Ok, enough waffling around . . . here’s the Big Reveal!! My plans for 2018!

2018 GoalsWell, my friends, you are about to learn a wee bit more about me and I warn you now, you may end up thinking I’ve gone entirely barmy! Or was that way from the beginning . . . Fasten your seatbelts and hang on!

Note: This is the (slightly) shorter version of my story; I did write it out in long form, but will post that to Thought & Memory later on. If you are like me and want to know the background, you will be able to  go and have a long read. I’ll tell you when.

A lot has been happening in my life, but I didn’t want to post until I was really sure of most of it. But the time has come . . .

cat weddng invite 01Last spring, after I returned to stay with my cousins again, I received a wedding invitation for May of this year from a friend, Gen, who worked with me at Lewiscraft in Edmonton back around 2003 or 2004. This is not the actual invitation, but there is a cat theme!

dont wait 01Then I began thinking about really going and wondering what I might add onto the trip if I did, to make the cost and all worth it. And I found an excellent reason and here’s the story:

More on my friend: Gen, who has been my friend since we worked together at Lewiscraft in the early 2000s, wanted to do stand-up comedy (she had us in stitches on a regular basis and once on the bus a lady missed her stop because she was listening to us, mostly Gen, and laughing ’til the tears ran down her cheeks!) Anyway, the  Edmonton audiences weren’t the best for Gen; her family came from England and her humour is more their sort. So, not too long after Lewiscraft closed, Gen moved to London. That’s England, not Ontario!  And then she moved to Edinburgh, where she not only does some stand-up but also started her own business as a photographer. And met a really nice man who loves and appreciates her as she so deserves.

Still, you can see why I was waffling about going, can’t you? I haven’t won the lottery (yet). But I have enough Air Miles to get to Europe and back once. Not enough to get to Australia or New Zealand, sadly, although I should have had. I’ve been collecting for decades, dreaming of travel once I felt free to do so.

I began, as I said, looking at things I might do while overseas in order to take advantage of my One Big Chance. (well, that was my thinking at the time; more on the shift in my thinking in a while). I knew I would love to visit Shetland to see the mill where Jamieson’s of Shetland creates their fabulous yarns. And Fair Isle, where the wonderful patterns I love first were designed. And . . . so I started a sort of ‘bucket list’. Any idea what else went on that list?


Runrig in Bremen

You bet . . . Runrig! Their music has helped me get through the past couple of decades in ways I find hard to explain. I do listen to a wide variety of genres, artists, groups, etc., and always have done. But when the going got tough, it was Runrig I turned to, every time. This song (the first one, An Sabhal Aig Neill, or Neill’s Barn) was my alarm tune those last five weeks when I was staying at the hospital with Mum. It’s still my alarm tune 🙂 It was good to wake up to something up-beat (pun intended) when I was up every two to three hours in the night. You wouldn’t think it, but I have only good feelings when I hear this; it was the soundtrack to all the nights of my last weeks with my mother. And other songs by Runrig make up the rest of that soundtrack. And their music was what kept me going since then. So, on 26 September I checked to see where they might  be playing in 2018; seeing them live has always been on my list, but I honestly never thought it would happen. Still, I’m a dreamer . . . and I’m sure you can imagine my feelings that day when I read this:


On the 26th of September 2017 Runrig announced that after 45 years they would be “pulling the curtain down” on their music careers.

jump 03

As Julia Cameron says in The Artist’s Way. I had “Jump . . . and the Net will appear . . .” on my business cards when I was doing contract work from home a few years ago.

Well, that did it! I sat up until 2 am in the morning of the 29th (which was 10 am in the UK), cursor poised over the button that said “tickets on sale soon”, eyes on the digital clock counting down to when the sale would begin. When the clock hit zero, I clicked the button! I didn’t wait for the text to change or anything. Then I ended up in a queue for over six minutes and finally I was in and purchasing my ticket!!! I found out later that 25,000 tickets sold out in under ten minutes.

So I don’t have a seat; I have what is called a ‘standing / camping’ ticket. Awesome, eh? A second concert was added, this on the Friday night, and those tickets sold out in under six hours. My concert is on the Saturday night. The gates open at 8 am on the 17th of August for those of us who are camping.

