Happy Dances!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Hello, my friends! I do hope February  is treating you well so far; not too cold (or hot) and all that. And I also hope you are finding consolation and joy in the indoor time, with  handcrafts to do and with cooking and baking keeping your home warm and cosy (and smelling delectable!). We’ve had all that and more; as you can see from the photo, there was a birthday here (not mine) and Cousin S and I made the birthday boy smile with our creative approach . . .

That’s certainly the case here, with the snow still coming and the snow-blower piling it up in great heaps.

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But I have been quite happy being indoors. Yesterday I finally !! finished darning in the yarn ends on the two tuques and then I handwashed and sort of blocked them. I say ‘sort of’ because the yarn is acrylic (I know!!) and doesn’t block well. But I think I worked out the larger part of the ‘ruffling’ at the crown. For now I have given up on finishing the matching scarf for my sister. I have run into or created challenge after challenge and what began as a rather fun thing is now more cumbersome than anything. I’ll finish it; just not sure when.

And so, finally! I have sent off the tuques to my sister, along with a birthday card and a wee gift. I didn’t take a photo of it, but I’ve shared that before here: it’s the dark green tea cosy I knitted when we were in Edmonton the summer of 2016.


Knitted Tea Cosy

The cosy will cover our Aunty’s teapot, which I gave to my sister. We were both close to our Aunties and this sister has Aunty’s medium sized Brown Betty teapot.  Her birthday was in January, but I think she’ll enjoy receiving a package even when it’s a bit late.

I left the tuques unwrapped so she could see them herself and then wrap them, so I included some wrapping  paper and red yarn. They are a gift from both of us, after all.

I was on a bit of a high after getting the tuques done, so today I (also finally !!!)  finished the patterned end of the five foot long scarf I was completing for my friend in Tacoma. It was meant to be a Christmas present for her husband in 2016. Today I not only finished the pattern and end, I closed off the end with Kitchener stitch. You knitters will know what I mean. For the rest of you , Kitchener Stitch is a way of joining two pieces of ‘live’ knitting (i.e., still on the needles) by using a yarn needle and the tail end of the yarn to create a row of ‘knitting’ between them, making them seem to be one continuous piece of knitting. I have pictures to show how it looks: the top right photo shows the end of the scarf. I still have to  join the other end, the one where I began. It feels good to have the pattern section finished! My friend J knitted nearly all of the middle section and I did the patterns, so it’s been a joint project. When I put the scarf around my neck, it hangs down just past my waist on both sides, and I’m quite tall.

Saturday, 17 February

My, how the time has flown! I am still busy, but enjoying it, too. I have always been rather ‘all or nothing’ in some ways, which is probably not the best thing to be. Still . . . the two groups I am participating in on facebook have been very helpful in getting me back on track in regard to working on myself and changing my life. It might have been a bit crazy to volunteer to post the daily exercises for the first group, but I found it such a helpful focal point when someone else did it in January and I was hoping that ‘someone’ would do it for those of us who continued through February. And I’ve always said that if you think ‘someone’ should do something, the best place to find them is in the mirror . . . and then I signed up for this week’s sewing group . . . Well, that is a good thing, I think. But everything is taking longer than usual, with glare bothering my eyes  at times. And the worktable that I use is shared with the cousins. They are planning to replace the carpet in the addition with laminate flooring, so Cousin M has been packing up his lovely collections of antiques and family pieces in preparation. But he only needs the table at times, so I’ve been able to use it, too.I cut out two sets of pieces for the cute little Gnome jacket a couple of days ago, then realized that I had cut out the pieces for the outers, but not the lining pieces. The jacket can be reversible, but I have decided to make it one-way. I’m using cotton fabric for the outer and flannelette for the inner. Nice for a 3 month old, don’t you think? I shall have to make a 6 month size, too; I am expecting another grandchild in April and I doubt that a jacket will be used much before autumn. I won’t post photos that aren’t mine, so here is a link if you’d like to see some pictures of this cute Gnome Jacket.

Yesterday I printed out the pattern pages for the Shirtzie for myself and got them taped in the right sequence. PDF patterns are great, but they are taking me a bit to get used to! I am using patterns from Stitch Upon A Time and I’ve been buying them for a while but this is the first I’ve actually done anything with so far. I was going to make the Brazi with a long waist, but finally realized the Shirtzie would be similar, but with sleeves. I still haven’t decided which length I want. You can see photos of the Shirtzie if you click on the link.

