The Thin Green Line

If you haven’t heard about TGL, you’ll find this inspiring. ~ Linne


Watched Australian Story on ABC TV last Monday and was blown away to see Sean Willmore and the story about the organisation he founded called The Thin Green Line:


The Thin Green Line Foundation was founded by award-winning conservationist, documentary filmmaker and Park Ranger, Sean Willmore.

In 2004, Sean set off around the world to make a documentary about the stories of park rangers. Taking almost 12 months to travel through 23 countries, he uncovered  many inspiring stories along the way.

The Thin Green Line documentary premiered in 2007, capturing people’s hearts in over 50 countries. The film has since become an international success story, offering a sense of hope and pride for park rangers around the world.

The documentary became the catalyst for Sean to set up The Thin Green Line Foundation, to support park rangers in danger.

I was rapt, because I know Sean. When we bought our…

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3 thoughts on “The Thin Green Line

  1. Cheers for the share Linnie 🙂 Got to say, I am still wading through crochet patterns generated by me pinning the crochet flower curtain and ending up finding a wealth of other tasty patterns. Sharing is the BOMB 🙂

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