TLD poster 01Then there is a Ceilidh that evening. I’m sure there is going to be some awesome Scottish musicians there, too. (Runrig will be performing at the additional concert that night) So, I get to camp out that night (not sure how much sleep I’ll get, though lol), do as I wish the next day, and that evening I get to see Runrig! Live!!! And by the way, if you are a fan of amazing lead guitar work, listen to Skye and imagine me getting to hear it live!

Stirling City Park 01

Stirling City Park – an earlier Runrig concert

So now I have well and truly jumped! I still can hardly believe that I actually got a ticket! What were the odds?

As well as Runrig to see, there is Yarndale in Skipton, Yorkshire at the end of September. After music, all things woolly make my heart sing! I don’t have a ticket to Yarndale yet, but soon . . .

Alba GLA 01


Gratitude Attitude 05.jpgI do have my air fare to Glasgow on the 13th of May . . . the wedding is on the 18th. And I did that on my own, no help from Air Miles.  I was a bit grumpy about that at the time, too, but I’m working on having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ instead of being grumpy when things don’t go my way.

Canadian PassportsI haven’t booked a hostel yet, either. First things first. Like a passport. :-) I will be sending the papers in next week. It took a while to get things organized. We were in Vernon and I got the required photos and not too convict-looking, either.  :-)

Then I had to send the papers to Victoria to a friend to sign and all that. In spite of the Christmas mail rush, all was done in a most timely manner.

My friend in Tacoma gave me a suitcase when I left there, as I had somehow accumulated more yarn and fabric over the winter months. Not sure how that happened . . . 😛 The suitcase has already been to England and I feel it wants to go back for another visit. I’ll take a photo of it and share in another post.

jump 02There’s more to this epic pilgrimage, though. After Mum died, I was in an odd state of being; not crying or anything, just sort of disconnected in a strange way. I’ve done some serious thinking about what to do with whatever time remains to me and after a while of simply resting and recuperating (and binge-watching Netflix), I realized that there is time remaining, no matter how short or long and that my parents wouldn’t thank me to stay mired in that sad fugue state. No, I had to find a way to move forward. But sometimes, a way forward doesn’t appear immediately.

I’ve been here before, though, so I sort of knew what I needed to do. Sort of. I began in my own way. I had been knitting and crocheting since early in the year, which helped more than I’d expected. I really need to create! Through the summer I played with my mini-gardens and got back to basics by helping with the preserving and all. And I started blogging again, slowly at first, then picking up the pace in December.

Now, I’m sure many of you have heard of a book and movie called “The Secret”. I’ve had some interesting experiences using some of the concepts. I’ve shared a couple of those stories, but not all of them. I began reading an e-book called “Playing the Matrix” by Mike Dooley, who sends out inspirational messages called ‘Notes from the Universe’. Playing the Matrix has helped me get back on my figurative horse and start moving forward again. So when I heard of Mike’s new course, called “Love Your Life in 30 days”, I signed up for that, too. In two weeks, I’ve gone from feeling very ‘stuck’ to suddenly having many ideas about where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. And I don’t mean Scotland and WestJet!  🙂

Alba WJ 01

The only downside to this course is that facebook, in it’s ‘wisdom’ has insisted on sending me notifications whenever anyone in the group posts. It took me a while to learn the solution. So if you have emailed me this month and not had a response, I do apologize, I shall continue to delete the unwanted mail as often as time permits.  [Update: I finally got those turned off, but still have plenty of deleting ahead of me]

But, now that I’m on this roll, I’m actually rather busy. Today I made eggnog muffins, also scones, in addition to emptying the closet and the suitcase and organizing the first and sorting through the contents of the other.

fearless dreamer fabric

Fearless Dreamer!

Last spring I also joined a group called “Stitch Upon a Time” it’s a stitching group that mainly uses patterns from the SUAT website. These are designed for cotton fabrics with at least 5% lycra (spandex). People are making their own underwear, as well as dresses and more. Some great kid’s patterns, too. Before I knew I was going away, I bought several patterns from them, as cousin S has a sewing machine and a serger and I will be able to use them. I have fabric, too. Including some stretch fabric with a Disney design on it: Fearless Dreamer! Just what I needed. I have some jade co-ordinating fabric for the exterior of the top, too. If any of you sew and are looking for a great supplier of this sort of fabric, I can highly recommend Purple Seamstress Fabrics.  Great service and prices. Mel is awesome!

gold 500For now, I have knitting to finish as well as the ornaments to make for my lovely winners. I have decided what to send to some of you and I have most of the bits assembled. I’m giving myself a month to get those done.