I will be adapting the top, though. I don’t like having a contrasting band, so I will use the same material and extend the band downward to make a longer waist, similar to the yellow top of one of the dresses.  Then I can wear it with jeans as well as the skirt. I will have longer sleeves, too; it’s going to be cool for much of the time I’m away. The skirt will be as close to a circle skirt as I can manage with two metres of this fabric:

I have ordered some more stretch knit fabric from Purple Seamstress Fabrics in California. I think I told you another time about the ‘Fearless Dreamer’ fabric I bought from her with the co-ordinating Jade solid for the outer layer.

fearless dreamer fabric

Fearless Dreamer fabric!

Mel is wonderful and I love the service! I ordered the Evergreen colour this time, as I need something that will work with the floral that is destined to become a circle skirt or as close to that as I can manage. I wanted it too set off the Meg shawl as well. And I ordered some power mesh; it will make the top more flattering for someone my age. Mel lets customers start a ‘pile’ and will hold it for up to two weeks, which gives one time to add a little something else. Now who would do that?  🙂

Getting ready to cut out the Gnome pieces, I pulled all the cotton pieces out of the closet and was surprised (I’m not sure why; this is nothing new for me, trust me!) to see what  a large pile of fabrics I’d amassed since I returned here last May. I was planning to make some dolls, but circumstances and working conditions weren’t easy to fit together and I tend to be easily discouraged by some things. Or I used to be; not so much these days!

The top left corner picture is the newest, flannelette, fabrics; the photo in the bottom right corner is the older fabrics, some of which I bought in Tacoma, but most of which I accumulated here. I think there are still some dolls in my future . . . and several Gnomes.

I’m in a bit of a hurry to get the first two Gnomes stitched up, but the skirt and top can wait a bit; I have finally gotten a date for the surgery on my left eye (to remove the cataract) and it’s set for 01 March. Less than two weeks away now! I’m not happy about having to have a fixed lens, but the ophthalmologist doesn’t recommend the new flexible ones and besides, they cost over a thousand dollars at present. So I shall see how my vision is after the surgery and may opt to put off surgery on the right eye. I’ve been using some alternative treatments, but the left eye cataract is the hardest the doctor had ever seen, he said, so maybe I should have begun some time ago. But it wasn’t possible earlier. Still, it isn’t the end of the world.

Today I cut out the inner parts for the two Gnomes and it took me about two hours. I’m slow with the new rotary cutter, but I can tell I’m getting more comfortable with it all the time. The thought of cutting into the knit fabrics is still a bit daunting, but I can practise on the XXL Tshirts, so it should be all right in the end. (yes, I know . . . if it isn’t all right, then it isn’t the end . . . LOL)

Tomorrow (actually later today; it’s after midnight on the morning of the 17th) I shall pack up the tuques with a note about the patterns, the tea cosy I made for my sister to use on our Aunty in Edmonton’s teapot. I gave her the teapot because she drinks tea and I more often drink coffee, and I have the antique coffeepot that belonged to Aunty as well. We both loved her and I thought my sister should have the pot. I was making the cosy for fun for myself and I offered to make my sister one in blue, her (and Aunty’s) favourite colour (this one is dark green, a favourite for our Mum and myself), but she liked the green one, so it will be on its way, too. And a birthday card; she had her birthday toward the end of January.


Now, in the midst of all this finishing up of old projects and beginning of new ones, you are probably wondering what has happened to the ornaments project for the winners on my 500th blog post contest? Quite understandable, really. Well, I have to tell you, I have begun and scrapped three sets of ideas and now have settled on the PERFECT one! It’s based on an idea that’s been percolating  around in my brain for a couple of years, just waiting to be brought forth into the world. I think you will like it when you see it. I have not bought anything new for this; it’s a scrap-happy project, which I love.

I am not going to post this just now. For one thing, I haven’t added pictures and I have plenty to add! For another, it takes me  time to find the right music and I do love to do that. And, lastly, I want to get to bed and get up early tomorrow. I had begun getting up at 6.30 am because I am back to my morning routine after quite a long time of hit and miss practise; mostly ‘miss’ and occasionally ‘hit’. I did well with the new programme for a while, then one night was up too late, up in the night for long periods, then slept in. That took me right back to where I had been for so long. But the early stages of learning to walk is mostly composed of falling down, so no worries; I’m simply resolved to succeed and will be out of bed early again tomorrow morning. I keep reminding myself that in less than three months I will be getting up just after midnight here, because Scotland is eight hours ahead of us. So. back on all of my various wagons . . .

