The Last Two Weeks (but who’s counting?)

That’s right, my friends; last week was pretty busy, so I scrapped the post I’d begun. And now in less than a week I shall be in the air. The changing time zones have me a bit confused at times (pun intended). I do know that when I land in Glasgow sometime close to 9 am on Monday the 14th of May, it will be close to 1 am here in BC.

I’m going to keep this short; I just want to touch base for a few minutes. There may not be any photos; for one thing, I left the battery charger for the camera I’m borrowing) at home, so it was out of energy before we arrived in Princeton and those photos are all of the landscapes on the way down. For another, the cell phone camera was also worn out. I charged it up, then left it in my sister’s car . . .

Catching up: I’ve begun packing up things that will go into my storage unit for six months, in between the various creative activities. Nearly two weeks ago, Cousin S and I went to Vernon and spent close to three hours shifting boxes and bits of furniture in the medium unit so that I could put most of the items from the small unit into it and free up a bit of money. I do wish I’d been able to do it a year ago, but the fire hazard kept us from wanting to breathe deeply or even be outdoors on the bad days. Still, it’s done now. I was quite pleased not to be sore except for the odd twinge here and there, after a couple of years of a very sedentary life.

The three of us went on Sun, Mon & Tues last week and got the job done; a few things had to come here for storage (lawnmower, garbage can, two large pieces of driftwood . . . all hard to pack in a smallish space). So much relief all around. There isn’t much room left in the medium unit, though, so some boxes may end up staying here. I’d hoped to avoid that.

We were in Princeton, BC, for most of three days for our Auntie’s service. It was good to see family again; some I hadn’t seen for over 50 years and some I had heard so many stories about I feel I know them, but we’d never actually met. I am lucky in that I like my out-laws as much as my in-laws! (and I like my in-laws) Most of us met up at the Brown Bridge Pub on the Friday night. I had a glass of dry white wine in honour of my Auntie and a very good bowl of Pad Thai. My Auntie would have loved that evening; she was so outgoing and family-oriented; I like to think she and maybe her siblings, too, were hovering around us that night.

I stayed with my RN sister in her hotel room, so we sat up until 3.30 the first night catching up and talking about a million subjects. That was great!

There was something else great, too: I finally got to meet one of our second cousins from Norway (that means our parents were cousins; in this case, her Dad and my Mum). We hit it off right away; she is so bubbly and energetic and I am quiet and intense most of the time. If I can get to Norway this summer I will definitely be adding a visit with Tove to my list. Even better, I was telling her about the upcoming Great Adventure and when I mentioned a concert in August, she asked about the band. I was SO surprised (and excited) to learn she knows Runrig and one of her close friends from Germany will be at the same concert! Runrig is huge in Germany and Denmark and their concerts sell out quickly in both countries. Anyway Tove is putting me in touch with her friend and perhaps we will be able to meet up.

The service was held in a very small church and it was nearly full, mostly with family, who came from the coast, from Alberta and Saskatchewan, along with Tove from Norway. A few of Auntie’s friends came, too, including the ladies who ate with her at the assisted living place that was her last home. Lunch was provided by the Church Ladies in the traditional fashion; a great variety of sandwiches followed by a marvellous selection of baked goodies. I do love the old ways!

Later we went up to our cousin L’s place to hang out in the house and backyard and later to enjoy a barbeque. More visiting, of course.

The next morning, we were invited back to cousin L’s place for brunch. There was not only plenty of food left from the barbecue, there was an entire Seven-Layer Salad that had been forgotten in one of the grandson’s travel trailer! I’d forgotten how delicious those are.

We left Princeton and Tove came with us as far as Kelowna, where we found a hotel for her not too far from the airport, as she was flying home Sunday morning. the long ride gave us time for more visiting and sharing of stories. Her grandfather Paul was our grandfather’s brother. He and his family also came to Canada, but stayed only a few years; his wife was very homesick and they went back to Norway.

Crafty activities: I’ve been working on the Clover socks every spare chance I’ve had, mostly in the car en route to Vernon or Salmon Arm for shopping. Pictures coming soon (or after I get to Scotland lol). I’m not a fast knitter and now I’m on the ribbing, so that’s even slower. But I’m pretty pleased with them!

Since arriving home on Saturday I have completed the two ends for my moss green Meg shawl, found a pattern for a rectangular panel, made that and joined the three parts. Today I will work on the border for a bit.

There has been much other craftiness going on here, too, but I’ll leave that for another post.

I was very excited to stop in Armstrong on one of our trips to Vernon and pick up some Great Britain Pounds Sterling; I haven’t even taken time to admire them; just packed them up right away. A first for me . . .

I am nearly finished Jon Sayer‘s Batdig and still enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve rationed myself quite strictly, but do want to finish it before I leave. I really need to know how it all turns out! I’ve enjoyed finding an in-joke or two along the way, but I’m not telling you where; you’ll have to read it for yourself. The second book, Kirkenes Blue, will be waiting for me when I return. A side note: my cousin Tove happened to mention Kirkenes during one of our conversations, so I showed her the books.

Well, the last time I began a post and waited to add photos and music, it ended up retiring to my drafts folder, so I am simply going to publish this as is.

I hope to post again before I leave; if not, I shall have time in the evenings, I expect, once I am in Glasgow. All of you are in my thoughts, whether I post or not.

