Day 17: Shopping on Saturday, Sharing on Sunday

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Today was pretty busy; the cousins and I went to Vernon for a few things, including my baking supplies. We had lunch at the Red Robin, as we often do. They have a great loyalty programme and even better food. The best fish and chips I’ve ever had, and I’m from the coast!  But I don’t order that very often; I like my veggies too much. Today I had the “Avo-Cobb-O Salad”; just what it sounds like – a Cobb salad with avocado chunks. I should have taken a photo. It has plenty of salad for the base; a mixed garden salad, I guess  you’d call it. Then there is a hard-boiled egg, half a tomato, chopped, bacon, half a chicken breast broiled perfectly, half an avocado, and a very generous portion of crumbled bleu cheese. I t think that’s it, but there may have been more. I had a side of those wonderful fries, too. There was a sale on, a buy one, get one half off, but at the end, the server gave us half off on both the burgers, so it was a very good deal. We older people like our good deals! And he got a good tip in return. Servers like their tips!


Spooky napping atop a high bookshelf

Then we went to a store I am not fond off, but the prices are good. The Great Canadian Super-Store. In a way they are good; there is a large variety of goods, for one thing, but the store is just too large and it’s hard to find things unless you shop there regularly. There is a sheet of paper in a plastic sleeve at the end of each long aisle, listing the things to be found in that aisle, but the print is too small for me to read. Luckily, the cousins helped me find what I needed. One good thing: in the Asian section we found a large package of cardamom for about half the price of a small bottle of the spice. I am planning to begin Christmas baking tomorrow, using some of cousin S’ recipes, some of my own and some of Selma’s. That link will take you to all her recipes that use cardamom; I am considering the cardamom cake with coffee drizzle, but it’s a rather large item for just the three of us (when I’ll be baking cookies and all  that); perhaps I will leave that for when we have company or go visiting. The chocolate and cardamom cookies (farther down the page), on the other hand, are calling my name . . .



was a very small selection of cookie cutters, too, but I did buy four. You will see two hearts in there; that is so I can use one for baking and one for crafts. The teddy bear is not Christmas y to me, but I have an idea.

IMG_5723 This set of three I chose because I do like to have a Santa shape. The reindeer I’ve never seen before, at least not as only a head. And the one in the middle is definitely not a candy cane. I think it might be a gift with a bow on top.

IMG_5725And I did want a star, but this was the only one available:   I can’t imagine using it so much taht I will need the cushioned edge.  To me, this is a good example of useless waste. More plastic and all that. But I did want a star . . .

Now, I do have a lovely collection of old cookie cutters, one set stored in the metal container used by the friend I inherited them from. But, as with everything else, they are ‘somewhere in the storage’ and not accessible.

i an’t tell you how much I look forward to the day when I unpack all my things, discard what I no longer need and finally get to enjoy the rest.

In the meantime, I simply buy replacements and try not to think about it too much. I may get to share these with someone else once I have my own again.

IMG_5726 Our next stop was a dollar store where I hoped to find some hair gel. Nope, nothing. But I did find a bath brush, some red buttons  and these:

I can use these for biscuits, which was my first thought. And I mean savoury biscuits, not English biscuits or cookies. But they will also be handy for cookies. I plan to make the traditional sugar cookies and some I will cut into round shapes, sprinkling  them with sugar on top and pushing a single raisin into the centre. I tend to cut donw on sugar except at Christmas, and usually would not add it on top, but in this case I will be doing it to honour my great-grandmother whom I never knew. My Mum and all her siblings remembered those cookies well and I want to revive the tradition. Great-Grandma made them on a regular basis and because raisins were expensive, I think that is why she only put one on each cookie.

I will also use pairs of these to form wreaths and then decorate them with a little icing.

Remember the pocket scarf? It’s been growing, but slowly. I frogged the top back a couple of times, but I think I like it like this. I had to buy another skein of yarn to use up the two leftover bits of grey-blue, dark and light. But the colour isn’t an exact match, so I had to think how best to join them. I am doing this for now:

You can see my solution in the bottom right picture. I will continue until the light colour runs out, then continue with the new colour and the same on the other side. Once the sides are long enough, I’ll graft them together at the back of the neck.  But I still want to bring the colour down to the pocket level, so I’m thinking I will then pick up stitches along the bottom and knit a few rows before I sew up the bottom to form the pockets. And perhaps I’ll crochet around the top of the pocket, then up both sides to where the new colour goes solo. That’s what I get for being an idea person; never-ending projects . . .

So, that’s it for Sunday. Music for today:

Feeling stressed? listen to Bobby McFerrin singing ‘Don’t Worry – Be Happy‘ Robin Williams is in the video, too.

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole of Hawai’i singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I hope to have baking photos to share next time. Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone.

Warm hugs ~ Linne


8 thoughts on “Day 17: Shopping on Saturday, Sharing on Sunday

    • Hi, Jill. I was wondering if it was due to the large pixel size, so yesterday I included two photos that I saved in a smaller format. Let me know if they show up, will you? I can always email them to you, if that doesn’t work. Hope you are doing well and all rested up from the market. I worked trade shows for a few years (natural and organic foods and products) and I loved it, but it IS tiring. I hope you get a few easy days between now and Christmas. Warm hugs. ~ LInne

  1. You are really busy this month. I am just not able to keep up with all my blogs. I had to post something already written. I can hardly wait till the first of the year. I don’t know if I’ll get much baking done. Did some pumpkin bread and some m&m cookies but that’s it for now. Christmas will be come and gone before I’m ready. Maybe I’ll just leave the tree up till next year so I will finally be ahead of the game. Glad you found most of what you need.

    • Yes, I am, Marlene! Some days I’m not sure what possessed me . . . but it’s been fun and next year I may do this again, but with planning involved. lol Lucky for me, my other blogs are either just for me or not yet public, so I’ve only had this one to concern myself with.
      Pumpkin bread? Maybe I’ll just pop in and help you ‘dispose’ of it . . .
      I like your idea of how to get ahead of the game. I’d be ahead if I planned ahead and then made stuff and FINISHED it! 🙂 Oh, well, maybe next year.
      Yes, the baking commences tomorrow (Monday) in earnest. This is cousin S’s final 5 days of work before retirement finally kicks in. Will be nice to have her home and to get onto an earlier schedule. I tried to get to bed early and get up early when I first came here, but have backslid considerably. Next year, all shall be different!
      Much love to you and Suzi Q (did I spell that correctly?) ~ Linne

      • Just so you know, pumpkin bread doesn’t stay here in the house. I give it all away as gifts. As for Suzi Q, it doesn’t matter how you spell it. It’s not the name she uses. Her name was so inappropriate for her that she legally changed it. I will at some point write about that as well. 🙂

      • Oh, well, Marlene; I shan’t bother dropping in then. 🙂 Actually, I think much of what I plan to bake will become gifts, too. Cousin M isn’t much for treats and the rest of us here are letting our weight return to normal. But it’s Christmas and I so love baking! Good thing they have freezers here!

        I have really enjoyed your posts about your sister; I understand changing your name when you feel it doesn’t suit you. Linne is my nickname, but I never thought seriously about changing my birth name; I’ve gotten used to it over the years. It was just way too common back when I was a girl.

        I like that my boys changed their last names (one legally, the other through common usage), as now they use both their Dad’s and their step-Dad’s names. They both have uncommon first names and didn’t liike that much when young; they they got into alternative sports and the names made them more memorable; now they, too, have come to like their names.

        Love and Hugs, Marlene. ~ Linne

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