Notes on my day and some good music

I didn’t write anything last night and found I missed it. I do know most of you are busy getting ready for Christmas, so it’s fine if you don’t see this until after the holidays.

IMG_5844The allsorts are pretty good, but the package contents have certainly changed; only one triple-decker (the white piece; technically, I suppose it has five layers, but I was counting the non-licorice parts), only one other piece that was not pink and/or black (the yellow one). Where are the round pillow shapes with blue beads? Lots of pink ones, but still . . .IMG_5881

We have had more snow and the trees looked particularly lovely today as we drove to town.


I took the Hvite Pepperkaker dough out of the fridge tonight.

It was denser than I expected, so instead of trying to roll it out and cut shapes from it, I simply sliced it thinly and baked. The results were similar to shortbread, which I had not expected.

I have finally picked up all the stitches from when I frogged the smaller tuque back to just above the pattern, unpicked one more row to make sure the stitches are facing the same direction and have begun (again!) to knit the crown. I do hope that this time it lies flat, well, rounded, but not ruffly as it did the first time:


Have a lovely day, my friends; I’ll be back soon. ~ Linne

Right . . . music! What was I thinking?

The Peace Poem and Last Night I had the Strangest Dream – with John Denver. Thanks to my RN sister and her husband, we were fortunate enough to see him in concert twice. I still miss his work.

Peace Train by Yusuf Islam (stage name = Cat Stevens)

From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music“, comes an incredible rendition of the legendary Bob Marley song “One Love” with Keb’ Mo’ and Manu Chao. This is the third video from the documentary and a follow up to the classic “Stand By Me” and the incredible “Don’t Worry.”  (notes from youtube)




4 thoughts on “Notes on my day and some good music

  1. Those look quite lovely but licorice is something I cannot eat at all. Not sure why. Your goodies would tempt me and I would pay dearly for it. Thank you for sharing the music. I hope your knitting goes better this time. It looks lovely though I don’t know what a tuque is. I’m finishing my morning coffee before beginning the first of 3 full days of running to get it all done. 😦 Just too much for one person. We have had nothing but rain this year. I guess the city purchasing lots of salt for expected snow kept it at bay. I will go out for a walk first then turn on the oven and begin my baking for family and friends over the next few days. I’ll catch up with you after the holidays. I still have an event on the 27th to get ready. Can’t tell you how delighted I am to see January 1st. Hugs and Happy Christmas.

    • People are so interesting, aren’t they? I am thinking now of how some can eat anything; others have to be so careful. My friend who’s getting married next year has Celiac disease and even the smallest bit of gluten means a night of vomiting and pain. Not fun. I have only a bit of tucking ends in on the tuques (I added notes about them in a short post earlier today for you)

      I don’t like the constant soddenness of steady rain; clothes always dripping and steaming; puddles everywhere. But I certainly prefer it to ice and having to walk with such care for months at a time. The snow is lovely, though, especially in the first few days after a major snowfall. I do wish I could join you on your walks; I miss walking a lot. And walking with someone is so nice.

      Good luck with the baking and all the other things on your list. No worries about keeping up. I’ll be here in January. Only a week to go, now. Hugs back and a very Merry Christmas to you, Marlene. With some sunshine, too. ❤

  2. I detest liquorice allsorts, so I’m not sure what the combination is like in the UK now, but I always expect to see the ones with blue bobbles. Some friends of ours went to the liquorice festival in Pontefract earlier in the year – it sounded dreadful to me, but they loved it. In 2018 it’s on Sunday 8 July… perhaps you’ll get the chance to go!

    • You know, Ms Snail, I rather think that licorice is like garlic; one either hates it or loves it. I love both! Most people I know don’t. This is the first time ever I have not found one blue beaded one in an entire bag. Thanks for the mention of the licorice festival; it sounds intriguing. Stay warm and I wish sunshine for you. ~ Linne

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