12:40 am Saturday 06 April

You would think I was whinging . . . and you would be right!! My sister drove me home at midnight; here are more shots outside her house:




20130406-004427.jpg and the view from Mum’s sliding glass doors to the balcony, taken minutes ago, at 12:40 am:

20130406-004617.jpg Note the snow on the outer balcony . . .

I thought I had sent all this to my friends on the ‘SummerSide’ but I have failed . . . My most abject apologies!


4 thoughts on “12:40 am Saturday 06 April

    • So true! And I don’t really whine all the time! This IS fsifly far north, after all. I’m lucky my parents hadn’t moved to Inuvik! (although the culture there would have interested me lol)

  1. We won’t get any snow on Serendipity Farm…if we did, the rest of Tassie would be a disaster area! We don’t even usually get frost here (reminds me…dig up those mango seedlings from the compost! 😉 ) but looking at “other people snow” is simply gorgeous and as people who have a romantic view of snow (much like the “aren’t they lovely?” view that people not born in Australia have of our nefarious native animals…) because we have NO idea of what the cons of snow life actually are, allow us to bask in the beauty ;). You can keep the snow cons and we will keep the Aussie cutesy animal myths up our sleeves 😉

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