rather amazing trip I took a few decades ago. Well, ten years later, I made a similar trip. I had inherited some money and one thing I did for myself was to return to Virginia in June. No camping this time; I love camping, but I wanted something different. So I booked one night in a hotel, but nothing else. I was prepared to camp again if I had to. Plan Z, I call it, this ‘what I will do if all else fails’. I’ve never had to implement a Plan Z, but I feel better when I have one.

This time, getting there was much of the adventure: It was significantly cheaper to fly from SeaTac (between Seattle and Tacoma) than from Vancouver, BC. So I offered to pay my younger son and his girlfriend enough for them to have a weekend away for a change and they drove me to the airport. Well, we decided to leave a bit early and stop for breakfast on the way. Except we forgot it was Sunday and we were on the freeway. SeaTac 01In the end, we left the freeway and finally found a place that was open. After a more hurried breakfast than we’d have liked, we resumed our trip. Traffic was bad and we were held up a few times, possibly due to accidents. In the end we arrived at the airport at exactly the time my plane was due to take off. I wasn’t worried, and I told the ‘kids’ so; I urged them to go on their way, reminding them that things have a way of working out for me. But my daughter-in-law was not budging. She insisted on staying with the car and sent my son with me to make sure I was ok. When we got to the desk, we found that the plane had not taken off, due to problems with the landing gear . . . So they checked me in and we said goodbye and my son left, likely still worried a bit.

Things continued to unfold . . . because I was so late, they had given away my seat and there was nothing left in the economy class, where I usually fly. But there was room in first class. Hmmmm

First Class 01

I had a comfy seat similar to this.

And apparently I was to be treated as well as if I had paid for it. Nice. Only, I had a very sore throat (I used to get laryngitis frequently back then) and was unable to swallow anything but some warm water. I could have had a drink or two otherwise.

We sat on the tarmac for several hours, then were asked to disembark, as the problem with the landing gear was still not solved. No worries; I didn’t really want to fly with flaky landing gear, anyway. Although I did love the leg room!

So off we went; me holding back because some passengers were in a huge rush; they were trying to get to New York or other big cities where they had to catch a connecting flight to Europe or the like.

By the time I arrived at the booking desk, the poor staff looked so stressed; passengers were upset and shoving, raising their voices and so on. I felt that if I missed the evening sign-in at the conference, it wasn’t the end of the world; if they missed a connection, it might be the end for them. So when I got to the head of the line, I told the young woman that I didn’t have to be in Virginia exactly on time, so long as I got there eventually. And I told her she could send me anywhere, the more unique the place, the better, as I do love an adventure! Her relief and gratitude were almost tangible. So she booked me through to Minneapolis, where I would stay in the Embassy Suites hotel. Now that’s a very nice hotel and it really was a suite. I ordered room service for my supper, as I’d not had lunch and it was late in the evening by then.

Embassy Suites hotel room

My suite was even nicer than this!

After a good night’s sleep I took time to look out my window. Across the street was a huge military graveyard, with row upon row of white crosses. The sight has stayed with me all these years.

Shortly after, I went down to the dining room for my complimentary breakfast. Some of you may have stayed in places like this, but I hadn’t; there was a large room with cooking and serving stations all around in an oval shape. I could have had a Korean breakfast, a Japanese breakfast . . . you get the idea.

Embassy Suites hotel dining room

Much like this, but all around the dining room.

Then it was time to return to the airport and continue on my way. The flight went smoothly and I was soon landing at Norfolk. I forgot to tell you last week that on my first flight here a decade before we flew through a huge lightning and thunder storm. It felt like being on a roller coaster; lucky for me I love roller coasters! But we made it safely and the sight of lightning flashing all around was truly spectacular.

Atlantic sunrise 01

Like this, only redder . . .

I spent my first night in the fancy hotel, on the 17th floor, in a room that faced East. I left the curtains open and woke to the most incredible sunrise ever; a huge red sun rising out of the Atlantic Ocean, right in front of my eyes! I shall never forget the sight.