Gypsy 002

Especially this one! LOL

23 February 2018

Sorry this has taken me so long; life continues to be a bit busy.


I tried stitching the Gnomes, but have not succeeded yet.  Cousin S’ machine has several new features (to me) and I needed help getting the bobbins threaded and then the needle. Then the thread pulled out of the needle three times and I needed her to thread it for me each time. Quite frustrating for someone who is used to doing for herself and for others.  So I’m planning to pick up my glasses from the Vernon storage next time we go. Tomorrow if weather permits, but it’s been snowing even more and that may continue through the weekend. below you can see the gradual buildup of snow on the porch roof just outside my bedroom window. The first photo was taken last November, the last one this morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the meantime, though, I have continued to get pieces ready for the ‘500’ prizes; assembly may have to wait until after the surgery a week from today. I’m hoping that seeing things like sewing machine needles will be easier then.

However, I have two more pieces of news:

I have finally begun the Meg shawl! Here are images of the first skein after I opened it up, the label, the first ball of yarn wound, then the shawl in its various stages to date. I added two close-ups, as the colour in my photos isn’t true. The darker colour is more what it looks like in real life; the lighter shows off the stitches a bit more. I did have to frog it back a few times, until I got the hang of it. Counting the DTRs  (UK terms) accurately has made a great deal of difference, of course.

LOL I am loving this pattern SO much! The finished shawl is meant to be about 9.5 feet from end to end. I am a quarter of the way now and it’s measuring 18 inches, which means it will come to 6 feet. Possibly due to the fact that I am using a smaller hook than called for; I crochet fairly loosely and it looks better now. Still, there is a border and I expect the shawl will stretch a bit. I’m considering ordering another skein and using the leftover yarn to make a matching tuque or maybe fingerless gloves.

And now, a news flash: my wonderful package has arrived!

There is a story behind this package . . . I ordered some yarn back at the end of October. I had planned to enter a contest for a crocheted square based on a faerytale of my choice. I knew just the one and spent some time selecting colours I thought would work. I placed my order. Then I went back to look at the contest rules and realized I’d missed an essential step: the colour range was given! And not many I had ordered were in that range. Oh, well . . . I decided to go ahead and simply design my own entire blanket, documenting each step so that, if it turned out as planned, I might offer the pattern for sale.

But the package took a very long time to arrive . . . no worries, though. I hadn’t asked for it to be sent Express Post or any other expensive route and I’m patient as a rule, AND I did have a few other things to do in the meantime. but by January I began to wonder . . . so I emailed Wool Warehouse and enquired as to when I might expect my order. They were very glad to hear from me as they’d had a computer glitch that resulted in some orders’ payment being accepted, but the orders themselves not finding their way to the warehouse. Hence they were not picked and mailed. I worked as Promotions Manager for a warehouse back in the day, so I understood very well. Unfortunately, they were out of one of the colours so I opted to wait until they could send the entire order. As I said, I had other things to do in the meantime.

Cousin M brought it home and, without telling me, simply put it on the dinig table where I sit at meals. What a wonderful surprise! I was so excited to see what was inside; choosing colours is most important to me and choosing from a laptop screen isn’t as satisfactory to me as choosing something I can see and hold in my hand. But I trusted Lucy of Attic24’s recommendation of the yarn itself and I ordered a colour chart for future reference as well. This link is not to Lucy’s latest blanket, whose CAL just finished, but to a previous blanket, which I am completely in love with. Scroll down about 2/3 of the way to see the finished blanket with its borders. It’s the colourwash effect that has captured my hooky heart forever!

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do have to confess that this yarn is acrylic.  I am not a fan of plastics; quite the opposite, in fact, and I am slowly switching over to natural fibres only. But this much wool is not in my budget at present. So in my tutorial I shall include information about the GuppyFriend bags that Ms. Snail has posted about. Here is her report after she tested the bags for herself.

I don’t have a Guppy friend yet and all my things except for items I’ve made using acrylic are natural fibres. But I shall have to buy one for the Faerytale Duet Blanket once I am ready to launder it.

If you have made it this far, I expect you are as curious as I was to see the contents of that bag.  There was the aforementioned Colour Card and a roll of the sweetest label tape, which I shall sew into everything I make from now on. I’ve included a picture of the handwritten note at the bottom of my invoice, too. I will certainly be sharing photos with the company!