Well,it’s late (again!) and I shall save some of what’s going on for me for another day,. Wherever you are, I wish you a wonderful day. If you are facing challenges, know that you are not alone; this Village is always there for you.

Passing on the Light 01

Spreading Love and Light . . . that’s what we do!

As for music . . .

If you have housework to do and want some upbeat sounds, here’s 40 minutes of highlights from Runrig’s Party on the Moor.

. . . or how about my favourite Great Big Sea & The Chieftains  video? Love this and it makes me laugh every time.  Lukey’s Boat makes you want to dance!

A great mix of some of The Corries‘ best work.

Figgy Duff singing Henry Martin, another old favourite of mine.

and Pentangle performing Willy o Winsbury with Jacqui Mcshee’s lovely voice.

My favourite of Stan Rogers’ work: Northwest Passage

From Runrig’s 30th Anniversary Concert: An Faileas Air An Airigh

Another upbeat song: Celtic Thunder’s “All God’s Creatures Got a Place in the Choir

I hope your week is going well. See you here soon! Love and Light to you all.  ~ Linne





26 thoughts on “Ok, enough waffling around . . . here’s the Big Reveal!! My plans for 2018!

    • Thanks for dropping by! I hadn’t been to your site for ages, but did come and catch up a bit.

      Yes, it’s under two months now and I’m beginning to feel the excitement building! Have a wonderful time during this lead-up to Spring! That, in itself, is pretty exciting, I find. Hugs to you. ~ Linne

  1. Well that is a lot of ticking off on the list! Well done and what an adventure you will have. I bought tickets to Neil Diamond, who I have enjoyed since I was born, and was very excited. But alas he is retiring because of Parkinsons. I feel badly for him but I am very sad for myself… oh well I will have to save those pennies for someone else now… You have so much to look forward too 🙂

    • Thank you, Kym! I did hear of Neil Diamond’s retirement and I’m so sorry that happened before you got to your concert; what a disappointment! Parkinson’s is such a difficult thing to deal with; I have a close friend whose husband had it for the last few years of his life and it wasn’t easy for them. As you say, you can save up for another gig, but it isn’t the same, is it? Hope you find one that is nearly equally moving and meaningful for you. One group there that I wish I could have seen was Midnight Oil, but I know they aren’t recording or touring anymore. I still remember the first time I heard “Beds are Burning”, though; I had chills all over.

      One other thing; I have been talking about making your tea cosies for years now and finally I am going to be able to do it! i have a bunch of sewing projects lined up and I am going to use some of my fabrics to make them before I leave. So in less than three months and two days. (not that I’m counting or anything! LOL) Big huts to you, Kym. It was so nice to hear from you. ~ Linne

      • Hey good news, Midnight Oil are reforming! You will probably need to come to Australia, but hey another tick off that list 🙂 . Good luck with your tea cosies x

      • Had to laugh, Kym, when I woke up a while ago I looked them up so I could listen to a few of their pieces and first thing I saw was articles about the Great Circle tour of 2017. How wonderful to hear! They played in Seattle at the end of May, but I was already back here in Canada by then. So close . . . and yet so far . . . (big sigh) lol And I DO need to come to Australia! So it stays on my list . . . Have a great day, Kym!

    • I forgot to say . . . one of my brothers has been to Australia and he introduced me to Slim Dusty’s music a couple of years ago. I’d have gone to see him, too. 🙂

  2. Oh Linne, I am so excited for you!!! I look forward to hearing about your adventure. Thank you for the amazing links. I played Skye then came back to read the rest of your story. I had never heard of Runrig before but now I want to hear all of their music!! I’ve got their party on the moor playing right now.

