Day 19: Winners!

I was busy today again and did begin baking. Not Selma’s goodies yet, but I did get two batches of shortbread made.

The first was a fairly common recipe that I made especially  for cousin S, as she is on her last week of work before retiring and is tired.

IMG_5751 These were the ones with white flour, granulated sugar and butter, plus a bit of vanilla. Very good, indeed! As you can see, that recipe made four dozen, although there are a few less now. 🙂

And then I made the Scottish oat flour ones I shared the recipe for recently. But I doubled the oat flour and halved the rice flour. They are also very good, delicious, in fact, but the oat flour has made them a bit too textured for us. So I shall ‘have’ to make another batch and go back to the recipe and follow instructions. How hard can that be?


But I know what you really want to hear: who has won a small ornament? Well, that was easy, as it turned out . . . only five people left comments, so each of you is a Winner! But we knew that already . . .

And the winners are:

Marlene of “In Search of it All” I’ve been reading Marlene’s posts for several years now, and have learned much from her, especially when it comes to facing the challenges of life. Her positive attitude inspires me every time I visit. Marlene’s interest in books and stitching are only some of the things that make me feel connected to her.

Jessie of “Twinny Acres” and “Rabid Little Hippy” Jessie’s been too busy to post for some time now, but her past posts are well worth reading. I connected with Jessie years ago, too, and am grateful for my introduction to permaculture via her posts. She led me on to other blogs where I continue to learn about this and more. Jessie crochets, too, and has learned to do things I dream of learning, like making cheese and soap and all that.

Jan of “The Snail of Happiness” Jan is another inspiring writer and makes me think about the impact of some of my choices. I have been thinking about choices and consequences for decades now, but there is always more to think about and new choices to be made. I was doubly delighted to see her name come up, as I earlier won a prize from her! Soup, Socks and Baking are a few of the things we have in common.  Also, Jan’s Thankful on Thursday posts have inspired me at times to write my own.

Selma from “Eclectic Home & Life” I have been following Selma for years, too. A few years ago, 2014, I think it was, she held a series of crochet classes in her home and invited anyone online who wished to join in. I was the only online participant and it was so much fun (except tat I never once got to taste any of her delightful Norwegian treats. Selma made one of these for each week’s participants. We have Norwegian backgrounds in common (Selma is from Norway, but lives in England), also crochet,  knits, loves traditions, baking and more.

and last, but not least,

Jon of “Writing House” I connected with Jon’s blog years ago, too; then, as my life became more complex, I stopped visiting many of the blogs i was following and his was one of those. Not a conscious choice, by any means. Jon has a knack for wordplay that I enjoy very much. He is an author, but I have yet to read any of his works. One day, when I am reading print books again.



There were two people who ‘liked’ my post but did not leave a comment. So I have decided to make them a wee something, too. They are:

Sue Dreamwalker from “Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary“, “A Dreamwalker’s Thoughts”  and “Dreamwalker’s Garden” I have followed Sue for years, too, although sometimes I have forgotten to get over and read her posts. I especially like the Sanctuary posts and feel that I have much in common with Sue. Her latest post on a holiday to Oban with her husband really resonated with me.


Ina Vucik of “Croatia, the War and the Future” Ina has been an activist for some years now. I have known people who had to leave Croatia because of the war and the poor economy. Ina’s blog is very informative, if you have an interest in that area of the world, its history and its future.

I have email addresses for all of you lovely readers except for Jon and Sue, so if you could drop me a line at maelinne (at) hotmail (dot) com, I’ll have a few questions for you. You may put “Winner” in the subject line; it will help me to find them in the midst of all the daily mail.

As to the rest of you, I’ll be sending an email either tomorrow or the next day. Now, I DO know it’s nearly Christmas, so there is no rush on responding. I do understand.

Your gifts will be created after Christmas and I will post when I mail them, as well as emailing each of you. I’m quite excited about doing this, more than I expected, but I am wondering why I chose a time so close to Christmas . . . oh, right, it was the 500th post!

Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment; I so appreciate your taking part.!

