Some things come in threes . . .

Remember the ‘fused lightbulb’ post of a few days ago? Well, since then we also had our heat off. Turned out the motor that opens the valve in the hot-water-based baseboard heaters was shot. It was replaced on Thursday morning just before noon. The afternoon was uneventful; mostly sorting some of my stuff and doing a bit of spring cleaning where I’d moved things to allow access to the valve end of the heating unit. I had planned to go for a walk with my friend A, but she had to cancel at the last moment, so I ate supper in the living room, as usual. I had made steamed butternut squash with leeks, which I added to cooked fusilli pasta. While doing this, I also made a lovely pot of (almost) squash and leek soup. I documented the process, too. I started a post, complete with pictures.

Then temptation struck, for which I am grateful! I gave in without a murmur and went to the kitchen to get the cookie that was calling my name. As I stood in the doorway from the hall, I noticed that my slipper sole felt odd, as if I’d stepped in something sticky. I looked down. At first I could see nothing as the light was off in the hallway. Then I moved a bit and saw a reflection . . . all over the entry floor! It was about a quarter inch of water!! More was dripping from several places in the ceiling above and also a couple of feet down the hall. The thickest drips came from the light fixture . . . As I watched, the flow increased. I grabbed my biggest and best bath towels and another from Mum’s room and threw them down to soak up the water. There was too much to mop up. I called the landlady, who began the slow process of contacting the condo property manager (who wanted to send someone in the morning!!, which offer I bluntly refused, of course). Then Mum and I dug up all the empty buckets and containers we could and put them under the worst of the leaks. After a couple of hours, a man came to the door. Turns out he was part of the crew who have been doing renovations upstairs in the penthouse (directly above us, and the bathtub and toilet are directly above our hall entryway). He went up and turned off the water. Turns out the crew left in a hurry at quitting time and did not turn off a valve when they should have done so. By this time, I’d swapped out the sopping towels for a fresh batch from the storage box in the big closet. I’d also moved all Mum’s loom pieces into the living room from the little hall closet where they are normally kept. Here you can see the pieces in the living room; the reeds are stacked beside the table loom on its stand.

IMG_2932 IMG_2931

Today I cleaned out the small closet and put all the loom bits away again. So now we’ve had three events and I truly hope that is the end of it! Oh, I forgot to mention, this morning our landlady came to meet the second estimator of three. The ceiling of both bedrooms, the living room, kitchen and hall (so all ceilings now except for the two bathrooms) are going to be re-surfaced and spray-painted in May. This is because all show water damage, most of it from several episodes of leaking over the past two winters. Now the roof is fixed, so it’s safe to do the repairs. That will be a big deal for us, though, with all our craft things and storage boxes. I suppose much of it will go out on the balcony for a few days (again!). I will pack away all the bits and bobs that adorn the tops of the furniture, as well as books and project bags and boxes. How I long for a quiet, ‘normal’ life! Is there such a thing?? Please reassure me and say ‘yes!’  😉

After I put away the loom bits, my friend A came by and we went for our walk. Not outside as planned, but up to the mall and then around some of the larger stores and back and forth in the long, but empty upper hallways. Then we went for a coffee and caught up (well, to be honest, I mostly vented about various events in my recent life). As we walked home, the wind was harder and keener than when we left and the weather was doing this:

IMG_2953 IMG_2955 IMG_2956

See that white stuff on the roofs? Guess what THAT is!! Along with very windy and very, very cold!! Maybe we are into that long, long winter without an end, as rabid little hippy mentioned in her post about the Game of Thrones . . . so much for ‘official’ spring, eh?

Well, I haven’t finished the post about the food I made before the flood; will have to do that another day, sorry. It’s nearly 10 pm here and I have that soup heating on the stove (on low so it won’t burn as I wend my way through another mammoth post lol).


9 thoughts on “Some things come in threes . . .

  1. What amazes me about landlords is that when they try to pawn you off with the ‘ole “can’t we do it tomorrow?” they don’t seem to realise it’s their investment that’s getting damaged! Stay warm and dry and I hope it’s all sorted soon 🙂 BTW I love simple dinners such as pasta with veg 🙂

    • Our problem here us that this used to be an apartment building, with an on-site caretaker who could fix anything right away. Before we moved in about 4.5 years ago it was coverted to condos with individual owners in most cases (some owners bought several units and just rent them out). The condo board runs things and prefers to deal only with owners. Mum is lucky to have a wonderful couple as landlords. The husband can fix anything (but the board only allows owners to fix some things, not all). They always check with Mum to see if there is anything extra they can do. When she moved in, there were only blinds at the windows and the sliding doors. We don’t care for the modern, ‘industrial’ style, though, so the owners bought and installed curtain rods and bought curtains as well!! My landlord, when I had my own suite, was also great. But he is fairly young and has different taste from me, so thd whole place was a fashionable brosn taupe sort of colour with a chocolate feature wall and two panel curtains. The kitchen was not yet renovated and I begged him to leave it untilbI moved out, chips and all and he did. I HATE new stuff nearly always! I know, I’m weird . . .

      • No, P, you didn’t really misunderstand; it’s just that with condos there are multiple levels of responsibility; owners take some, the board takes some, tenants take some. That’s the theory, anyway 😉 Mum and I have both been VERY lucky in our owners. The property manager/board are a different story. But we’re here for the duration, and having the owners on our side sure helps.

    • I’m glad, too! Any of those might have ended quite differently. Now for a positive 3, just to keep the universe balanced . . . starting with the big lotto win?? 😉

      The soup was great. I’ll have to finish the post and share.

  2. I think we, in Tasmania, are just about to join you in our snowy adventure! Mt Wellington down south has been closed to cars because of snowfall. Might even get some here on Serendipity Farm :). You can bet your life that I will be snow-angeling it up if we do! At least the “3” are finished now so you can settle down and get a bit of rest after what would appear to have been a most eventful week Linne. Have a great Sunday and at least you have your heat back 🙂

      • Don’t worry Linney, you will be the FIRST to know…I will call a television camera team and will forever go down in history as the only narf7 to make 40 000 snowmen AND an equal amount of snow angels EVER! 🙂

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