    • Lois, I’m so glad you like them! If you don’t mind the Gaelic language, look for their first album on youtube: Play Gaelic. I still wake up sometimes with it playing in my head. The musicianship is not as polished, of course, but still is very good. I’ve been mentioning them for some time now, but I know people are often so busy there is no time to listen to everything found on various blogs. I have been hoping to find others who love their work, too, as I don’t know anyone besides myself who does. I only wish that they were younger and not retiring, but then I wouldn’t have made the decision to go to the UK, which I think will be an amazing trip. I have had so much joy from my vicarious lives as I read the blogs others write; I hope some will find the same joy as I share my adventures. I still want to pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming! Love and Light to you, Lois. I hope the snow and ice have abated somewhat. We have plaenty of snow here this year. ~ Linne

  3. What a marvellous uplifting post. I’ve just listened to the first Runrig link you put in, I thought I’d listen just for 3 minutes then come back to it – of course I couldn’t turn it off! I’m going to forward your post to a friend in Colorado, I think she will love the music as much as I do. You are so lucky to be going to see them live – and what a wonderful adventure to have on your Things to Look Forward To list ❤ Wish I could come with you – I've been to Scotland many times, and of course a little trot round Yorkshire and Lancashire (my old stamping ground) would cheer anyone's spirits 🙂
    Have a lovely productive, and happy week xxx

    • Jill, I’m so glad you like them, too. Do let me know if your friend likes their music. I love to spread word of them. They even played in New York at a benefit after 9/11. I like them for more than the music, though; they are solid family men who see what they do as a job. They are never in the tabloids and rarely in the news. One of their stories is of a time they were on tour and asked for the partying guests next door to tone it down so the rock band could get some sleep! Their beliefs shine through in their music, but they are not the sort to preach; just to live it themselves. I like that so much.

      I do know how lucky I am; if you had asked me a year or more ago, I would have said that a trip like this was on my ‘after I win the lotto’ list; I never would have believed it would.

      What fun it would be to have you along! I was tempted to buy two tickets to Runrig, but I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to go with me. And, of course, it would have been another standing/camping ticket. Not to everyone’s taste, I’m sure. In some ways I’d prefer to be sharing this adventure, but sometimes going alone means getting to meet people and have more fabulous adventures; if you are part of a couple or a group, people often don’t approach you. I’m so looking forward to meeting people. I’m very introverted but also love connecting with others. Ir’s an interesting combination at times.

      If I am fortunate, I shall have a few trots round Yorkshire, etc. I used to love walking, but recent years have seen me lose more mobility than I’m happy with and stairs have been a bit of a challenge. But I’m working on that and long walks will be just the thing! I have been blessed with a strong, resilient body, for the most part, and it generally bounces back quite well. I’d be walking daily now if it weren’t for the snow here. Once that’s gone, though . . .

      I have read about the UK all my life and it will be fantastic just to be there; to walk, to breathe the air, hear the birds, all that . . . If I get to Lancashire, I shall be thinking of you, for sure.

      My w eek went pretty well, but was busy, too. This week looks like more of the same, but that’s a good thing. I have a post to write today or tomorrow, too.

      Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

  4. Oh Linne, You are on a roll here. I am so happy that things are coming together for you. It all works when you let it. The information in the Secret is based heavily on the Abraham Hicks material. I’ve read both and prefer AH. It just makes good sense. It really doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you finally do. Peace is so important. Loved the music link. I’ll listen to the rest shortly. Thank you for sharing all of this. Love and light to you also. Hugs. M

    • Marlene, it’s such a switch from what I’d become accustomed to; I have barely been able to take it in. I had heard of AH some years ago, but wasn’t ready for it then. Thanks so, SO much for mentioning them. I saw your comment, then looked them up on youtube and have been listening daily. The material fits nicely with the course I’ve been taking through January, and with the things I’ve learned throughout my adult years. You are so right that getting there is what matters, not how. And I know that ‘knowing about’ is not the same as ‘knowing’; sort of like reading about childbirth and giving birth. lol I’m glad you liked the music, too. I’ve been a bit selfish in posting all those links; I’ve been hoping to find others who enjoy what I do; things feel better to me when they are shared. It’s one of the things I miss still about marriage or at least having a partner. Shared interests and ideas; life is less without those.

      Love and Light coming your way every day, Marlene.
      And big, warm hugs, too. 🙂 ~ Linne

      • I am so glad AH resonated with you. We have come down similar paths to get to the same spot. My daughter who started out wiccan and pagan after she had enough church is also a huge fan of their words. It resonated with her as well. I’ve been restudying The Course in Miracles with Pam Grout online. She makes it fun and also pulls in a lot of AH. It depends on where you are on your path as to how deeply this will resonate. I have most of the AH books, some of the audio and a very few video’s. Keep up the journey. I miss a partner as well but never really had a good one. Giant squishy hugs.