Aren’t those colours inspiring? Want to know which ones I chose?


I can hardly wait to begin this project, but wait I must . . . sigh . . .

And here’s the very best part (well, the yarn is the best, of course, but this . . .)

The yarn did NOT arrive packaged in a plastic bag, which is what I’d expected. No, it came in THIS:

. . . a gorgeous organza bag tied with ribbon that has the Wool Warehouse logo imprinted on it. I love the bag nearly as much as I love those colours! Ant the bag will go with me on my travels this year, holding my nightie and the like. So feminine!

I finlly took a photo of my suitcase, which was a gift from my friend J in Tacoma. She took it with her to England the last time they went and I feel it is quite excited about going on a trip with me next.

The first three photos are of the big suitcase; the last two are my backpack, which is carry-on size and has wheels and a pull handle. I’m hoping it’s within the allowable size to take with me. On econo flights one is not allowed the usual ‘personal’ item, so I am taking my Peacekeepers jacket and using its pockets for my food, etc.

And one last thing, as Columbo would say . . . last week I sent in my passport application! AND I was checking out Yarndale and saw that their tickets were finally available for purchase, so I have one of those, too. NOW I’m getting excited!!

Well, that’s it for Happy News today, my friends; I shall be back soon, I expect. I’m not sure how long after the surgery I will be permitted to use the computer; I do know that I shall have to spend a couple of days at least just resting. I have been lining up some things online that I can simply listen to without watching; some Abraham Hicks tapes, thank you, Marlene! and Downton Abbey on netflix) (again; lol!) I’m familiar enough with it that I can see it in my mind’s eye and happily follow along.

I wish for you all the very best of weekends and weather. It’s still snowing here . . .

Love and Light to each of you; you make my life so much richer! I’ll be over to visit soon, so do have the kettle on the hob, will you? And maybe a plate of bikkies . . .

And there MUST be music! Especially if you have survived this even-longer-than-usual post . . .

Sissel and Russell Watson with Bridge Over Troubled Waters from the 2002 concert

Sissel Kyrkjebo singing In Dreams

. . . which brought me to this: Roy Orbison and the Travelling Wilburys rehearsing “You Got It. A short clip bit cool, with Tom Petty’s commentary at the beginning and end. I hadn’t seen this before.

. . . and this: a short clip, also, this time of rehearsals for the Concert For George.

Eric Clapton, unplugged, with Change the World

I’ll leave you with part of Runrig’s Year of the Flood concert at Borlum Farm at Drumnadrochit,  Loch Ness on 18 August 2017, exactly 11 years to the day before the concert I will see.  But I expect sunshine and gentle breezes for this final gig.


17 thoughts on “Happy Dances!

  1. Wow Linne what a wonderful post. I feel your excitement, you got the tickets Yay .. And love the bag that yarn came in.. Someone is now thinking outside the box about plastic!. And love your choice of colours..
    The shawl will be beautiful when finished and those hats etc what a beautiful gift, to treasure.
    Looks like we have both had plenty of snow, UK certainly hit this last week with its icy blast and snow, We escaped lightly compared to some places..
    And I sympathise about your glasses, I am useless now without mine, though I used to only at one time in my 40s use for reading, Now I need them on my nose all the time..

    Take care Linne, Keep warm also.. sending huge hugs and much love xxx ❤

    • Yes, Sue, and there’s more news now! But I’ll save that for a post.Isn’t it nice when companies get creative about using other things instead of plastic? It’s a lovely bag and I’ve told them so, but will tell them in person at Yarndale, too. I haven’t begun the thing yet; still have my prizes to finish and mail. But I’m looking forward to doing it and if necessary, I’ll take the yarn with me to the UK to work on between side trips. I felt those colours went so well with the faerytale I chose. Not revealing that yet, though . . .

      Lots of snow is the norm for Salmon Arm and surrounding areas; it’s one reason why my ‘stuff’ is in storage in Vernon. Way back then I was planning to buy some land in that area, where it’s a bit drier. I thought that would be useful once I was older. And now I’m older . . . lol I have been following the weather in the UK and it’s been pretty hard on most people, I think. When I lived in Vicoria (Vancouver Island) it was much like southern England, so little snow removal machinery and when the big snows came every couple of decades it shut things down pretty effectively. I’m glad it wasn’t too bad where you are.