I am re-posting a photo of the pocket scarf, as Jill from “Nice Piece of Work” has said she isn’t getting them where she lives. That may be due to them being a larger pixel size or whatever you call it . . .

On the right is the front, showing how I am working in the new colour; on the left is the back, with an extra skein of yarn stuffed in the opening so you can see the pocket. The bottoms have yet to be finished, as I’ve decided to do a few rows of the new colour and then stitch them closed. I do envy people who live lives of simplicity <sigh>  🙂

All right, music . . .

Christmas in Vienna 1999 by The Three Tenors

Duelling Banjos with Joe Brown and Richard Collins

and a little-known Canadian group, Shanneyganock, from St. John’s, Newfoundland, singing “Grey Foggy Day

Wishing you sunshine and harmony today. Love ~ Linne


Surprise! (Final Quilt Ticket Give-away)

I was checking the progress of Pam Stahl’s fundraiser and saw that she was within $1,300 of her $7,000 goal. I felt inspired to help one tiny bit more. I threw all the names from my followers and recent commenters in the hat and drew two. The lucky winners of one ticket each are:

Jennifer Ross (Winter Owls)
Charlsey Holler (Nonnie’s Cedar Chest)

So that makes it an even dozen!!

I hope Pam reaches her goal today. I understand the draw is today and I’m sure the winner will be announced soon.

Be lucky, my friends (well, one of you, I guess! LOL) . . .

Quilt Draw Tickets Giveaway . . . and the winners are:

From the first post’s comments, alphabetically by first name and in rainbow order (sorta; I had to add sea green so everyone would get a colour. that’s ok, though; in this bit of universe, I’m the Empress of Everything!
or maybe just the handmaiden . . .):
Fran Pimblett (The Road to Serendipity)
Jessie Twinn (Rabid Little Hippy)
Karen Sellers (Folk Haven)
Kriscinda Lee Everitt (Heavy Metal Homesteader)
Kym Brymnson (no blog)
Stacy Allbritton (Dream Tree Bayou)
Mary Wilbourn (The Curious Quilter)
I don’t have a name yet (A Thursday’s Child)
From the second post’s comments, the greenies:
Fran Pimblett (The Road to Serendipity)
Jessie Twinn (Rabid Little Hippy)

So, here’s the deal: I had already planned a surprise for you all (no, NOT the Surprise I posted about as coming soon!), but didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag ahead of time. I actually sent Pam enough for ten tickets; eight to be awarded to commenters on the first Giveaway post and two more to be awarded to commenters on the second Giveaway post. Which meant two lucky people would have their names in the draw twice!

Well, here’s what happened: Eight people commented on the first post. OK, tickets taken care of. No-one commented on the second post; however, two people commented on the last post. So I made an executive decision and awarded those two people the second set of tickets (one each)!!

Names have been emailed to Pam except for A Thursday’s Child; if you sent me your name, I couldn’t find it. Please send it to me and I will email Pam immediately with it. But you are still in the draw 🙂 If you just don’t like your name out there, let me know and I will send you my own email.

Kym, I hope I got your last name correct. I let Pam know you don’t have a blog and I gave her your email address as well. Let me know if you want the spelling adjusted.

On the plus side, then, everyone got to be chosen and I’m so, SO happy! I wasn’t sure what I would do if there weren’t enough comments and I knew I would feel badly if names of people who are now friends weren’t chosen (but I would have dealt with it 🙂  ). So I win, too! And Pam has a bit more towards the Amazing Quilt Draw (not its title, but it IS Amazing!).

Thanks, everyone, for taking part. I hope one of you wins. You each do so much good in your bit of the world and I know you deserve a gift from the heart. You have certainly each given much to me . . . ❤

Oh, before I forget (in case you think twice about reading the next post about a Giveaway), I did learn something: next time, I may ask for a specific comment, but it won’t be so arduous to answer. It will be fine to just leave a simple comment if you are pressed for time. I have no idea what the next Giveaway will be, but I am already thinking of ideas. I will keep you posted. Have a great day, each of you, and all the best of luck in the draw!  ~ Linne