Edit: I just remembered the music I had planned to share once this Auntie was gone. So here it is, as I remember my own Mum, Dad, Aunties and Uncles: Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin singing (in the film A Prairie Home Companion, which I love) Goodbye to my Mama

Have a wonderful May; for many reasons, it’s always been an inspiring month for me.

Gerard Manley Hopkins was one of my earliest favourite poets and I still have the book of his poetry which I bought while I was at Uni back in the mid-60s; it was the first book of poetry I bought for myself. When I think of May, I think of this poem:



10 thoughts on “The Last Two Weeks (but who’s counting?)

  1. I’m finally catching up too. You may be gone already by the time I get this comment posted. I wish you safe travels and and enjoyable journey. May it bring you everything you are hoping for. It’s so easy to forget things when you are traveling. I left my dogs down pillow in a hotel room one night. Had to buy her another. I don’t sleep on down, only the dog got that. A check list helps when you are in a fervor. Glad you got to see so much of your family.

  2. A sad occasion brings family together <3. I hope you have the best time while traveling, very exciting. I look forward to hearing about your adventures 🙂

    • It does, Kym. And we always say we should stop meeting like this and see each other more often. But it’s not easy when we live so far apart and most of the family are working, not retired. But it was good.

      Thanks so much for the good wishes. At the very least, it will be interesting and I love interesting! It’s hard to believe, still. I’m down to two full days and part of Saturday. On Monday I shall be in Scotland!

      Much love to you, Kym; I hope things are going well out your way. ~ Linne

      • Well hello from the absent poster… I have been busy and haven’t found time to post. I recently went to my husband’s uncle’s funeral and it reminded me of our conversation. We will be going to England over the Christmas/ New Year period and are looking forward to being in Edinborough for New Years. I hope your travels were amazing and you enjoyed yourself x

      • Hi, Kym! I’d noticed, because I do pop by from time to time, but I understand about life and all that, too . . . same here, really.

        That’s brilliant, that you are going to England and Scotland!! I don’t know what interests you, or what you may have seen before, but I highly recommend the Edinburgh Tartan Weaving Mill. It’s at the top of the Royal Mile. If you are facing the gates to Edinburgh Castle, it’s on your right, at the corner. The weaving is only done Monday to Friday, so if you want to see the weavers at work, plan for going during working hours. They work in a huge room with large glass windows, so you can watch them without all the dust and without distracting them. There are at least four floors in the building and all are worth exploring. I especially loved the display explaining the Peace Tartan, which is woven there.

        And the cathedral just down the Royal Mile is also fantastic; lots of interesting stonework and stained glass windows and all that. I spent a few hours there one day. The gift shop is interesting, too.

        I stayed at a hostel just off the Royal Mile and it was so handy to everything. Mostly I just walked up and down and looked and listened and ‘felt’, if you know what I mean. Just being there was beyond magical for me.

        It’s very hilly and the streets are cobblestones, so I got a good workout from day one! I just took it easy, though. I went from a very sedentary life over the past few years to a very active one, with plenty of stairs and climbing, overnight. It was good for me, I think.

        Oh, another thing that’s easy to get to, but you’ll have to look up directions: Greyfriars Bobby’s statue. The colour is rubbed off his nose because people pet him or kiss him for luck. If you haven’t read the book about him, it’s worth it.

        I can recommend a small pizza place, too: Mamma’s American Pizza. I had a delicious slice of pizza and a lovely salad with it. And a glass of wine. It’s not a fancy place, but they cater to people with Coeliac Disease, so have gluten-free items as well. My friend who was getting married that week is extremely allergic to gluten, so it was a good choice for us.

        If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

        In the meantime, once I get off my chair and do a bit of sewing, some tea cosies from your lovely patterns are on the list (what to do with larger scraps?), then some patchwork cushions and the like with the smallest bits. i’ll let you know once I actually achieve something.

        Hope your weather has been ok over the summer. We are being told to expect another fierce fire season, with smoke and ash pollution that last year put 3 of our towns in the top 10 of the world’s cities with the most polluted air, which the premier says is our ‘new normal’ 😦

        Love and Hugs to you, Kymmie! ~ Linne

      • Thanks for the tips! We had quite a lot of humid weather this summer so I am very grateful to be heading into winter. We are having some lovely Autumn (Fall) weather at the moment. I have recently sewn some bowl holders that you can put into the microwave. Easy to remove from the microwave once the food in the bowl is heated up. You can sit on the couch with your food and not burn yourself :). Easy eating night. Easy pattern, once you do the first one. I have also been blessed with another great nephew, so another baby quilt was sewn for him.
        I have been going through a transformation of sorts. I had a fright when I discovered how much I weighed so last November I embarked on the 5:2 eating plan. I’m happy to say I’m feeling fantastic since I’ve lost 20kg(3.1 stone). It has given me a new lease on life!
        We are doing lots of planning and research for our trip. Very exciting! Any more travels for you?

      • Hi, Kym! I do have all the materials needed for those bowl holders, so thanks for sending the link, too. Great news about your health journey, too. I’ll be back on mine soon. I’ve heard of the 5:2 plan but not tried it myself. I lost quite a bit last summer when I was away, then put much of it back on over the winter. But now it’s coming off again. Activity makes such a difference for me . . .

        I hope you will find time to write a post or two about your travels, probably once you’re back home. I meant to post often, but it wasn’t possible; besides I was busy just ‘being there’, if you know what I mean.

        Hugs. ~ Linne

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