Oh! For a Time When Sexting Was a Love Letter

Read this when you need a good laugh . . . and maybe some inspiration to write a letter yourself! ~ Linne


It started in the car yesterday as I drove the kids home from school. Chatting about the day at school with my son is very often like watching a python swallow a small buck – slow and torturous.

“How was your day?”


“What did you do?”


“You were at school for 8 hours; you did nothing in 8 hours?”

“I don’t remember what we did… I hurt my knee climbing the tree.”


And so it goes on. I ask about specific classes. I ask who he played with. I ask what games he played. When we got to this point in the conversation yesterday I thought for sure I would be able to draw out a multi-syllabic answer. You see, on Friday he had made a plan to meet some kids in the grade below him on the top field at first break (recess), to play his games…

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