The next day I learned that there was a beach cottage informally called the Canadian Cottage and that one of the ladies had been unable to come at the last minute. I was offered her room and, of course, accepted. It was right next to the beach and when we crossed the street to the west, we were at the conference. I suppose one could call this serendipity at its best.

I had a great time, renewing acquaintances from the previous trip (the couple I’d stayed with before had moved out of state, so I was unable to visit them) and meeting new people. This time, thanks to my inheritnce, I was able to be more supportive of the organization and I bought a few souvenirs and some raffle tickets.

Did I mention that I had booked this flight for three weeks, also? I did. and I met the nicest volunteer there and we hit it off immediately. She invited me to stay with her for the last two weeks and we had such a good time, visiting historic sites and places of interest to me.  The only hitch was spending a day at the beach when it was very overcast, but warm. My new friend fell asleep and I was reluctant to wake her. I ended up with the worst sunburn I’d ever had. Fortunately, this was the day before I had to go back to BC, so it didn’t spoil my visit. But three days later you could still feel the heat in my arm.

VA Cape Henry historic lighthouse

Historic Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia

There is more to this story, but I’ll continue it either next Saturday or the one after that.

I wish you all some time for relaxation and creativity today.

Music:  I’ve been enjoying Selma’s posts on Norwegian Nisse, and I always think of dwarves as larger cousins of the Nisse. Here is Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt. This is the first piece of classical music I ever heard and I still recall how vividly the images of dwarves marching underground were in my mind’s eye. It’s a bit rousing, so here is an antidote, also by Grieg:

Morning Mood



9 thoughts on “Day 16: A Second Story for Saturday

  1. How wonderful all turned out just perfectly.. I think because you did not worry, and knew all would turn out well, it did.. And so you effectively manifested a great trip.. 🙂 Loved reading, and the pictures were lovely ..

    • Sue, thanks so much! I think I was in ‘the zone’, if you know what I mean. And then, a while later, I wandered out of it and have had a long road finding my way back again. I think I’m getting there, though. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the story. My family tend to think I’m crazy, as they are all far more conventional in everything than I am. I found a different path . . . I’ve read a lot about manifesting over the years; putting it into practise isn’t always easy. I like David Spangler’s current approach. And yes, it was a great trip! Hope your weekend is going well and you are finding some time for fun and relaxation. ~ Linne

      • Yes I Believe in Manifesting.. and we have to be careful what we wish for.. 🙂
        And yes I have a full week ahead.. This evening I am off to see my Granddaughter in her Dance Presentation, of Ballroom and Latin dance.. She has passed several dances with honours .. We are proud of her.. Then she is in her school play mid week. And lots of family visits to do.. So we will be busy..
        You take care too Linne, and enjoy your Christmas when it arrives.. Love Sue xx

      • Sue, I read recently that “whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t . . . you’re right!” Same goes for manifesting. I got something very big once that I asked for, and in the end it was good for me, as it did help me to grow, but on looking back, I would work the request differently. lol or at least add some defining details. IN the end it brought me to a challenging time that lasted for some years.
        I can imagine how proud you are of your grand-daughter; it’s so nice that you are able to see her perform. I love dance, especially ballroom, although I never learned to dance myself. I always regretted that. Enjoy your week and your visiting, too. No worries about comments from here on (unless you missed Day 5! 🙂 If I don’t ‘see’ you before, I wish you and your family a joyous Christmas, too. love, Light and hugs to you, Sue. ~ Linne

      • Just logged on and saw your reply Linne, and agree with you. And yes so enjoyed watching her dance, She got special honours too, Not only did she receive two gold medals, but a special honours award as she got the most marks that the examiners gave her out of the whole dancing school of 95% .. I was so very proud of her.. 😀
        You too Linne.. Enjoy xx

      • That must have been a very memorable performance, Sue. 95% is awesome. Was anyone able to film it? I ask because we have no film of my youngest and I so wish I did. I can imagine how proud you must be.
        Don’t worry about replying to this; it’s almost Christmas and I know you are busy. Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

      • Yes I made a film from my camera.. I hope to put them on a DVD disk over Christmas.. 🙂 Its lovely to look back at some of them when she started aged 3.. 🙂 Happy Christmas Linne

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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