      My sight is turning out to be much better than I expected and I can even read small print for a while in a good light. I will need glasses for much reading or close work, but for now am doing well. My left eye was always short-sighted and the right eye long-sighted, so my brain adapted and I did well without glasses. The cataracts are what made it so difficult. And the artificial lenses will be both far-sighted, so I will need glasses for close work from now on. But I’ll get used to it, I’m sure. I think I may make my own ‘granny glasses keeper’ so I can hang them around my neck and not forget where I put them.

      It’s finally warming up here, Sue; hope it’s the same for you, too. I’ll be over to visit soon. Love and Light to you, along with huge hugs back. ~ L

      • Hi Linne
        Wonderful your eye sight is so much improved, and I loved your recent correspondence with me which I will get to answer soon.
        I have not been on line much at all, just felt the need to withdraw as I felt a bit under the weather! and decided to nurture myself a little more and stop trying to be wonder woman and visit all on WP. 🙂
        I can imagine the snow you are used to. But we Brits love to bemoan especially the weather. But it did knock many places sideways as they had not seen such snow in years.
        When we were children growing up we had loads of snow in the valley in the Derbyshire Dales where we lived so it was normal for us to have two feet plus of snow drifting up our backdoors. 🙂
        I have been using my time painting, when the light has been good enough. We have had downpours of rain and now this weekend we may get even more snow again.
        I just can’t wait to get into the allotments and start to get planting. Sending Love and Hugs and Take care.. ❤ xxx

      • I just typed a very long response to you and for some reason was jumped to another page and when I came back the comment had vanished . . . oh, well. Basically I was saying it’s good to know you are taking care of yourself first. Not an easy thing to do, I know.

        And those huge snows can be a problem when they are so occasional; towns often don’t have the machinery on hand. I love the snow, but nowadays am a bit concerned about shovelling as I get older, also the chance of slipping on ice. Never thought about it when I was younger, of course.

        I haven’t done any painting for ages; since I moved out of my own place some years back. I did buy watercolours and a pad of paper plus a dozen canvases and oils and acrylics while I was in Tacoma in the winter of 2016 – 2017. If I don’t use some of it before I leave, I shall put it all in storage and take just the paints and paper pad with me to Tacoma. I can buy canvases quite cheaply there. I am looking forward to getting settled and then living a more creative life; there is so much I still want to do.

        I know what you mean about getting into your gardens; I could smell wet earth the other day when we went out and had the same urge, even though there is still nearly two feet of packed snow where we plant. And I won’t be here this summer anyway. Still . . . I always feel that way at this time of year, even in the years I was living in a city and had no place to plant anything. I do wish we had allotments here; some towns have community gardens, but not all. I’m planning on at least a place where I can have buckets and plant in those, if I don’t find a proper garden to use. One never knows, though . . .

        I’m doing better myself at taking care of myself and thanks for that wish. I wish you plenty of health and serenity and much Love and Light, too. And remember, I’ll be around when you have time for correspondence, so no rush. I don’t ‘drop’ people. 🙂 ~ Linne

      • Big hugs, Sue. I was glad to see your tiger painting; just lovely. I’ll be dropping by from time to time. Good to hear you are taking care of yourself, too. I’ll be thinking of you. Big hugs. ~ Linne

      • Hi Linne, I had to look twice to see your name change 🙂 Bestemor 🙂 And yes I am nurturing myself more my friend..
        The garden season of planting too upon us, so have been in the allotments giving hubby a helping hand who has not been too well..
        Take care of yourself and that email is not forgotten.. I bet you are getting excited for this years adventure 😀

      • Hi, Sue; I hadn’t realized that changing my username for the new blogs would affect the one here, too. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Bestemor is Norwegian for Grandmother and it’s what my grandchildren call me, partly because they have several grandmothers and partly because it’s what my Mum called her own Grandmother, who helped to raise her after she lost her own Mum at age ten. I never had a Grandmother, so I wanted something special for myself.

        I’m glad you are nurturing yourself; so often we women have trouble doing that, don’t we? I’m sure gardening and generally being out in nature (plus more sunlight!) will help, too. I hope your husband is feeling better or will do soon. Spring is not the best time to be ailing . . .

        No rush on the email. I’m currently locked out of all things microsoft, having tried to change a password but not having changed my cell number on the account first. So I can’t do anything email related for over a week. 😦

        I am feeling quite excited; also a bit pushed for time, as it’s just over a month away now. Still hard to believe I am really going . . .