      • I suspected we had travelled on parallel paths 🙂 I became interested in The Course in Miracles back in the early ’80s. I was at a neighbour’s and we were talking about various spiritual things and she mentioned the Course. I said it was on my dream list and she went in the house and brought it out and gave it to me!! I was so amazed! I never made it through reading the Text, but I have read the Teachers’ Manual and I’ve done the exercises twice. That took me a while, as when I missed a day, I began over at the beginning. I wasn’t being perfectionist, I think, but rather I felt that the days built on each other. I still have the books and will be using them once I am settled. I’m ready to read the text now and I especially want to do the exercises again. Have you read “Absence From Felicity”? It’s Helen Shucman’s biography and I learned a lot from reading it. In particular, it gave me some valuable insights into relationships; why we end up with certain people and so on. Her relationship with Bill Thetford was so enlightening for me. I shall look up Pam Grout, but not yet. I’m in three fb groups plus starting a sew along on Monday. But I’ll bookmark her for later. Thanks for the recommendation.

        I may fall off the wagon from time to time, or simply wander around admiring the underbrush, but I will never give up on the journey!

        As to partners, I was extremely lucky; I was the sort who would have toughed it out if I’d ended up in an abusive relationship. There were problems, of course, there always are when one is immature, but so much good, too.

        And thanks for the giant squishy hugs! Just what I needed today! I’m sending more of the same back to you and wishing I could deliver them in person . . . Love and Light to you, my friend.

      • Thank you!! I’ve opened it in a new tab; will read later today. Still have my morning stuff to do and time’s a-wastin’ . . . I’m looking forward to this! Have a sunny day, Marlene!

  5. Oh wow.. what beautiful Synchronicity Linne.. So pleased for you that all is coming together . I smiled big time as your reference to the Secret.. Yes I have the book. and it seems to me that you are in tune with the Universe right now..
    I have knitting to finish up too along with other projects already started..
    So happy your year has begun so positive.. I feel your Happiness..
    Have a great rest of the week Linne..
    Love and Hugs xxx

    • Isn’t Synchronicity great, Sue? I’ve felt out of sync for some time, but am now finding my way back; I expect miracles!! 🙂 I’ve had so many in the past and I’m just an ordinary traveller through this world; I just KNOW that it’s possible for anyone. Yes, I’m feeling pretty happy these days; wonderful, really! Love and Light to you, too, Sue. I’ve been slowly catching up with friends in the Virtual Village and was by your place earlier. ~ Linne

      • Good to know you were here in the virtual world, and I see your comment pending Linne..
        I have dipped out of the ‘Virtual Village’ myself recently.. and then the universe thought to keep me out a little longer as I had some techno hitches 😀 but hopefully all sorted now xx

      • I do understand, Sue. Especially with that model greenhouse to work on. 🙂 Hope the techno stuff got well sorted out. No fun, that. The nice thing, or one of them, about the Village is that people are here when you have time and inclination. Perfect for busy people and introverts, I think.
        Love and Light, Sue. ~ Linne

      • Yes thank you it did, then I had trouble with McAfee Security scans not working.. But got a nice man from across the world to sort it out for me today.. So fingers crossed.. 🙂 xxx

      • Well, that’s good news, Sue. My cousin M had his pc slow down so much he is now using his wife’s older laptop. He thinks it’s something to do with the competition between google and firefox. Yesterday mine began slowing down, too, so I shut down google altogether and am now using firefox with no trouble (so far). It’s infuriating some days. However, I don’t stay irritated for long; life is too short. Warm hugs to you. ~ Linne

    • Ms. Snail, that would be fantastic! I’d love to meet up with you. I’ve been interested for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve seriously entertained the idea of going. Just waiting for tickets to go on sale now. Are you familiar with Lucy from Attic24? She designs all sorts of things; many blankets, but smaller things, too. She uses acrylics often, but her patterns are free and one could as easily use wool. I love her weekend bags. Things like that may be a good way to use up synthetic yarns, I think, as the item wouldn’t need to be washed very often.

      Thank you in advance for the parcel; I’m pretty excited about that! I’ll let you know when it arrives. And I’m quite sure I shall enjoy it. I’m working on something for my winners; not ready to post yeat, as I’m also trying to finish the scarf for my sister. Her birthday is tomorrow, so her parcel will be late . . .

      Love and Light to you and Mr. Snail. And warm hugs. ~ Linne

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