Home again, home again . . .

I hope you all had a good Christmas, at least as good as mine was. I stayed on at my sister’s and we spent time watching a TV series (‘Being Human’ from the BBC) I’d never heard of and likely wouldn’t have watched on my own (not much into vampires, werewolves and all that). It was surprisingly entertaining and the humour, especially in the first couple of seasons, was great. Now I’m all ‘vegged out’ and ready to return to normal tomorrow. No, I’m not defining ‘normal’!

I’ve been very excited by some handwork and embroidery sites I’ve been encountering and have posted links to a few of those under “Some of my Favourites”. I have committed to create a 10cm square block, embroidered, to send to Gipsy in Belgium before the end of January, so I will be looking for a nice piece of dark fabric tomorrow. I’ve been planning a design, but now I need to draw it out and decide on stitches, colours, etc.

I also need to finish the dresses for my grandchildren and get them in the mail ‘tout de suite’, as my Dad used to say. I love Christmas, but it’s also good to move past it and return to a simpler life. I was working on a small drawing of a Hobbit hole near a very large tree on Boxing Day. We had several girls at the house, ages 7 – 12 and everyone was working on something creative, so I did a quick line sketch and then spent a couple of hours with my sister’s watercolour pencils, a wet brush, then more dry pencil followed by a little penwork for added details. Nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed making art again after nearly a year of not being able to. I’ll see if I can post a picture of it tomorrow, just for fun.

Christmas week was very cold and Christmas Day was apparently the coldest in quite some time. I know at least one day was -33C with the wind chill factored in. Lucky for me, today it was a bit warmer and now, at 10 pm, it is up to -4C (-9C with the wind chill). Practically balmy. So whatever shopping I need to do over the next few days will be a piece of cake, compared to the days just before Christmas. I may even go for a walk!

Well, I’m off to do a few more email and internet things, but I’ll be back tomorrow! g’nite! 


1 thought on “Home again, home again . . .

  1. Your weather is a tad cold! brrr. You sound very busy with lots of things going on, time to crank up the fire make a cuppa and get the fingers going haha! Thanks for all those suggestions you left on my blog. I might get a flash of inspiration soon!

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