        Love and big hugs to you, Sue. ~ Linne

      • Sorry to hear you are locked out of email. And no I had not heard of the connection with ‘Grandmother’ before.. Thank you for your explanation. xx And I am sure as each week passes your excitement mounts.. xxx Love and Hugs right back xx

      • I finally found that if I kept clicking through the dire warning messages I was allowed in. The update won’t happen until May, just before I leave. sometimes computer companies make me a bit crazy.

        Yes, I’m feeling excited now. And will be more so once I arrive, I’m sure.

        I tend to keep my various worlds separate most of the time, but sometimes I lose track . . . Hope all is well at your end. Love and light. ~ Linne

      • Glad to hear it, Sue; I’ve been pinning emails that require a response and now have a huge bunch waiting, so no worries. You’ll get to it when you get to it . . . like me . . . One thing about this Virtual Village; I’m quite sure it is responsible for the huge increase in love and light that’s being manifested around the world in so many ways. These small bits do add up, don’t they? It’s such a relief to focus on the positive, I find, and I feel so much better when I do that. So loads of Love and Light back again . . . and hugs.

      • Hi dear Linne, just a quick reply to you, I too have had problems on my email, not recognising me.. .. I am now back from holiday and hope to send you a few pics and a few lines of my travels.. Enjoy your own travels my friend.. LOVE and Hugs xx

  2. Roy Orbison! We have so much in common!!!!!!! I have ALWAYS loved his music. My, but we have good taste 🙂
    You have been so busy with your sewing and crocheting, I’m very impressed. I love the Shirtzie, I can see how versatile a garment like that would be. It’s unlikely I will ever sew clothes for myself again, but I used to and also made a lot for my daughter when she was younger. Great fun 🙂 I still wear a winter dressing gown that I made myself, and the red beaded waistcoat that was part of my “wedding party outfit” – many moons ago….
    And for you, yes, of course I’ll put the kettle on. I probably won’t bake myself, but I have a friend who makes marvellous shortbread and crunchies so I’ll order in some from him 🙂 xxx

    • Hi, Jill! We do have a lot in common, don’t we? It’s the best thing about this Virtual Village, I find. And yes, we DO have good taste! 🙂

      I have been able to knit and crochet through all this, but gave up on the sewing for a bit. I’ll post soon, so won’t repeat all the details now. My sewing used to be all by hand and I still love that, but it’s time-consuming and a machine will be easier for the stretchy material, anyway.

      Be careful what you ask for; you know if that lotto kicks in as planned I will be going to Egypt and Israel and Capetown is only a hop, skip and a jump from there . . . I’d love to visit you, with or without goodies. Although I’ve never turned down shortbread in my life lol. Hugs to you. ~ L

  3. You have really accomplished a lot. I can see why you are not getting out much. I could no longer handle that amount of snow. it’s why I moved to Portland. No shovel required. I tend to have a short attention span so it took me awhile to finish this. I do hope you get your glasses soon so you can do your own threading. I have a newer machine that refuses to stay threaded as well so it’s become a very expensive door stop. I’m going to try and sell it this spring. And maybe lots of other things as well. I’m at the stage where everything must go. Maybe even the house. Just not sure what to do at this point. So I understand how you are feeling. Looking for signs.

    • Well, it’s finally beginning to melt, Marlene; although it’s likely we will get more before the end. Now we are looking at possible flooding (and after that, possible fire season). Nature is never boring, that’s for sure! If Portland were in Canada, I’d move there, too . . . some of my favourite authors live in that area. 🙂 Went to the storage, but couldn’t find the glasses, which means they are likely here in a drawer. Which means moving the piles of stuff (craft supplies, mainly) in front of the dressers. Heavy lifting is still forbidden and I can see quite well now (and read for limited times, too), but I’ll be getting to that soon.

      I guess we all come to that stage; I’m hoping to use up a lot of my craft stuff before then, but “woman proposes and the universe disposes” or something like that . . . as you know.

      It’s so hard to figure out what to do, isn’t it? I’ve struggled with this all my life and sometimes made good choices and other times not so good ones. All part of the overall learning, I know, but I do like to ‘get things right’. I was looking for signs, too . . . getting the Runrig concert ticket was mine. Now I hope I haven’t misread the signs . . . (sigh). In face, I don’t think I have, as things have continued to work out. A post will be coming soon. I shall see you on that road, reading the signs with ease . . . hope that helps. Warm hugs, my friend. I have not been on the pc much, but you are fondly remembered daily. ~ L

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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